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Deployments of USS VALLEY FORGE (LPH deployments not included):

During deployments a VRC (Fleet Tactical Support Squadron) detachment provides carrier-on-board delivery and is embarked aboard the carrier but is no real part of the Air Wing. These detachments are not listed below.

Date of DepartureDate of ReturnCruise BookCVWSquadrons (Aircraft)Tail codeArea of OperationsBattle GroupOperations/ExercisesPorts of Call
October 9, 1947June 11, 1948

CVAG-11VF-11A (F8F-1)
VF-12A (F8F-1)
VA-11A (SB2C-5)
VA-12A (TBM-3E)
VWorld CruiseUSS Williams M. Wood (DD 715)
USS William C. Lawe (DD 763)
USS Loyd Thomas (DD 764)
USS Keppler (DD 765)
 Pearl Harbor, Hi.
Sydney, Australia
Hong Kong
Tsingtao, China
Trincomalee, Ceylon
Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia
Bergen, Norway
Portsmouth, UK
New York City, New York
May 1, 1950December 1, 1950 CVG-5VF-51 (F9F-2)
VF-52 (F9F-2)
VF-53 (F4U-4B)
VF-54 (F4U-4B)
VA-55 (AD-4/4Q)
VC-3 Det. C (F4U-5N, AD-3N)
VC-11 Det. (AD-3W)
HU-1 Det. (HO3S-1)
MAW-1 HEDRON-1 Det. (F4U-5P)
SWestern Pacific, Korea  Hong Kong
Subic Bay, Philippines
December 6, 1950March 26, 1951 CVG-2VF-64 (F4U-4)
VF-63 (F4U-4)
VF-24 (F4U-4)
VA-65 (AD-2)
VC-3 Det. A (F4U-5N)
VC-61 Det. A (F4U-4P)
VC-35 Det. 4 (AD-4N)
VC-11 Det. A (AD-4W)
HU-1 Det. A (HO3S-1)
MWestern Pacific, Korea  
March 28, 1951April 7, 1951 CVG-11VF-111 (F9F-2)
VF-112 (F9F-2)
VF-113 (F4U-4B)
VF-114 (F4U-4B)
VA-115 (AD-4/4Q)
VC-3 Det. (F4U-5N, AD-4N)
VC-61 Det. (F4U-4P)
VC-11 Det. (AD-3W)
HU-1 Det. (HO3S-1)
MWestern Pacific, Korea  
October 15, 1951July 3, 1952

ATG-1VF-111 (F9F-2/2B)
VF-52 (F9F-2/2B)
VF-653 (F4U-4/4B)
VF-194 (AD-2/3)
VC-3 Det. H (F4U-5N/5NL)
VC-61 Det. H (F2H-2P/F9F-2P)
VC-35 Det. H (AD-4NL)
VC-11 Det. H (AD-4W/2Q)
HU-1 Det. H (HO3S-1)
UWestern Pacific, Korea  Pearl Harbor, Hi.
Yokosuka, Japan
November 20, 1952June 25, 1953

CVG-5VF-51 (F9F-5)
VF-92 (F4U-4)
VF-53 (F9F-5)
VF-54 (AD-4)
VC-3 Det. B (F4U-5N)
VC-61 Det. B (F9F-5P)
VC-35 Det. B (AD-4N)
VC-11 Det. B (AD-4W)
HU-1 Det. B (HO3S-1)
SWestern Pacific, Korea  Pearl Harbor, Hi.
Yokosuka, Japan
Hong Kong
September 7, 1954November 11, 1954

 VS-39 (AF-2S/2W)
VC-4 Det. (AD-3Q)
 Mediterranean  Belfast, Northern Ireland
Barcelona, Spain
January 1955March 1955

 VS-26 (S2F-1)
VS-36 (S2F-1)
VC-4 Det. 52 (AD-5)
HS-1 Det. 52 (HSS-1)
HU-2 Det. 52 (HUP-2)
CaribbeanOperation SpringboardSt. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Kingston, Jamaica
September 1955December 1955

 VS-26 (S2F-1)
VS-36 (S2F-1)
VC-4 Det. (AD-5)
HS-1 Det. (HSS-1)
HU-2 Det. (HUP-2)
Eastern AtlanticOperation CenterboardLisbon, Portugal
June 1958September 1958 VS-36 (S2F-1/2)
HS-7 (HSS-1)
VAW-12 Det. 52 (AD-5W)
HU-2 Det. 52 (HUP-2)
June 1959August 1959 VS-36 (S2F-1/2)
HS-7 (HSS-1/1N)
VAW-12 Det. 52 (AD-5W)
HU-2 Det. 52 (HUK-1)
June 9, 1960August 30, 1960

CVSG-56VS-24 (S2F-1/2S)
VS-27 (S2F-1/2S)
HS-3 (HSS-1)
VAW-12 Det. 52 (AD-5W)
HU-2 Det. 52 (HUK-1)
AUMediterranean  Barcelona, Spain
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Cannes, France
La Spezia, Italy
Naples, Italy

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