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Deployments of USS ANTIETAM:

During deployments a VRC (Fleet Tactical Support Squadron) detachment provides carrier-on-board delivery and is embarked aboard the carrier but is no real part of the Air Wing. These detachments are not listed below.

Date of DepartureDate of ReturnCruise BookCVWSquadrons (Aircraft)Tail codeArea of OperationsBattle GroupOperations/ExercisesPorts of Call
April 20, 1946August 9, 1946 CVG-19VF-19
VB-19 (SB2C-5)
VT-19 (TBM-3E)
AWestern Pacific  
March 31, 1947October 8, 1947 CVAG-15VF-15A (F6F-5)
VF-16A (F6F-5)
VA-15A (SB2C-5)
VA-16A (TBM-3E/3Q/3W)
AWestern Pacific  
September 8, 1951May 2, 1952 CVG-15VF-713 (F4U-4)
VF-831 (F9F-2)
VF-837 (F9F-2B)
VA-728 (AD-4/4L/4Q)
VC-3 Det. D (F4U-5N)
VC-61 Det. D (F9F-2P)
VC-35 Det. D (AD-4NL)
VC-11 Det. D (AD-4W)
HU-1 Det. D (HO3S-1)
HWestern Pacific, Korea  Pearl Harbor, Hi.
Yokosuka, Japan
June 11, 1953July 21, 1953

-VF-84 (F9F-5)
VS-27 (AF-2S)
VC-4 Det. (F3D-2)
HU-2 Det. (HUP-2)
-Northern Atlantic   
January 5, 1955March 15, 1955

VS-26 (S2F-1)
HS-1 (HSS-1)
HU-2 (HUP-2)
VC-4 Det.
Mediterranean  Algiers, Algeria
Naples, Italy
Genoa, Italy
Ponta Del Gada, Azores, Portugal
September 25, 1956December 21, 1956

VS-31 (S2F-1)
HS-1 Det.50 (HSS-1)
HS-3 Det. 50 (HSS-1)
HS-5 Det. 50 (HSS-1)
VF(AW)-4 Det. 50 (F9F-5)
HU-2 Det. 50 (HUP-2)
VU-6 Det. 5
Northern Atlantic
USS New (DDE 818)
USS Holder (DDE 819)
USS Rich (DDE 820)
USS Basilone (DDE 824)
USS Robert L. Wilson (DDE 847)
USS Damato (DDE 871)
USS Halfbeak (SS 352)
USS Trumpetfish (SS 425)
USS Neosho (AO 143)
 Norfolk, Va.
Brest, France
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Piraeus, Greece
Taranto, Italy
Naples, Italy

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