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Contributing US Navy Cruise Books

You have a US Navy cruise book that you would like to see on this website? First of all, please make sure that your book does not carry a copyright notice because I won't add such a book to the website. Only a very small number of US Navy cruise books carry a copyright notice but if they do, it's usually located on one of the first pages or on the page where the names of the cruise book staff are listed.

If you didn't find any copyright information in your book you can go ahead and think about which option you prefer:

Please note that I'm in Germany and shipping the books to me is more expensive then shipping within the United States. But as mentioned above, I can refund you the shipping cost if you like (given that you have a Paypal account). If you consider to send me a book, be assured that it will not be damaged by being scanned. I'm using a special book scanner that doesn't even require the book to be opened completely. If you like to read more about the scanning process please go to

You can contact me using our contact form.

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