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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Norbury, JohnnieVigilantes (VF 151)E6Maintenance1977 – 1979Just going down memory lane
Nyberg, JohnBlack Knights (VF 154)AE2squadronJan 17, 1979 – Jun 16, 1982AE trained and served with the Line most of that time. Plane Captain during the Ranger cruise and Troubleshooter while on the Coral Sea. The Line kicked ass and it was great being around this group.
Newkerk, IsaacChargers (VF 161)AME-1squadronMar 12, 1982 – Mar 12, 1985
Noble, DennyChargers (VF 161)AE3airwingAug 1972 – Jul 1973Worked both day and night shirts in vf161 electricians shop to fix f-4's. 12 on 12 off Man those were some long days.
Normandy, EdChargers (VF 161)AE2squadron1970 –Looking for someone to confirm my in-country service
Nolan, Larry / SkunkBlack Lions (VF 213)AMH 3VF 213 Corrosion Control / CAG -11 Paint LockerSep 1977 – May 1978I ran the CAG Paint Locker during our cruise. I had all black hair except for a small patch of silver in the front. alias- SKUNK
Nguyen, TinFist of the Fleet (VFA 25)AK2squadron1999 – 2003
Nichols, JefferySidewinders (VFA 86)E1squadronMar 15, 1992 – Mar 15, 1994Just looking for past buds.
Navarro, GilKestrels (VFA 137)E-4squadronSep 12, 1995 – Jan 12, 1999
Nelson, StanleyEyes of the Fleet (VFP 63)ADJ3cvw19Apr 2, 1970 – Nov 12, 1970
Nichols, Harold "Nick"Death Rattlers (VMFA 323)LCPLsquadronJan 2001 – Dec 2001Powerline was the best group of guys anyone could have worked with.
Naylor, FrankSkinny Dragons (VP 4)LT.squadron1965 – May 1968
Neel, SkipMad Foxes (VP 5)ABH2/1squadronApr 1967 – Feb 1968The Squadron did a WESPAC in 67. Flew out of Sangley Point, PI. I started out on the Flight Line , then went to 1st LT and then to Shore Patrol
Neligh, FredPatrol Squadron 50 (VP 50)ABH-2Jul 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1979was on the ramp when SG 12 lost the main mounts
Nelson II, ArvidDragons (VP 56)ATCSJan 1984 – Jan 1987Good Duty, Great group of Chiefs, hard working whitehats.
Nichols, HowardMinutemen (VP 92)AD2AIMD w/c 500, NAS SoweyMay 15, 1985 – May 15, 1989
Nachtigal, Fridolin/fritzNaval Air Transport Squadron 2 (VR 2)AD1955 – 1957worked on the Mars and on the R3Y Tradewind.Have been a crewmember and worked in engin build up in the shop.I had a strong german accent.
Nichols, FrankNaval Air Transport Squadron 8 (VR 8)PN3squadronJun 1960 – 1962Worked in the Personnel Office pushing paper,
Newkirk, NirkStagecoach West (VR 30)HM2squadronSep 15, 1972 – Jun 14, 1974I was the flying Corpsman.
Newsome, BobRawhides (VRC 40)ADRAN,ADR3/ADR2/ TAD AMD PROP SHOPP/P CHECK CREW PLAIN CAPTAIN C-1AFeb 24, 1966 – Mar 3, 1967
Nicholson, RandyFighting Redtails (VS 21)E3AIMDAug 1, 1975 –PR e3 AIMD air crew survival equipment man Got on the last three months age 17. Hit the Belnap and steamed back to Norfolf VA. Play hard crash hard !
Noa, AlbertScouts (VS 24)AD E-3VS-24Feb 11, 1988 – Apr 19, 1990none
Nielsen, JackPelicans (VS 27)AT3squadronJan 2, 1971 – Sep 15, 1973Made last 2 cruises before Intrepid was decommissioned. Assigned to AIMD when deployed. Worked in AT shop when not. Served with Mark Waugh, Lou Mancuso, Skip Bartholomew, and Mark Averill.
Nappi, LouisDragonfires (VS 29)AMH1AircraftSep 15, 1989 – Mar 31, 1993Worked side by side with AMH1 Wallace & the night shift the entire time during assignment
Nunnelley, MikeTopcats (VS 31)PN2squadron1970 – 1973
Nofil, CheeseeMaulers (VS 32)AME3AMEJul 1, 1987 – Jul 1, 1991Hello all
Noviello, RobertScrewbirds (VS 33)s1classsquadronJan 1944 –Seaman 1st class on USS San Juan, (gunnery). S. Pacific. Then transferred to LST 286 for Normandy invasion, then invasion of S. France.
Nercesian,, Rob/cesSawbucks (VS 37)AT3Air WingMar 15, 1981 – Mar 15, 1984Best time of my life at North Island. West Pac on the Enterprise. Trusty Shellback ceremony. Wouldnt trade for nothing.
Nichols, StevenSawbucks (VS 37)AE3squadronOct 1974 – Nov 1977
Nicholas, Kenneth NickWarbucks (VT 4)pransurvival shop1962 – Feb 18, 1964
Ness, LarryBobcat (VT 24)AME2Mar 1971 – Nov 14, 1974looking for shipmates from VT-24
Newman, AlTraining Squadron 25 (VT 25)AE3AvionicsAug 9, 1969 – Dec 5, 1971Spent most of my time as a troubleshooter on the line. Enjoyed my time at Chase field made a lot of friends there.
North, RobertTraining Squadron 25 (VT 25)E-03Flight Line1968 – 1970
Novak, David ETraining Squadron 25 (VT 25)PR1squadron1971 –
Nesbitt, Daniel (Big Nez)Tactical Air Control Squadron 12 (VTC 12)AN(AW)AdminNov 1993 – Aug 16, 1995
Nelson II, ArvidHurrican Hunters (VW 4)AT 1squadronJan 1974 – Apr 30, 1975The most interesting and best duty I experienced in my 26 year career. Retired AVCM, September 1990.
Newsome, BobPioneers (VX 1)ADCSAIRCRAFT DIV. CHIEF, QA CHIEF, MAINT CHIEFMay 1974 – Nov 1987
Nutt, ThomasYP 654 (YP 654)QM2new owner of YP 654Sep 2009 – 1900purchased in sept'09. we keep the boat/ship in virginia. i'm interested in know folks that spent time on her or other YP's. need crew members too. contact is i was a quarter master on uss seattle tom

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