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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Quartararo, JohnUSS Regulus (AF 57)SHS-2S1 - SupplyMay 1969 – Aug 1971
Quinn, MatthewUSS Kinkaid (DD 965)SHSN1st supplySep 1981 – Jun 1985wow she's gone. I will miss her! I hope you all remember me, I cut most of your hair. I hope some of you contact me, feel free to e-mail at fair winds and following sea's my shipmates.
Quick, JohnUSS Milwaukee (AOR 2)SK3S1Nov 1973 – Aug 1975Former SK3 and OBTAR records keeper for the USS Milwaukee from 73-75. Lots of fun, adventures, and friends. Since the Navy I continued on with active during with the Army. I retired last Oct 05 as a MSG (E8) with over 26 years of military service.
Quick, JohnUSS Milwaukee (AOR 2)SK3S-1Nov 28, 1973 – Aug 15, 1975started as a mess cook, then to the deck dept for a short time, then worked in the Supply Office. Later continued on with my military career in the Army. Retired as an MSG (E8) in 2005. Email
Quinn, DennisUSS L. Y. Spear (AS 36)SK3SupplyAug 1971 – May 1972Great duty station.......coming from Iceland. Fondest memory was accidently locking a Warrant Officer in a store room while weapons being loaded onboard! Do not remember his name, but was a "good sport" about it.
Quinn, TomUSS Casimir Pulaski (SSBN 633)SK3(SS)Supply/SonarFeb 4, 1964 – May 17, 1967Geatest experience of my life. Put in 5 patrols out of Rota. Was the only qualified sonar watch stander that I know of while a member of supply department. God, I don't know what possessed me not to re-up... 633 Gold, yo
Quejado, Apolonio Jr ("Quejay")USS Oriskany (CVA 34)SKSNS-1Sep 19, 1974 – Dec 1976on board the mighty "O" in 74 under Lt John Beckett S1 Div. until her decommissioning in 76. I remember Joe F, Higley, Smith, Palma, Dionisio, Corpuz, Abelar, Cervantes, Avinion, etc.
Qureshi, Mohammad NaveedUSS Black Hawk (MHC 58)SKSNSKSN2001 – 2004Best Time spend ever in my life ,I miss all my shipmates.
Quicksell, Thomas / TomUSS Barry (DD 933)SM1OCMar 1981 – Oct 1982She was the best in all the 20 years of my career. Best friends and shipmates. Remember Mombasa, Kenya? and Mt. Kilimanjaro? I'll never forget her. Thanks for the memories Barry!!
Quicksell, Thomas / TomUSS Moosbrugger (DD 980)SM1SIGS / OPSOct 1992 – Oct 1995My last ship. I retired from the Navy with the ceremony on the flight deck in the middle of the yard period that was right after the STANAVFORLANT cruise. Thanks MOOSE for the memories!!!
Quallen, Sm2 Paul profile iconUSS Pensacola (LSD 38)SM2Navigation1982 –This is Paul's wife, Angie. I just wanted to let his fellow shipmates & friends know that he passed away July 1, 2012 due to cancer. Tiffanie is now 31, has 4 children & Tabbitha is 27 with 3 children.
Quesada, Armando (Q-dog)USS Ford (FFG 54)SM3SC-2Oct 20, 1992 – Jul 28, 1996Miss the great time onboard and on our deployments. Take care and best wishes. Would love to hear from some of my old shipmates.
Quesnell, JohnUSS Garcia (FF 1040)SM3Deck, OperationsJul 1975 – Jul 1979It's been a long time. I thought I'd see how some of you guys are doing. Some of the best years of my life were on that ship. I meet my wife while we were in Brooklyn, I've lived here ever since.
Quicksell, Thomas / TomUSS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)SMSNCSJul 1977 – Mar 1981PLANKOWNER! Had made friends with a lot of people in the danger zone. Even had a friend of mine that I grew up with show up on board. Miss IKE and my fellow crewmembers.
Quarles, JonUSS Milwaukee (AOR 2)SNfirstJan 27, 1984 – Jan 10, 1986sorry for the tough time i gave to the navy!it took me a few more years to grow a great father,husband & provider for my family.wats up mike jacks & dave sargent?
Quarm, "Doc"..Recruit Training Command OrlandoSNRecruitOct 1970 – Dec 1970I cannot recall my company number, nor the name of our instructor - a short rolly-polly BTC, one heck of a good man. Anyone know how to find out this information?
Quashnick, KyleUSS Duluth (LPD 6)SNDeckJun 20, 1993 – Apr 18, 1995Hey, long time no hear from folk. I would really like to get ahold of anybody. Justin, if your out there man, let me know. And to everybody else who did Somalia in 1993?
Quentin, Leetch (Ken)USS Enterprise (CVN 65)SN2ndAug 5, 1963 – Aug 28, 1967I would like to track two of my crewmen that I served with They are Myers, Allen E. Yeoman 3rd class And Dufranse, Donald D. Postal clerk He served from 1963-67
Quick, DoaneUSS La Salle (AGF 3)SNDECKMar 3, 1993 – Apr 4, 1994Served a short stint in Bahrain, spent most of my billit in the Portsmouth Shipyard as FIREWATCH. Lots of Fun There . hello to fellow shipmates DCFN smith ,SN Velentzas,SN jon Williams,I also Remember FN Studly,RM Diaz
Quinn, CharlesUSS Tucson (CLAA 98)sncommisaryJan 19, 1945 – Oct 12, 1945
Quinn, GregoryUSS Oklahoma City (CLG 5)sndeck forceSep 12, 1968 – Jun 19, 1969looking for joe wrona joe callahan or any body else that remembers me thank you
Quinnell Sr, Clayton J.USS Ogden (LPD 5)SN2ndSep 26, 1969 – Apr 14, 1972
Quintall, DougUSS Independence (CV 62)SNAug 1973 – Feb 1974Served with VS-28 on Med cruise, off loaded in Crete. Woked on the flight line on shore, looking for any old mates.
Quinto Jr., PhilipUSS Providence (SSN 719)SNQMAug 1984 – 1988Plankowner, First dive, First deployment. Wish I knew then what I know now. This was a great boat with a fantastic crew.
Queen, KristenUSS Pearl Harbor (LSD 52)SN(SW)Mar 4, 2003 – Sep 30, 2003
Quero, AndrewUSS Pyro (AE 24)SN/ HM3MedicalSep 18, 1990 – May 12, 1991Just saying Hi to all my shipmates, missed all the good times and bad times.... Underway..... sucks lol.... Concord ..Anyway ,but I'm glad I served...
Quach, SonUSS Camden (AOE 2)SN/E3AdministrationJun 14, 1994 – Jul 12, 1997Hi, My name is Son Quach. I served on Camden board from 1994 to 1997. I begin my career at Camden in first division (deck seaman). I had been moved to admin division and assisting the Chaplin. I married and had 1 son.
Queary, BrianUSS Midway (CV 41)SN3V1Jul 1, 1990 – Apr 11, 1992
Quigley, JonathanUSS Taylor (FFG 50)SRMar 3, 2004 – Jul 12, 2004
Quezada, FredUSS Hepburn (FF 1055)STG2ASJan 1, 1980 – Oct 1, 1985Wow! Attention AS Div, I've run into John Gibson, Dave Cammack and Les Smith (Smiht as he stenciled it on his skivs!) The best "war" stories are from the Hepburn. I served on 2 more ships before retiring. Where's Lloyd Cowan?
Quick, RobertUSS Anzio (CG 68)STG2CA1991 – Nov 1995Plankowner
Quam, ChristopherUSS Fife (DD 991)STG3CSOct 1984 – Jun 1987
Queen, Rodney TravisUSS John Young (DD 973)STG3CAApr 1985 – Apr 1985This is where I grew up. My shipmates became my family. I will miss her.
Quail, LloydUSS Ticonderoga (CG 47)STG3(SW)CAFeb 1991 – Mar 1994
Quintana, VinceUSS Donald B. Beary (FF 1085)STGCSSep 1987 – Oct 1990
Quick, EdwardUSS Archerfish (SSN 678)STSsonarMar 1995 – 1998Best tour I had in my 12 year Navy stint. Underway alot. BQN-17 bottom contour submerged through the straits
Quirk, GaryUSS Lewis and Clark (SSBN 644)STS1(SS)sonarApr 1983 – Apr 1987Blue Crew, shipyard and patrols 51,53,55,57 and59.great Crew and Boat lots of Battle "E" s and awards. Living in Kansas City working for Ford Motor Co.
Quirk, GaryUSS Sand Lance (SSN 660)STS1(SS)sonarJul 1990 – Jan 3, 1993UNITAS survivor, Living in Kansas City working for Ford Motor Co.

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