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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Uptmore, KennethUSS Aucilla (AO 56)3TD CLASSGMSep 1962 – Sep 1964
Usborne, Roger W.USS Severn (AO 61)ENS1ST Division Officer, Admin/CIC OfficerSep 4, 1962 – Jul 1964A fresh caught Ensign, learned a lot of seamanship & leadership. Had a great Div. as 1st Div. Officer with a crusty old chief by the name of Gaillardet. Terrific X.O. who became a good friend. Great reunions for 20 yrs.
Urbanic, JamesUSS Pecos (AO 65)THIRD MATEDeckOct 1992 – May 1993
Utgard, GaryUSS Ponchatoula (AO 148)BT3BFeb 1960 – Apr 1961
Upshaw, John "Willy"USS Willamette (AO 180)EN3A-GANG1989 – 1992Hello all, drop me a line if you remember me. love to hear from you.
Urbanic, JamesUSNS Pecos (T-AO 197)THIRD MATEDeckSep 1992 – May 1993My first ship as a Third Mate. Met a lot of great people. Learned a lot about life and going to sea there.
Ulrich, GaryUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)QM3OIApr 1963 – Dec 1966Plank Owner, spent the first deployment on the deck force 2nd division then to IO as a quartermaster on the next two. Left the ship in December '66' in Subic.
Upperman, NathenUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)E-4A-gangOct 2001 – Mar 23, 2003While I served she was an awesome ship. I am now studying Electrical Engineering, but I miss the a-gang crew. You guys were awesome and I thank all of you for great times!!!
Ursulino, CesarUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)E3SupplyFeb 6, 2001 – Aug 1, 2003
Usher, GlennUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)SN1ST DIVISIONJun 6, 1967 – Aug 1, 1968I was a winch opp. Sta. 1. Saved the day during an emergency brakeaway when they couldn't disconnect the span-wire. I transfered to the Sail Locker. Hats off to LCDR Eaton who came to my aid and touge lashed an ENS.
Uy, ManuelUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)CS2Supply / S-2Dec 31, 1998 – Jan 19, 2003I had a good tour onboard the ship.
Ullery, KenUSS Camden (AOE 2)E 22nd Division1971 – Jun 4, 19743 Westpac tours/ crossed equator twice and I must say the 2nd was much better than the 1st(my knees are still raw !!!) Many memories of the Camden in the early 70's. I have connected with a few -hope all is well !!
Ullom, William "Freckles"USS Camden (AOE 2)FNUnsureMar 30, 1973 – Oct 1, 1974I'm actually Bills' son. He has passed away, back in '03. But I would like to talk to the amazing veterans that served with my father. I too am a veteran of 14 years and counting.
Underwood, RandyUSS Camden (AOE 2)sn/ic1st dev then IC shop1978 – 1980
Uss, SeattleUSS Seattle (AOE 3)RM3OCDec 29, 1964 – Jan 11, 1967To subscribe to the new USS SEATTLE Yahoo Group copy and paste the following to your browser.
Urioste, AlUSNS Supply (T-AOE 6)ET2(SW/AW)OperationsJul 23, 2000 – Jan 13, 2003Best experience in my entire enlistment! People I'll never forget, and places I'll always remember. ET's rule!
Underdue, NelsonUSS Wichita (AOR 1)ms3supply1989 – 1991Underdue in the building!!!! S-2 div. Oaklnd Ca. the London Lodge,Lake Merrit,O.A.B. , the barbershop on 73rd, Berkeley,San Jose flea market, San Francisco,Johnnys in Alameda,that burger joint Nations!!! I loved it.
Uva, SteveUSS Milwaukee (AOR 2)EM2E/MJun 1987 – Aug 1990Hey shipmates! After leaving the US Navy and multiple college degrees later, I currently work for the Combat Systems Engineering Office under PEO IWS ( CVN / AMPHIB Class ships ). Keep the screws turnin' and the lights burnin' ! Peace Out !
Ulerick, JeffreyUSS Kansas City (AOR 3)DC2RJun 1986 – Jun 1990Lots of good times.
Underwood, MattUSS Kansas City (AOR 3)BM31st1992 – 1994Looking for some help with getting into the tugs.
Umila, Sr, GabrielUSS Wabash (AOR 5)SKCSupplyJul 27, 1977 – Jul 5, 1979Plankowner
Urbina, JulianUSS Wabash (AOR 5)DC2R1991 – 1994
Uribe, PaulUSS Wabash (AOR 5)EM2Engineering1981 – 1983Thinking about the good times: Swimming in the Indian Ocean and Steaks on the beach at Diego Garcia. Contact me at
Utterbeck, BenjaminUSS Kalamazoo (AOR 6)BMSN2ND/RASESep 17, 1994 – Aug 16, 1996HAD FUN GREAT TIMES
Urmeneta, EdwardUSS George Clymer (APA 27)E5CommissaryApr 1965 – Aug 1967Have ships Annual along with memories which is life lasting. Would love to reunite with shipmates. Served right from booth camp. First deck force, than galley, eventually Commissary till de-comission day. Best Duty/time
Ungerleider, StanleyUSS Montour (APA 101)RADIOMAN #/CCDec 15, 1944 – Feb 6, 1946Roll-on USS Montour
Underwood, HowardUSS Goodhue (APA 107)FN1/CBOAT GROUP1944 – Oct 31, 1945
Ulrich, GaryUSS Sandoval (APA 194)E32nd Div (1st Lt. Yeoman)Jul 12, 1963 – Jul 1965
Underwood, VannUSS Randall (APA 224)1952 – 1953
Undset, JohnUSS Vulcan (AR 5)DS 1S-6Mar 1983 – Jun 198684-85 IO Cruise "Crossin the Line" Kenya, Singapore, Costa del Sol....all Rocked!
Urban, GregoryUSS Vulcan (AR 5)IM1 (SW)R-4May 10, 1981 – Dec 15, 1986What a bunch of memories, Too many to list here. The IO cruise was one that I will never forget. The steel beach cookouts, the port call in Singapore on New Years Eve. The trip to Mombasa when we cracked the starboard screw. What a Ride
Ulitsch, Albert/alUSS Ajax (AR 6)E-3shipfitterOct 1968 – Mar 1971
Underhill, GlenUSS Jason (AR 8)RM3OPSApr 17, 1992 – Jun 19, 1994Shin, Gove, Hello to you all from California! Dave, Chief? WOW! congratulations! Shin hope all is well for you. Has anyone heard from Joe of Churchfield? e-mail me
Unruh-raykowski, CarolUSS Jason (AR 8)E-5R-2May 1985 – Dec 1988My time in the Navy, especially onboard the Jolly J were THE best years of my life. I stay in touch with many shipmates and we reminesce about all our great times. I'd give anything to go back to those days.
Unruh-raykowski, CarolUSS Jason (AR 8)EN2RepairMay 1985 – Dec 1988
Umphrey, SteveUSS Cadmus (AR 14)MR2machine shop1968 Р1970Great experience…miss Chief Peloquin.
Uptain, GaryUSS Cadmus (AR 14)DCMar 15, 1964 – Nov 28, 1964Looking for any shipmates in the ships company shipfitters shop.
Upton, George AllenUSS Aeolus (ARC 3)RM3OperationsSep 1969 – 1971I was a Radioman and have been trying to locate old shipmates. I remember Michael Conley who was a good friend of Dave Mundy,John Paulsen,Vince Bianculli(vinny)and Bruce Longfield. If any of you see this send an email.
Utgard, GaryUSS Aeolus (ARC 3)BTCBApr 1971 – Oct 1973
Urrutia, Larry/buick-manOak Ridge (ARDM 1)Hull-Tec.Dock-Basin CrewMay 19, 1977 – May 22, 1980What's-Up Fella's From A.K.A. Buick-Man. How Is Bent-Finger Doing? Also Tell Steave Daily I Said Ola. Lets Keep In Touch.

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