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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Byers, RobertUSS Cone (DD 866)ET2Atlantic Fleet1960 – 1963Interest in communicating with shipmates who served at same time
Byers, RussellUSS Elliot (DD 967)EN2ENG.Mar 20, 1979 – Aug 26, 1982Great times and great friends. Much better than my first ship. Had some times i'll never forget. At least the ones i could still remember the next day!
Byers, StephenUSS Saratoga (CV 60)ANV-4-V-5Apr 6, 1989 – Jun 6, 1993Anyone out there!! Worked as a grape for the first few years in maintainance for Petty Officer Second Class Vargas and Airmen Cummings, Crazy bastard then moved on to the V-4 Office in 1990 then on to V-5 Air Boss Office
Byers, StevenUSS Saratoga (CV 60)ANV-4 & V-5Mar 5, 1989 – Aug 5, 1992Worked in the Main Air Department Office and Pry Fly when out to sea.
Byers, ThomasUSS Randolph (CV 15)FNAft Eng. RoomMar 11, 1954 – May 29, 1958Had a good time Are over tha Med,
Byers, TroyUSS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42)ABE3v-2 arresting gearApr 1966 – Oct 1969worked on flight deck ,made westpack and medcruises,remember the fire that kild 8 shipmates 4 nov 1966 off virt nam on westpack cruise
Byers, WaltUSS Mississinewa (AO 144)EM3electricianMar 3, 1969 – Dec 1, 1972Who remembers being dead in the water sometime between 71 and 72. Or the Argentina ship that hit us.The 6 weeks stuck in Puerto Rica. All great and exciting times.
Byers, William (Bill)USS Thorn (DD 988)YNSNHull Tech and YeomanJan 18, 1980 – Jun 12, 1983The last two years aboard Thorn were great. I served with some great people and made memories I will never forget.
Byfield, MartinUSS Dahlgren (DDG 43)BT2B- BOILERSFeb 16, 1990 – Jun 11, 1992 Checked on a day before the gulf cruise 1990, went on to the USS Nashville 1992 got out in 1995. Joined the Navy Reserves in 1998 "Seabees" Utilitiesman. Volunteered mobilizied 1999 to Kosovo, Iraq 2003 & 2007 -08
Byfield, MartinUSS Nashville (LPD 13)BT2B BoilersSep 21, 1992 – Feb 20, 1995 Got off a Destroyer and went to the Nashville, big change. Got to see Somalia and invade Haiti.
Byfield, MartinNaval Mobile Construction Battalion 15 (NMCB 15)UT1 SCWBRAVO COMPANY ALL THE WAY.Apr 15, 1998 – 1900 Welcome to the NMCB-15 site. If you don't know me you haven't Mobilized/ Deployed enough. Kosovo 1999, Iraq Air Det 2003, Iraq with Battalion 2007-08, I'll add more later.
Byfield, Steven "Mongo"USS Sterett (CG 31)EM3:"E" DivisionSep 28, 1974 – Apr 22, 1977I had a lot of good times and met a lot of great people and learned alot of new things.
Byfield, VincentUSS Guam (LPH 9)E5SeamanMay 1980 – Jan 1983Trying to re-connect with some of my old Navy buddies. Did 1 North Atlantic cruise and 1 Med cruise. I was the Disbursing Clerk aboard the USS Guam and worked with Brian, Pete and William White. Dis Officer Rigney
Byford, MarshallUSS Forrestal (CV 59)E 3engenering MMR 1Jan 20, 1984 – Aug 22, 1986Hello ship mates im still alive and living in oklahoma Im in the car business in I would like to here from you
Bygden, Dan (Buddy)USS City Of Corpus Christi (SSN 705)RM1 SSOperations1981 – 1984Now retired 1993 RMCSS. After leaving 705 went to Submarine Development Group 1, Mare Island, Ca. retired at submarine training facilitySan Diego. Will never forget the 705.
Byington, ClaytonUSS Coronado (AGF 11)DC2RFeb 16, 2001 – Dec 19, 2003Didnt know how good I had it. Had a lot of good times there. All the guys from the "old" shop, hope your doing good.
Byington, ClaytonUSS Emory S. Land (AS 39)DC2 SWDC / INDOCFeb 10, 2004 – Feb 1, 2006NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT THIS BOAT. THE "CHAIN" HAS SEVERAL WEAK LINKS...
Byington, CoyUSS Cleveland (LPD 7)LCDREngineeringMar 1, 2000 – Mar 1, 2002
Bykowski, SkiUSS Simon Lake (AS 33)SNDeckJun 12, 1991 – Mar 8, 1993Had fun,drank alot of beer and spent quality time in Captains mast.
Bykowski, SkiUSS Simon Lake (AS 33)THE MAN IN CHARGEdeckJun 10, 1991 – Mar 8, 1993
Byler, CameronUSS O'Brien (DD 975)E-4/FC3CESep 17, 2002 – Aug 6, 2004Good Times miss you guys
Byler, DavidUSS San Jacinto (CG 56)DC2erNov 1991 – Jul 1996was on the san jac for 5 years. remember all the great times i had with everyone in the engineering dept
Byler, ErvinScorpions (VAQ 132)AQ-2AvionicsFeb 1967 – Feb 1971AT-2 Jerry Cook
Byler, Gary (Joedonbob)USS Saratoga (CV 60)PN3AdminNov 1990 – Jul 1994Needs to be a reunion for the decomissioning crew
Byler, JeffUSS Wichita (AOR 1)YN3XHN1976 – Mar 1977Good to see a couple of familiar names here. Returning the shout out to Dan Tolman, David Donovan, Randy Lawson, Donald (Wayne) Murphy, and others. The Wicked Witch was a wacky wench, and the adventures we had were many!
Byler, JeffUSS Proteus (AS 19)SN to YN3X1974 – 1976My first command, home-ported in Guam. Rode out a nasty typhoon in 1975, and we built tent cities for the Vietnamese refugees that came there. Sending a shout out to YNCM Rogers, PN2 Trundell, YN2 Frank Crooks.
Byles, CharlesUSS Dubuque (LPD 8)LTEngineeringOct 9, 1997 – Jan 31, 1999Served as Chief Engineer under the command of Capt. John Miller, station in Sasebo Japan. Best ship and crew I ever served with during my 20+ year career. Keep steaming old girl...
Bynack, Jeff "Nack"USS David R. Ray (DD 971)SM1ST -DECKOct 10, 1981 – Jun 6, 1985
Bynes, RichardNAVCOMMSTA Saigon, VietnamE3S7Sep 1, 1966 – Aug 1968Looking for Kenneth Vaughn aka: Mumbles
Byno, D.USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)AZ2 (AW/SW)V-3/IM-1Apr 1, 1999 – Dec 1, 2003I enjoyed every minute on the Big John. Truly the memories will last for a life time. I checked onboard as an E-1 - left the Big John as an E-5!!
Bynoe, Joseph / TriniUSS Saratoga (CVA 60)HM3Medical Operating Room Tech Oct 1970 – Sep 1973I was assigned to the Saratoga a week later after I left Booth Camp in Great Lakes Illinois,I boarded the ship while it was docked in Jacksonville Florida, Worked in sick bay on ship with the Vietnam Vets.
Bynon, MatthewUSS West Virginia (SSBN 736)MSSN (ss)mess specialistDec 31, 1991 – Sep 15, 1993Looking to reconnect with old crew member I served with. Everyone entered the mess deck!
Bynum, BenjaminUSS Cushing (DD 985)YNCNXNov 1, 2001 – Dec 1, 2004I will always remember the dirty CUSH. I was in a HELO crash on the 2002 deployment in the GULF and I went to mast at this command. I guess I grew up there. Thanks to everyone onboard that made my tour a successful one. I will never forget!!!!
Bynum, CliffordUSS Brooke (FFG 1)MM1 (Ret)MApr 1, 1980 – Dec 15, 19831st and best ship I was on. Made a lot of great friends Jeff Fey, Joe Purvis and so many others. I sure do miss all of the crew.
Bynum, DavidUSS Forrestal (CV 59)CPLMarine DetachmentSep 1, 1976 – Aug 31, 1978Best times of my career were on the FID, love to find Tank, Doc, Glen, onion, or any of the "critters"
Bynum, FrankUSS Curts (FFG 38)EM3EAug 1989 – Jun 3, 1991
Bynum, KellyUSS Vancouver (LPD 2)HT-3RepairMay 1, 1985 – Nov 1, 1988West pac 86. Dry dock 87-88
Bynum, MajorUSS La Salle (AGF 3)PN1XFeb 1995 – Jan 1997Enjoyed my time on there, still kind a fuzzy, but great time
Bynum, MichaelUSS Wadsworth (FFG 9)ET2(SW)CSJan 1995 – Mar 1998
Bynum, MichaelUSS Duncan (FFG 10)ET3CSJun 1993 – Dec 1994

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