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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Verigin, DougUSS Bronstein (FF 1037)RM2Communications1979 – 1981Making a westpac on board the Benny B was nice. We ended up 6 weeks in Olongapo for repairs. Bummer. Hitting the beach every night for 6 weeks was so nice. There were a couple of nightmare passages on that ship;
Vlieg, CliffUSS Bronstein (FF 1037)STG3 / TM31977 – 1979
Viggers, JimUSS McCloy (FF 1038)EW2Apr 30, 1982 – Apr 25, 1985Some of the best times of my life were spent on this ship. Of course some of the worst times were also.
Viggers, JimUSS McCloy (FF 1038)EW2OpsMay 1982 – Apr 1985
Vomero, JonathanUSS McCloy (FF 1038)OT3otFeb 20, 1973 – Jun 30, 1974
Vorholy, JosephUSS McCloy (FF 1038)mmfnengineringJul 1, 1963 – Jul 2, 1965original nuclius crew member . beginning crew precom schooling at newport ,Ri. homeport .inaguration took place at charleston ,SC. us naval base october 1963. originaly designated as DE-1038 !
Vosburgh, FrankUSS McCloy (FF 1038)MM2MNov 6, 1976 – Apr 9, 1979
Varricchio, CarloUSS Garcia (FF 1040)cpooperation specialist1985 –
Voss, WilliamUSS Garcia (FF 1040)STG3WeaponsApr 1967 – Oct 1970
Voyles, ChuckUSS Edward McDonnell (FF 1043)ETR2OpsMay 1975 – Nov 1978Eddy Mac was my first ship. Still connect with a couple of the guys I served with.
Vicari, SteveUSS Brumby (FF 1044)BT3Not too good but addition and multiplcation are good :-)Oct 1981 – Mar 1984
Vander Velden, RichardUSS Davidson (FF 1045)MM2MMar 1986 – Oct 1988Davy Navy was the best - loved the world's fair in 86
Vanmeter, Terry (Van)USS Davidson (FF 1045)STG2ThirdOct 1968 – Dec 1969What an adventure!
Varney, JeffUSS Davidson (FF 1045)YN2Ship's OfficeOct 1985 – Oct 1987Ship's Secretary. First and only ship during my 10 years in the Navy. Lots of good memories from the Davidson.
Vasquez, RaynaldoUSS Davidson (FF 1045)RM3CommunicationsSep 1984 – Jul 1986First ship so for 6 months I worked in the galley and then reported to the communication center.
Virchinsky, ChesterUSS Davidson (FF 1045)EM3EMay 25, 1981 – May 25, 1985
Vose, Maurice (Maurie)USS Davidson (FF 1045)ETCOEApr 1987 – Dec 8, 1989
Vaughan, MikeUSS Voge (FF 1047)BT2B division1986 –
Vaughn, JefferyUSS Voge (FF 1047)Sm2OpsFeb 1986 – 1989HEY,what's up Sm3 angle? Wished we could of stayed in touched.
Volbert, RonUSS Voge (FF 1047)MM3ENGINE ROOMNov 1984 – Jun 10, 1986I miss my fellow engine men and would like to talk to you all.
Vollentine, RaymondUSS Voge (FF 1047)ht2hull maintenance technician1979 – Jan 10, 1985i am looking to get in touch with benjamin e. wright and his wife janette
Vaughn, ChristopherUSS Sample (FF 1048)OS3OI1982 – 1984Ahoy there. Salute to the men of USS Sample. Best dang ship I was ever on tho worked behind off most of time. So I will tip one back for Capt Walt H. best Capt ever.
Ventura, GusUSS Koelsch (FF 1049)CDRGunnery and Damage ControlSep 1, 1985 – Dec 15, 1989Some exceptional memories. Perhaps my best time in the Navy. Great Crew, great Skippers, and wonderful shipmates. Retired on 01 NOV 08 after 20+ years.
Voll, BenjaminUSS Koelsch (FF 1049)STG2CASep 1987 – May 1989
Vinzant, Thomas/tomUSS Albert David (FF 1050)MM3EngineeringNov 1977 – Jun 1981Went on 2 West Pacs Enjoyed working with all the crew.
Vondette, LouisUSS Albert David (FF 1050)MM2M & AMar 15, 1979 – Dec 15, 1982
Van Vleet, MarkUSS O'Callahan (FF 1051)FC2GunsDec 1, 1985 – Apr 20, 1987Had a great time on the O'Callahan. Most memorable time were Panama and Seattle Dry Dock.
Veeder, ParrisUSS O'Callahan (FF 1051)IC 3EFeb 1985 – Apr 10, 1988
Vennebush, James "Jay"USS O'Callahan (FF 1051)EM2/1RFeb 1968 – Apr 1971I was a plank-owner & was on the precommissing crew in Bay City , MI. & THE FRIST TWO WEST-PACs
Vining, AndyUSS O'Callahan (FF 1051)SA3singalman1986 – 1987Was only on board for a little more than a year before they decom me for astham but had agreat time Ican still remember Gonzo (SA2 Gonzales)telling me how thing "REALLY" work when I first got on
Viscovich, PaulUSS O'Callahan (FF 1051)CDR/USN (RET)Sep 4, 1987 – Oct 1, 1988I was the ship's last regularly assigned XO. I still have that "dust bunny farm" from the GMs and a brass turnbuckle plaque the Chiefs gave me when I detached.
Vann, Timothy WayneUSS Knox (FF 1052)BT 2BSep 1983 – Oct 1986
Vega, ReyUSS Knox (FF 1052)HTFN1979 – 1981
Vega, ReyUSS Knox (FF 1052)HTFNR1979 – 1981I just want to say hello and thank you to HT1 Huffman and FTG Steven Fuller.
Vigil, MichaelUSS Knox (FF 1052)MMFNDec 8, 1989 – Nov 4, 1991The KNOX was my first ship, but iend up on two other ships latter. west pac was ablast, Guyette,Porras or Waltersor anybody wants to E-mailme pleas do so, It would be good to remmber the old days.
Vassos, Michael/ The VassUSS Roark (FF 1053)e3w-1Oct 22, 1986 – Jun 11, 1990I am looking for buddies from the roark who I served with. any contact would be appreciated. I have been living in yosemite national park for the last ten years. where is everybody. I have been traveling across the count
Vaughan, BillUSS Roark (FF 1053)GMT33RD1974 – 1976Hey Stevie, are you stll aboard? looking for Marberry, McMullen,Sirofchuck, and Estes.
Vermurlen, Jeff Spoogie SanUSS Roark (FF 1053)MM3/2MAug 1987 – Dec 1991One of the best engineering crews I ever served with. Served on USS JPJ and USS Gridley before the Roark. I remember you well Fishdog. I wonder what happened to Smeg(MM2 Orest Bihun)
Voller, JohnUSS Roark (FF 1053)OS2OIJan 10, 1982 – Dec 10, 1984This was the first ship I served on. Lots of great friends and memories. Hard to believe so much time has gone by.

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