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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Heisler, JimNaval Base Guantanamo BayYN3Cleric StaffSep 15, 1971 – Aug 15, 1975Chaplin yeoman at Guantanamo Bay
Henion, Bruce (Green Sheet Man)USS Coral Sea (CV 43)YN3OperationsJan 1, 1977 – Aug 1, 1981I was the Operations Department Yeoman for three years and the Special Services Yeoman in port Bremerton, Washington for six months. I arranged ski trips for the crew.
Hennan, ChrisUSS John F. Kennedy (CVA 67)YN31969 – Dec 12, 1972Started out as a yeoman in the Operations Office in 1969 and then transfered to the Captain's Office. Boarded in Naples, Italy and then made to two full Med Cruises after that til 1972. Enjoyed the time aboard. Even saw Bob Hope perform.
Henne, KristieUSS Pearl Harbor (LSD 52)YN3XX01Jul 13, 2003 –
Henry, MelUSS Trippe (FF 1075)YN3personellSep 23, 1971 – Oct 30, 1974I was with the original crew when we set sail to viet nam. Was on board when we did the round the world cruise. Dam ship never sit still!
Henson, BillUSS Julius A. Furer (FFG 6)YN3Nov 5, 1973 – Oct 5, 1977I am looking for a USS Julius A. Furer DEG-6/FFG-6 shoulder tab and a shoulder of hat patch w/ the picture of the ship on it? Thanks and God Bless Bill R. Henson, Jr.
Henson, Robert E.USS Randolph (CV 15)YN3"R" DivisionJul 1, 1953 – Aug 25, 1954Worked for CDR David Boyd, Chief Engineer and LT J.A. Cuttler 3rd, in the Log Room, Lt. Christopher, "R" Division.
Her, JannUSS Emory S. Land (AS 39)YN3May 1, 2005 –
Hermanson, DougUSS Constellation (CV 64)YN3Captain's OfficeJan 1976 – Oct 1979The best of memories to have. Best of friends, travel, adventure. I joined with my two best friends and met many more friends during our enlistment. Thanks to ya Connie.
Hermsen, RogerUSS McDermut (DD 677)YN3YN3Aug 8, 1961 – Dec 15, 1963Transferred to USS RICHARD B ANDERSON (DD782) after collision and de-commissioning. Would love to contact Frank Plowmann, Larry Walker & Eddie Sy.
Hernandez, Johnnie AlexanderUSS Whidbey Island (LSD 41)YN3May 3, 1998 – Sep 13, 2001This was something I had to do. Glad I did, met a lott of great people, Had a blast! On to the next chapter "trust it gets better" stay tuned* p.s. life is what you make of it, so make it count!
Herrera, WallyUSS Kinkaid (DD 965)YN3Deck/AdminJan 1993 – Aug 1996Had a great time and made some great friends. The Kinky D really changed my life for the better. At the time I hated the Navy but now I love it!
Herrin, David (Fuzzy)USS Texas (CGN 39)YN3YN Admin for Capt. Peter B. FiedlerJul 1975 – Nov 1977I was the first crewmember to check aboard the USS Texas as a Precom Unit. I checked in at NNSB and was temp. assigned to the USS VA (No one yet able to ck me in) Discharged before commissioning but put a lot of heart and sweat into Her.
Hetrick, BobUSS Damato (DD 871)YN3OCOct 10, 1964 – Sep 7, 1966Two Med Cruises in two years! Very fortunate.
Hewitt, MelvinUSS Voge (DE 1047)YN3Ship's Office1966 – Jul 1968GREAT SHIP, GREAT CREW. When in shipyard, great softball and football team.
Hibbert, BruceUSS John S. McCain (DDG 36)YN3EngineeringOct 1975 – Jun 1976
Hickman, DennisUSS Denver (LPD 9)YN3FlagOct 1, 1969 – Feb 28, 1970Best ship served on
Hiles, DaveUSS Kansas City (AOR 3)YN3X & 3rdJun 1974 – Mar 21, 19751st of 3 ships. Retired Chief. Just found site. Hardest working ship in the fleet with the greatest crew. Many fond memories and great port visits. Personal thanks to O's, Chiefs and LPO's for guidance.
Hills, TimothyUSS Fife (DD 991)YN3ADMIN/NAVIGATIONMay 30, 1980 – Sep 30, 1982Plank owner
Hilterbrand, RobertUSS Virginia (CGN 38)YN3AdminSep 1991 –Loved this ship, decommisioning was a sad day for the Navy. Had great times in ports, and made good friends.
Hines, Vern profile iconUSS John Adams (SSBN 620)yn3Gold CrewMar 16, 1966 – 1967
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Hite, RobertUSS Long Beach (CGN 9)YN3Supply YeomanDec 31, 1990 – May 17, 1992Hey shipmates yall were very tight. I miss yall and keep in touch.
Hnilo, Bruce (Bj)USS Semmes (DDG 18)YN3Sep 1962 – Aug 1964Plank Owner & proud to be a part of a great ship, crew & many good times at sea & liberty calls. Have some pics of crew and at sea. Hope to make the reunion this year..
Hobbs, Jerry W.USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)YN3CRJan 1971 – May 1973Ship's company. Three Med floats. Capt. was R. H. Gormley Div. CMDR was Fred C. Holt
Hobbs, RonUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)YN3VO Div.Nov 1976 – May 1980Came on board Big John Nov. 1980 North Atlantic Cruise. Assigned to Air Dept. Office/Primary Control. (2) Med Cruises, (1) Dry Dock. I remember Perry, Schultz, Gonzales, Randolph, Burnett, McCabe. Enjoyed every minute.
Hodges, ScottUSS George Washington (CVN 73)YN3V-2Feb 1996 – Aug 1999Looking for anyone who was on the GW with me...V-2 anywhere?
Hoferer, HeatherUSS Blue Ridge (LCC 19)YN31stOct 8, 1997 – Aug 12, 2001Wow, the ports were awesome. I made a lot of great friends and I miss each and every one of them. I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful man, Nigel! I'm now a YN in the Coast Guard but I still remember that I was in the Navy first.
Hoffer, DennisUSS Northampton (CC 1)YN3OI Operations Departmeny1963 – Aug 26, 1966I do remember Jack Montooth, and some fo the guys he mentioned. I was YN in charge of the Ops Dept. once YN2 Marv Cheatam got transferred. Ensign Dennis O'Grady was officer in charge of the office. Lots of great guys!
Hokanson, Glenn profile iconUSS Jason (AR 8)YN3OperationsNov 1972 – Jun 19, 1975Started in Deck Division chipping paint. Moved up to OPS Yeoman and had some great duty. Sad that she lost her guns but she kept up with the times. Good memories!
Hollerud, DougUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)YN3VO1972 – 1975I miss Master Chief HIGH and pancakes w/Dennis Murrisky. Bob Landry, Lamboy,n the others. We did have fun in VA Beach. I retired after 20 YNC
Holloway, Raymond L.USS Randolph (CV 15)YN3"X"Nov 1958 – May 1960Worked as Court Reporter in Legal Office on Court Martials under LT Eliot Loshak and later LTJG Bill Marsh. Ended up as leading PO in charge of Legal Office until discharged in May 1960.
Holmes, DarrelUSS Reeves (CG 24)YN3AdminJan 14, 1984 – Apr 1987
Holt, DarenUSS California (CGN 36)YN3Admin1987 – 1990There were some great times aboard the California. I did not realize it then but, great times while on Westpac.
Holyak, JohnUSS America (CV 66)YN3May 20, 1972 – Mar 1975Served with VA-86 (Admin).
Hon, DavidUSS O'Brien (DD 975)YN3NXMar 1984 – Jan 3, 1988Hope that all from the O'Brien are doing well
Honer, RocUSS Dubuque (LPD 8)YN3Sep 18, 1995 – Sep 16, 1998it been nice
Honeycutt, EdwardUSS Guide (MSO 447)YN3comminepac 5Jan 22, 1959 – Oct 23, 1961I was ships yeoman under Charlie King
Hooper, EarlUSS Pyro (AE 24)YN3OperationsApr 1961 – Apr 1962I joined Pyro in Vallejo shipyard right out of boot camp and had the time of my life in SF, Port Chicago, and then WestPac. Did 3 ships in 3 years
Horan, DanUSS Mount Hood (AE 29)YN32ndFeb 1971 – Aug 16, 1974Plankowner. I cannot remember what I did yesterday but I can remember just about everything about my 3 yrs on the Hood! Had some tough times and alot of good times.

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