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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Hutchison, Jr., HarryUSS Canberra (CAG 2)QM3NMay 1, 1965 – Jan 1, 1967served under two Captains, Mark Woods and Elmo Zumwalt; much gunfire support, remember general quarters changing to port and starboard watches as we fired continuously at times; seems like yesterday but now 50 years ago.
Huth, CarlUSS Interceptor (AGR 8)LTJGSupply OfficerJan 1960 – Feb 1961
Huth, ClintHukkers (VS 28)AO2Line / AONov 1982 – Aug 1985Upon end of enlistment became Police Officer in Dunlap, TN. Became Chief of Police in 1997. Joined Navy Reserve and currently MACM at NOSC Atlanta.
Huth, Jason L. HuthUSS Mason (DDG 87)GM1(SW)Weapons / MissilesJul 25, 2002 – Sep 1, 2006Awesome Crew and Finest warship on the water front.
Huth, KennethUSS Saratoga (CV 60)ADJ-3VA-75 TAD to AIMD on fantailApr 1970 – Jun 1972My time in VA-75 was always TAD to AIMD so I knew more of ships company people. I was and will always be proud of my time in VA-75 and USS Saratoga. I now reside in Green Cove Springs, Fl.
Huth, KennethRedcocks (VA 22)E-3Plane CaptainOct 1968 – Nov 1970I was in VA-22 and made the last 2 cruises on the Bon Homme Richard. I then went to B-School. I then was sent to VA-75 at NAS Oceana Va. Beach, Va.
Hutley, CarlosUSS Hartford (SSN 768)E5/ET2(SS)NavigationMay 5, 1996 – May 1, 1998Too much fun to have in one tour....
Hutmaker, DarrelUSS Iwo Jima (LPH 2)CYNSNCommSep 1, 1964 – Apr 10, 1965
Hutner, JerredUSS Paul Hamilton (DDG 60)OS2OIFeb 24, 2000 – Aug 24, 2003
Hutnick, StephenUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)ABH3V3Apr 1968 – Dec 1970Plank owner
Hutoczki, SkiUSS Juneau (LPD 10)MM3P-2Jul 28, 1999 – Aug 25, 2000
Hutoczki, SkiUSS Dubuque (LPD 8)MM3P-2Sep 10, 1997 – Aug 25, 2000
Hutoczki, SkiUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)MM2AJan 11, 2001 – Jan 23, 2003
Hutsell, FredUSS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31)YNSNWeapons Leading YeomanNov 10, 1969 – Jul 2, 1971BIGGEST DECK IN THE WESTPAC During General Quarters was trainer/pointer part of the #54 gun crew. Never prouder of anything than serving aboard the best ship in the Navy. Later General Quarters station was changed to talker CIC.
Hutsell, Jim profile iconUSS Enterprise (CVN 65)AZ3/4CVW-141971 – 1973Ah the memories. Subic Bay in my twenties and single...
Hutsler, DonUSS Simon Lake (AS 33)mr2r2 31a/64e1991 – 1993greatest years of my life. would love to try another pubcrawl!!! contact me if you remember me
Hutson, DanUSS Cowpens (CG 63)YN3Personnel1993 – 1994
Hutson, DaveUSS Aylwin (FF 1081)EM2E / repairMay 1978 – Aug 10, 1981'78 Med Cruise, '79 Mid East Cruise, and 1 yr in the Brooklyn Naval Yards. It was a great time and a good learning experience.
Hutson, Donald profile iconUSS Richard E. Kraus (DD 849)SKSN1st & SupplyNov 1970 – Aug 1974Enjoyed my time in 1st division and Supply as member of the Kraus Crew.
Hutson, GeoffreyUSS Jarrett (FFG 33)BM3deck1994 – 1997
Hutson, HenryUSS Essex (CV 9)L/CplSub Unit1 H&MS-Maq 32Sep 1963 – Dec 1963Tryng2find some1 who was in the head fantail, prt side of Essex during the storm that took off Mast I was on the floor with atleast 2 other personel we were in shorts Va cant findANYrecordsThis is very important it seems like i dont exist.
Hutson, LarryUSS Constellation (CV 64)E-3V-1Nov 1999 – Aug 3, 2003Hello shipmates hope u all are well. I miss u guys and..strange as it may seem I miss those days will always be my brothers.
Hutson, Mike "Big Foot"USS Puget Sound (AD 38)LTRepair Office1980 – 1983Served as the Assistant Repair Officer under CDR's Robertson ands Goldsmith. This was the most fantastic duty station I was blessed to serve on in the 20 + years I was in the Navy
Hutson, OthalUSS Semmes (DDG 18)GMG3GMay 1966 – Jul 30, 1967Lots of fun
Hutson, Robert, BobUSS Taussig (DD 746)SNS1958 – 1959I ran the ships store
Hutson, RonUSS Impervious (MSO 449)EM3Mar 17, 1973 – Mar 5, 1975
Hutson, SteveUSS Casimir Pulaski (SSBN 633)MM1(SS)MOct 1969 – Jul 1975Yard period, DASO run, Made 8 patrols, two trips under the Pole
Hutson, Terrill "waxy"USS Holland (AS 32)CORPORALMarine DetachmentJul 1964 – Jul 1966I came aboard as the first replacement for the original MarDet. Stood a lot of watch in the aft missile trunk, but eventually left as the sgt. of the guard. Remember lots of crazy liberty in Rota and "T-town".
Hutson, Tim (Booter)USS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17)EM3EMar 1, 1986 – Jun 9, 1989I served with a bunch of great guys
Hutson, TomUSS Batfish (SSN 681)LTMain Propulsion Assistant (MPA)Nov 1972 – Nov 1974Great ship and crew. I am proud to have served on her.
Hutson Sr, MikeUSS Higbee (DD 806)EM21966R Division- Electrical GangMar 30, 1966 – Jul 15, 1968Great memories of a great ship.
Hutsonpillar, DavidUSS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 709)E4A-Gang2002 – 2006Email me, we'll chat,, updated Aug 2018, in Austin, Tx,
Hutt, TimboUSS Cochrane (DDG 21)BT3BSep 1980 – Apr 17, 1981Remember the good ole war times. Living in Hawaii. BT3 Riffenbark & BT3 Rivera: How the hell are ya!
Hutt, TomUSS Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN 631)Capt,USN RET1975Commanding Officer1975 – 1977Wonderful crew. We did some unusual things. Thanks to all who. Served with me.
Hutt0, Frederick MUSS La Salle (AGF 3)LTships bosnNov 29, 1988 – Nov 1989Looking for old shipmates
Hutt0, Frederick MUSS La Salle (AGF 3)EnsShips BosnJul 1985 – Sep 1986I did 2 tours on the White Ghost and I' m looking for old shipmates.
Huttenbrauck, RichardUSS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968)FCCSCSMJan 15, 1991 – Apr 30, 1993LCPO for CSM division. CIWS/Harpoon/Sea Sparrow and TAS.
Huttenbrauck, Richard profile iconUSS Sumter (LST 1181)FCCSFox1985 – 1988Great tour aboard Sumter. Can't seem to find any of the old salts I served with. SMC Powell, GMGC Kachuba, MSC Groves and BMCM Wooley. I went on to recruiting (that really sucked) and then USS AW Radford. Ret.1993
Hutter, ChrisUSS John Hancock (DD 981)FC2CSMOct 30, 1997 – Jul 16, 2000

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