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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Counts, MyronUSS Piedmont (AD 17)YN2OPERATIONSDec 1970 – Oct 1971
Courson, DonUSS Nimitz (CVAN 68)YN2Admin (X-1)Jun 15, 1972 – Jan 15, 1976Some of the best years and best friends of my life were when I served in the PRECOMM Unit and I am a proud Plank Owner (commissioned on May 3, 1975).
Courtney, JamesUSS Shangri-La (CV 38)YN2AApr 10, 1951 – May 15, 1952Was incharge of Eng.Dept.Log Room during recommissing in 1951 at Hunters Point CA. Was on trip to Boston Nav.ShipYd for dry dock. Later sailed up and down East Coast for NavRes Polits to practice landing/take offs. Disch. Boston.
Cox, DavidUSS Towers (DDG 9)YN2NavigationFeb 1976 – Apr 1978Perhaps the best collection of sailors I ever served with. I have no regrets. Olongapo (who can forget it), Hong Kong, Bangkok, Karachi, and even Vancouver back stateside. Many, many, many fond memories.
Crafton, CharlesUSS Chevalier (DDR 805)YN2X Division1966 – 1968I served two yars aboard the USS Chevalier under the command of G G Ely Kirk a great man and a great leader. We did two tours Of Viet Nam and traveled to a lot of different and wonderful places.
Craig, JohnUSS Mount Vernon (LSD 39)YN2OperationsAug 14, 1985 – Jun 26, 1989The Mickey V was a kick in the butt! Really enjoyed my time there. A lot of cool dudes aboard and seen some great places.
Cramer, BillUSS Koelsch (FF 1049)YN2X DIVISIONOct 1980 – Mar 1984
Crews, RayUSS Cushing (DD 985)YN2Ship OfficeJun 2, 1994 – Jul 5, 1997This was my first ship and I was there when they over haul the ship and add the VLS. I play on the ship softball team. I was on the ship when it was homeported out of Pearl Harbor HI. I did one Westpac with USS CUSHING DD 985.
Crickenberger, Bob "crick"USS Canisteo (AO 99)YN2EngineeringAug 1, 1971 – Apr 16, 1976It was a great time and I wouldn't trade any of it. Lots of good times, memories and friends. I remember the night the "Forestfire" hit us during Unrep in the Med!
Cripe, DevonNaval Hospital YokosukaYN2Pacific fleet1961 – 1961I am presently retired.
Croak, JohnUSS Whidbey Island (LSD 41)YN2Personnel1983 – 1985One of the first 5 assigned to the ship. Spent the year in Seattle hanging with the Snipes. Anyone remember me don't be a stranger. Been on looking for shipmates.
Cronin, JohnUSS Holland (AS 32)YN2Mar 1981 – Mar 1982Worked in Legal.
Crook, KennethUSS Valcour (AGF 1)YN2COMIDEASTFOROct 2, 1969 – Dec 1, 1971
Crose, TimothyDiamondbacks (VFA 102)YN2EXECUTIVE ADMINMar 1, 2001 – Mar 25, 2005
Crowe, Frank S.USS Sampson (DDG 10)YN2N1969 – 1971
Cuyler, WandaUSS Canopus (AS 34)YN2ADMINOct 29, 1985 – Aug 29, 1988
Cybulski, HenryUSS Shenandoah (AD 26)YN2OperationsSep 1, 1955 – Oct 8, 1955Intended to ship over, then decided to get discharged. Needed to get out of the destroyer navy.
Cybulski, HenryUSS Bache (DD 470)YN2OperationsApr 1, 1952 – Oct 13, 1954From YNSA to YN2. Served Cdr JW Reed and Cdr JH King. Transferred to USS Eaton DDE-510 to serve Capt THW Connor Jr. COMDORTDESDIV22.
Coder, DanUSS Ortolan (ASR 22)YN2 - YN1(SW)Admin1992 – 1994Fleet Week in New York City was awesome which included meeting Bo Jackson and Phil Rizzuto. The total cost of the day was $1.20 for the subway ride to Yankee stadium. The best ship that I was ever on.
Ching, BrianNaval Station RotaYN2 and YN1USNSE Lisbon PortugalJun 1, 2004 – Jun 1, 2007
Collins, ChrisUSS George Philip (FFG 12)YN2(AW)AdminJun 1985 – Jun 1987Had a great time with everyone while onboard. Couldn't convince CDR Tryon to give me a break about being the the only (AW) onboard. As long as he pitched during the softball games, we got along fine. Don't hestitate to contact
Campbell, KenUSS Helena (SSN 725)YN2(SS)YNMar 1997 – Jan 2000
Canell, MikeUSS Boise (SSN 764)YN2(SS)ExecutiveJul 16, 1990 – May 5, 1993Plankowner - loved my time there.
Cecere, Phil profile iconUSS Tautog (SSN 639)YN2(ss)US Pacific Submaine CommandAug 25, 1969 – Sep 9, 1970What a couple of amazing June days in 1970, Damn proud to have served and survived. Discharged from USN when I left the Tautog
Chamberlain, BruceUSS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602)YN2(SS)Admin, Executive1979 – Feb 21, 1981CO was JJ Hyland, III and the XO was CDR G.C. Beard, Jr. YNC(SS) Ken LeMay and YN2(SS) Jeff Lossel. On Decomm Crew in Bremerton, WA.
Chamblee, KyleUSS Richard B. Russell (SSN 687)YN2(SS)x divSep 1987 – Jun 1991Great Boat, Crew and Memories
Chance, JamesUSS Alexandria (SSN 757)YN2(SS)AdminSep 1995 – Jul 1997One of the best experiences of my life. Met some awesome people on that ship that I would die for in a heartbeat. Rest in peace MS3(SS) Marcus Holmes. We did all we could to take you home. I'm sorry brother. :-(
Chapmon, MichaelUSS Los Angeles (SSN 688)YN2(SS)Admin/Ship's OfficeDec 29, 1977 – Mar 1, 1981
Chartlon, Marvin DennisUSS Lewis and Clark (SSBN 644)YN2(SS)administrationJan 1967 – Jan 1969
Chartlon, Marvin DennisUSS Nathanael Greene (SSBN 636)YN2(SS)administrationJan 1969 – Jun 1970
Chenot, Jonathan "Chino"USS City Of Corpus Christi (SSN 705)YN2(SS)YNJun 14, 1999 – Aug 1, 2003UNITAS '99, ERO, Homeport Change to Guam, and Typhoon Marathon...need I say more. Everyone's favorite "Yonarman" misses you guys!
Clark, Billie (Yeoboy)USS Skate (SSN 578)YN2(SS)AdministrationSep 1977 – Jun 1979Affectionately remember the names: Sugar Bear, Wally the Walrus, Grape Ape, Geek, Marf and Lt Gullick. While passing through the Panama Canal, I had to swing a couple of mail bags down to a tugboat. Two Waves caught the bags. Pretty blondes.
Collough, JimmyUSS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN 624)YN2(SS)Yeoman/Sonar/Helmsman/PlanesmanJun 9, 1991 – Dec 10, 1994
Cook, Charles USS George Washington (SSBN 598)YN2(SS)AdminAug 1979 – Aug 1980Worked for the best CommandingOfficer. CDR Charles D. Bean. Best time of my life Would do it all again if I could!!!
Cooper, MarkUSS San Francisco (SSN 711)YN2(SS)AdminApr 1996 – Dec 1999The "house of pain" is alive and well in Michigan. Working at Univ. Mich Hospital taking X-rays now! Can you belive it? Warriors of WESTPAC 96 & 98 remember the PI, Guam and Brisbane! Don't forget Yokosuka and Sasebo.
Cochran, Usn (Ret.), Lt Leon O.USS Gallant (MSO 489)YN2(SS)/YN1(SS/ESWS)Admin./Nav.1977 – 1979Just only the best damn ship I had the pleasure of serving in. From LCDR Herman to BM2(ESWS) Hogan (who by the way is now a CDR and CO NAVSAFE), BMC(ESWS) Williams (deceased)...hands down, the best command, most fun, best experience, etc.
Clerkin, PhilipUSS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654)YN2(SS/DV)ExecutiveJun 10, 1973 – Jun 6, 1976Came aboard end of Bremerton overhaul. GOLD Crew. Best group of submariners. 7 Poseidon Patrols out of Rota, Spain....
Calma, ChrisUSS Ford (FFG 54)YN2(SW)NAVADMINNov 1996 – Jun 2000
Cardell, CraigUSS Hoel (DDG 13)YN2(SW)NXApr 1988 – Nov 2019First ship I served on. Met lots of good people and have great memories.
Clair, MichaelUSS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60)YN2(SW)AdminJan 1995 – Nov 1997

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