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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Coleman, LevarFighting Checkmates (VFA 211)CS2 (AW/SW)Apr 13, 2004 – Apr 13, 2007
Chaney, Robert (Bob)Eyes of the Fleet (VFP 63)PT2InteligenceNov 1966 – Feb 3, 1970I was in the PHOTO INTELL Went on the Orikany 67 -68 Then the Coral Sea 68 - 69 Would like to heare from anyone in the squadron or on CVA 34 and CVA 43
Chaney, BobEyes of the Fleet (VFP 63)PT-2VFP-63Oct 1968 – Apr 1969
Christensen, RobEyes of the Fleet (VFP 63)PH3plane captain, Line ShackJan 1, 1977 – Jan 1, 1981West Pac x3...Constellation x2 and Kittyhawk And, I remember Chief Massey!
Corradino, RossEyes of the Fleet (VFP 63)AMS3squadronSep 1972 – Aug 1975Made two Westpacs on the Coral Sea with Det-5. Still think the RF8G Photobird is one of the coolest birds the Navy has flown. Some of my best memories are the guys I served with, and Olongopo was hands-down the wildest place on earth...
Cordova, MarkCrusaders (VMFA 122)SGT E-5Hydraulic shopMay 1971 – May 1974Went on the 1972 deployment with VMFA 122 to Iwakuni Japan. Was in Japan when double nuts crashed on the runway.
Calvo, Chris (Taco) profile iconFlying Gatos (VMFA 142)E-4Torpedo1991 – 1995Being on the gato was one of the best times In life. Friends I would never forget. I'm married to my wife Kathy have a son Andy who is 11. Still have my uniforms. I'm proud to serve with all my shipmates.
Caudill, StephenThunderbolts (VMFA 251)CplOrdnance1995 – 1996
Chu, TonyBlack Nights (VMFA 314)AM2squadron2001 – 2002
Chavez, ManuelGrey Ghosts (VMFA 531)CPLsquadron1972 –I was on the med cruise 72-73. Worked in Admin under SSgt. Faz
Caldwell, Charles / ChuckScreaming Eagles (VP 1)LCDRMaintenanceJun 1963 – Jun 1965PPC YB-3
Carroll, CarlosSkinny Dragons (VP 4)e4FEMay 9, 1997 – Mar 20, 2001Flight Engineer
Cipolli, ThomasMad Foxes (VP 5)AW2AWSep 24, 1974 – Sep 24, 1978Looking for old squadron buddies. Email me at
Crowson, CrowdaddyGolden Eagles (VP 9)AW2squadronNov 15, 1998 – Aug 12, 2002
Calvo, SteveRed Lancers (VP 10)ams2squadronJun 10, 1967 – Oct 1, 1970Would love to hear from any of my old buddies BOB Carson Bob Lauzon Ken Cole Cjarlie Sammut Frank Santura Bill Wiemer ETC
Certo, Duane CharlieRed Lancers (VP 10)AMS2 E5AIRFRAME1989 – 1992JUST CHECKING IT OUT
Cooper, JohnRed Lancers (VP 10)AW3squadron1997 – 1999Rosey/Panama deployment 97/98.
Cornelius, Richard (Richey)Red Lancers (VP 10)AE3squadronApr 1989 – May 1992Was TAD to AIMD Sigonella and Rota
Cunningham, GlennRed Lancers (VP 10)ABH-1Line Division1985 – 1988Line Division would like to talk to anyone who worked with me Made 2 deployments to Kef and one to Lajes
Cobb, MareePatrol Squadron 11 (VP 11)YNSN E3Patrol Squadron 90 (VP90)Jul 1981 – Oct 1982You went from SK school in Meridian, MS and then to a Missile Cruiser ship out of Norfolk, VA. You wrote me a letter while aboard. I remember your first name is Steve.
Chenault, EllisEagles (VP 16)E-3squadron1970 – 1974
Cobb, DouglasEagles (VP 16)Airman E-3Patrol Squardon SixteenJun 19, 1980 – Jun 19, 1980Hi Old Shipmates! It's been a long few years since the good old days of serving with VP-16 NAS Jacksonville, FL. I am doing well working at Campbell Soup Company now and married well over 23yrs. No Kids!
Connolly, ShannonBig Red (VP 19)Aug 6, 1989 – Mar 10, 1992
Campbell, StanBlue Goose (VP 22)ADJ5mechSep 1970 – Jan 1974I am interested in what is going on with the squadron now and if any of the sailors I knew are still serving with VP-22. Also when and if there are any reunions coming up
Campbell, JohnPatrol Squadron 23 (VP 23)AMS3/1squadronMay 3, 1987 – Nov 30, 1991I didn't think I would ever leave the seahawks what a great time.
Craig, Robert D PappyPatrol Squadron 23 (VP 23)cposquadron1939 – 1945started in newfound land sinking German u boats with pby base after pearl harbor sent to HAWAII then to phillipines was on a troop ship in pearl witness to Cruiser Detroit sinking of Japeneese submarine
Carter, CraigTridents (VP 26)AD2LineApr 17, 1996 – Nov 1, 1997I worked in Power Plants shop.
Charles, Jd profile iconTridents (VP 26)PN2PersonnelJul 1979 – Feb 1981
Cruse, Tamara profile iconTridents (VP 26)E3squadron2000 – 2000
Caldwell, Charles / ChuckPelicans (VP 45)LTJGOrdnanceOct 1954 – Aug 1957PPC EE/LN-9
Couch, FrederickGrey Knights (VP 46)ATCMaintenanceJan 1989 – Nov 1992
Compton, RickGolden Swordsmen (VP 47)AW2squadron1978 – 1981Would like to hear from members of Crew Four or any AW's from this period.
Callendar, GaryWoodpeckers (VP 49)Ltsquadron1973 – 1976VP-49 was a great experience. Like to do it all over again!
Chiquelin, DavidDragons (VP 56)LTJul 1980 – Jun 1983
Crotsley, Dan (Crots)Condors (VP 64)AMCSsquadron1977 – 1982Good times, good people
Crotsley, Dan (Crots)Liberty Bells (VP 66)AMCSMAIN. CONTROL1982 – 1986Lots of good memories
Cobb, MareeLions (VP 90)YNSNUSNR (TAR)Jul 1981 – Oct 1982Maybe somebody is looking for me. "A" School, Meridian, MS July 1981, Yeoman school. You are SK. Wrote me a lettter a year after my assignment began at NAS Glenview, IL. You look like a cop with your Navy hat on.
Cullison, MikeLions (VP 90)AX1Avionics1974 – 1978
Calvert, TomBlack Cats (VP 91)AMS1AircrewJul 1984 – Jul 1989P-3 Flight Engineer
Cummings, ChrisBlack Cats (VP 91)AMS2Aug 1992 – Aug 1996

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