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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Wynn, Fred/ Ba-ba LaboatsUSS Edson (DD 946)BMSNWEAPONS/DECKJun 1983 – May 1986Made both Great Lakes Cruises-" Golden Laker".Had a few rough times but,many more great times! I'm still looking for Dirty Joe Karvetski- Dirty Jim Daniels-and Dirty John Randel.Want to get together and have a few rounds...Rochester N.Y.
Wynn, GaryUSS Portland (LSD 37)E-4/MACHINIST MATEEngineeringApr 1974 – Dec 1975
Wynn, GeorgeUSS Reaper (MSO 467)GMG3Deck & WeaponsNov 29, 1967 – May 28, 1971Did the 1968 and 1969-70 WESTPAC trips on the Reaper. Keep in contact with Steve Warren, Mike Prosch, Claud Hamaker, Larry Bates, and Bill Balch. Remember stacking magtail with Travelstead and Sullivan.
Wynn, GerardUSS Sunbird (ASR 15)EN2M DIVJul 1983 – Aug 20, 1985LOOKING FOR OLD SHIPMATES
Wynn, GerardUSS Fulton (AS 11)EN2MDec 1981 – 1983
Wynn, GreggUSS Francis Hammond (FF 1067)OS2OIMar 1, 1987 – Dec 10, 1990What a miserable experience. NAVY, Never Again Volunteer Yourself.
Wynn, HeathUSS Oak Hill (LSD 51)GM2OW01Aug 5, 2001 – Oct 25, 2004 Now I am a full time student at University of West Georgia. Im am in the last year of Pre Med. I Have been accepted into Emory University for Medical School. After Medical school I want to stay at Emory and specialize in Plastic surgery.
Wynn, HowardUSS Guam (LPH 9)L/Cpl1st Blt. 6th Mar. 2nd Mar. Div.Sep 1976 – Mar 1977
Wynn, JackUSNS Santa Barbara (T-AE 28)SKSN1st Division & GSK-SupplyMar 10, 1989 – Oct 19, 1991Yeah man I had a blast on the Bee. If anyone has any old pictures that they want to share. I was on board 1989-1991, you can hit me on Facebook or shoot me an email.
Wynn, JamesUSS Saratoga (CV 60)AK1Supply0000 –-
Wynn, James A.USS Stethem (DDG 63)E-6 / GSMMPMar 26, 2001 –
Wynn, JohnnyUSS Milius (DDG 69)SKCSS-1Jul 2, 1986 – Sep 6, 1989Served faithfully
Wynn, LarryUSS Nitro (AE 23)SH3SupplyAug 11, 1972 – Jan 2, 1976I am looking for people abourd the same ship I was. If you can help me out or you have any information feel free to contact by e-mail
Wynn, MichaelUSS Alabama (SSBN 731)ET2 SS/E-5Navigation1984 – 1988I was a Radar/ESM Tech.
Wynn, MikeUSS Proteus (AS 19)mmfn-3r-2 shop-38Nov 10, 1976 – Oct 14, 1980
Wynn, MontyUSS Nevada (SSBN 733)ET-1(SS)Navigation ET StratNavJun 1990 – Aug 1994Served aboard one of the greatest boats, and finest crews during my twenty years in. Remember Hawaii, Long Beach, and the 50th anniversary of attack on Pearl Harbor. Always enjoyed Capt Scott leading the crew in signing "God Bless America
Wynn, PatrickUSS Hancock (CV 19)E4V6Oct 20, 1964 – Oct 20, 1967
Wynn, Pierre profile iconUSS Wasp (LHD 1)MS3SupplyJul 20, 1989 – Mar 17, 1993I truly miss the Navy. I am a PLANKOWNER. I commissioned the ship.
Wynn, RandyUSS Belknap (CG 26)DS1OD1979 – Nov 23, 1981Assigned to Belknap while in shipyard. Served throughout shakedown and qualification cruises. Completed enlistment 8 days before first Mediterranean cruise.
Wynn, RandyMare Island Naval ShipyardDS3Data Systems Tech Schools Command Staff1976 – 1979After completing Data Systems Technician "A" and "C" schools, I was assigned to the maintenance staff of the schools command. Earned DS2 during this assignment.
Wynn, RobertUSS Mauna Kea (AE 22)MM3MDec 1965 – Nov 1968Best ammo ship in the navy, check the unrep numbers
Wynn, TobanUSS Antietam (CG 54)GM31985 – 1988Precom Sandiego - 2/1988
Wynne, BrianUSS Clark (FFG 11)HT3engineeringMay 1980 – Jun 1982plank owner
Wynne, EdUSS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN 618)LTElectrical and CommunicatorDec 1980 – Dec 1981This was the start of my less than illustrious active career. I did get my sub quals, and played a lot of poker with the "Goats"
Wynne, EdwardUSS Gato (SSN 615)LtNavigatorAug 10, 1986 – Dec 30, 1988Left active duty after Gato, got my 20 yr letter in USNR ended as a CDR. Live in Crowley TX with Wife Susan. Two grown daughters. Work in Fort Worth
Wynne, EdwardUSS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN 618)LTJGE-DIV and CommJan 1980 – Dec 1981My first boat, and I learned a lot.
Wynne, EdwardUSS Lafayette (SSBN 616)LtVarious Engineering DIvisionsJan 1983 – Oct 1984Arrived when boat was at Newport News in the yard, Learned a lot on the boat, and the two runs from Holy Loch. Sat on most of the qual boards that first post yard run. So lots of you owe me for your dolphins. LOL
Wynne, Joe profile iconUSS John F. Kennedy (CVA 67)E-3Engineering 1MMRFeb 1972 – Feb 14, 1974Got on in Athens... yom kippur action... lost anchor... Artic circle... Dry Dock Portsmouth ...Two entended deployments..... Forestall fire one reason
Wynne, NoctonUSS Pharris (FF 1094)STG23RD1981 – 1985had some great times in sonar 1. 35ivds room . spent way too much time in Beirut.just found this site and just wanted to say high :)
Wynne, PatUSS McClusky (FFG 41)EW3(SW)CEApr 1996 – Sep 1998
Wynne, VeronicaUSS Cimarron (AO 177)SEAMANdeckJan 1997 – 1998my first command I learned some life lessons here. I'll NEVER forget.
Wynne, WilliamAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)BM-3/E-4LCU-1643,1653Jun 1989 – Mar 1993Living near Charlotte,NC now if any former shipmates are in the area.
Wynsma(goodwin), CherylUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)EM3R-3Sep 6, 1992 – Aug 16, 1995I hope all is doing well that served aboard the Sound. I have a lot of great memories from the cruises. If you remember me, drop me a line, it would be nice to hear from old friends.
Wynyard, PeterUSS Guadalcanal (LPH 7)EM3Electrician's MatesFeb 1978 – Oct 21, 1979Enjoyed our cruise in August 1978 to England, Holland and Germany for 10 weeks. My longest cruise during my time in the Navy. Previous to this I was on a Tug Boat in Scotland for 1.5 years.
Wynyard, PeterSaugus (YTB 780)EM3TugboatJul 1976 – Feb 1978This was truely my favorite duty station while in the service. I'm sad to hear that it is now closed. I remember going to the Paul Jones Club in town and also eating fish and chips in the local newspaper. I wish I still had my Jag 3.4S.
Wynyard, PeterRecruit Training Command Orlandoe1Boot Camp Company 133Oct 22, 1975 – Jan 9, 1976First time in my life seeing palm trees...too bad it was for boot camp. 9 weeks and it was like being on the biggest loser. I could use a little boot camp like that today. They actually let us go home for Xmas and come back for 9th week
Wynyard, PeterNaval Training Center Great Lakese2EM A schoolJan 28, 1976 – Jun 15, 1976Enjoyed going to the enlisted club for lunch breaks and going to Chicago on weekends. Even went on a ski trip to Wisconsin one weekend.
Wynyard, PeterUSS Holland (AS 32)EMFNElectricians Mate and then to TugboatJun 15, 1976 – Jun 30, 1976Truely enjoyed going into Dunoon to the clubs and restaurants. My love of dancing started here at the hotels and bars. Brought my wife back to see the base in 1984.

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