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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Regan, CharlesRed Lightnings (VF 91)ANVF-911962 – 1963Plane captain on F8U in Squadron VF-91. Enjoyed flight deck duty. Had a great time on Westpac Cruise.
Ray, ForbesSilver Kings (VF 92)ANReady Room1967 – Sep 20, 1968Meet two great guys (Brown & Bear)
Richardson, Lee/ RichFighting Falcons (VF 96)AME-3VF-96Dec 1, 1969 – Dec 1, 1973Trying to locate (nickname) Woodstock & Baker aboard the USS Constellation; Flight Deck Trouble Shooters. I lost addresses shortly after getting out of the service. Baker's son & my son were in Boot Camp together, too.
Ray, GaryGrim Reapers (VF 101)E3squadron1958 – Jan 6, 1961We moved from Cecal Field in Jacksonville Fla to Boca Chico Field Key West in 1959
Royce, DaveGrim Reapers (VF 101)AME3AME1974 – 1975
Russoli, Debbie profile iconGrim Reapers (VF 101)E2SquadronJan 1993 – Apr 9, 1993I was only here at Boca Chica a short while; I would love to find others I served with & I do remember "Senior Chief". 😃 ~ Blessings
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Reitz, Raymond profile iconThe Diamondbacks (VF 102)AM2squadron1979 – 1983I loved my VF-102 Diamondback Navy Buddies....! I sure do miss the US Navy...! :)
Rupinski, BernieThe Diamondbacks (VF 102)LTsquadron1968 –MIA
Reeves, Gerald/stretchSluggers/Jolly Rogers (VF 103)AAsquadronJul 7, 1989 – May 18, 1990
Ricks, David profile iconSluggers/Jolly Rogers (VF 103)ADJ-2squadronJan 24, 1969 – Aug 9, 1971VF-103 Sluggers, assigned to Power Plants for Med Cruises in 69, 70, and 71 (1/2), one 2-week Hot Pad Duty detachment.
Ryan, DonSluggers/Jolly Rogers (VF 103)ANsquadron1971 – 1973worked as an AK in VF-103 Material Control during WestPac Cruise. Also NAS Key West (Hotpad) & NAS Miramar (TopGun) Detatchments.
Ridgeway, Alan, profile iconSundowners (VF 111)AirmanFirst lieutenantMay 1994 – Jan 1995Looking for former ship/squadron mates.
Roberts, John AllenSundowners (VF 111)AO3CAG 15 armament safety teamFeb 1985 – Mar 1988Anyone remember Gunner Corman? I would like to see him again!!!!!
Renon, FredAardvarks (VF 114)AME2squadronJul 4, 1990 – Sep 11, 1994I'm retired.
Retherford, Steven RetherfordAardvarks (VF 114)AMH-2squadronAug 19, 1972 – Jun 10, 1975I work in corrosion conrol, inspecting the rivets for bumbs and repainting. I was one of the many who took pride in painting the Zot on the tail fin.
Rigney, William John Jr.Aardvarks (VF 114)ADJ-2POWER PLANTSJan 1969 – 1971AARDVARKS ARE THE BEST!
Rocky Perkins, Rocky profile iconAardvarks (VF 114)e2fightJul 10, 1973 – Dec 25, 1973i miss my days on the big e
Ron, Stiles profile iconPacemakers (VF 121)AME3AME3 shopApr 6, 1965 – Sep 29, 1967Would like to get in touch with my VF121 shipmates. I was stationed there 1965-1967.The best time in my life. Loved it
Rasor, John (Tom) profile iconGunfighters (VF 124)AE-5electric shopJul 15, 1969 – Sep 30, 1971This was my training squadron before going on to VF-24
Raupp, KenGunfighters (VF 124)AO3squadronJul 10, 1966 – Nov 3, 1967remember jumping back gate to go down to la jolla for wine women and beach fun.good times
Roff, ThomasGunfighters (VF 124)PR-3 - RETIRED AS NCCS(SW)Parachute Loft1969 – 1972I was a PR-3 with VF-124's paraloft. Worked with Bob Swain, Roy "Amos" Regian, Bob Gould, & others I can't remember. We lived in the open bay barracks and rode cattle car to work. Tiajuana, Mexico was great liberty.
Rooney, PatGunfighters (VF 124)AD3Line/ PowerplantsMar 1983 – Dec 1985
Royce, DaveGunfighters (VF 124)AME2AME1981 – 1983
Ruiz, RoqueGunfighters (VF 124)AO2squadronDec 1980 – Dec 1982
Ratcliff, KennethBandits (VF 126)E-3 Aviation StorekeeperFlight Line1967 – 1968I worked on the flight line and office. I was then transferred, with a bunch of us, to VF-121 Top Gun School. I worked on the flight line, barracks and then the Materials Office as a E-3 AK. I was then transfer to "Tico"
Riedel, Michael profile iconBandits (VF 126)E-4 aviation structural mechanicsquadronApr 6, 1985 – Mar 21, 1988The Navy: The Bandits Squadron experience was good. I painted the planes for the movie Top Gun and served under the " DUKE " CMDR- Randall Cunningham. My buddies: Joe Sanzo.(ame) PO1 Miller. call me 213-864-0467. Im O.K.
Rucker, RobertBandits (VF 126)E5squadron1986 – 1989Was a memorable experience, I was A4 and T2 low and hi power turn-up operator and CDI. Hoping I can reconnect will some old shipmates... AE2 Bruce you out there?? Anyone wishing to contact 713-992-3865
Ramos, Albert profile iconGhostriders (VF 142)AO1(AW)squadronJan 1992 – 1995With VF-142 I was a plank owner and did the Maiden cruise on CVN-73. I also was there to decommission the Ghost Riders! Got promoted to AO1 while ther. I am now retired and working for the USPS in Puerto Rico.
Rankin, TimGhostriders (VF 142)HM3SquadronFeb 1977 – Feb 1978A great time serving with all the guys. Ghostriders were the best!. Aboard USS America CV66 and at Oceana. Best Wishes to all especially my fellow "Doc" Jack Scheck.
Rasbeary, RayGhostriders (VF 142)Apr 12, 1991 – Apr 7, 1995Great times...lots of hard work...some of the best people in the Navy.....was with the Ghostriders til they decommed in '95
Rickie, RickPukin' Dogs (VF 143)PN2Squadron Admin/PersonNov 15, 1971 – Dec 23, 1974
Rotunda, Kenneth (Ken)Pukin' Dogs (VF 143)AQsquadronJan 1, 1980 – Aug 28, 1982Worked in the IWT (O-Level Avionics) shop during the 1980 I.O. Six (6) pack cruise and then the Med Cruise.
Routin, Paul/daddyrabbitVigilantes (VF 151)AO2n/aMay 1, 1984 – Jun 15, 1988Any old friends contact me 502-777-8632. We need a reunion.
Ramos, Albert profile iconBlack Knights (VF 154)AO2squadronJul 1986 – Dec 1989My first Command! I really missed all the AO's and the 2 west pacs we made on the connie! What an awesome experience!!! My first Gunner CWO2 Ramsey and AOCS IKE really took care of their AO's!!. From AOAN to AO2.
Randolph, MarkBlack Knights (VF 154)AME1AircraftDec 1981 – Aug 1986Had some good times at Miramar. Maintaining Phantoms and Tomcats with great pride. As I reflect back on those days I spent with my shipmates kinda makes me miss all of them and the good times we had. Any Knight Baby!
Robbins, DaveBlack Knights (VF 154)AE-3squadronAug 1, 1972 – Feb 14, 1974I was assigned to the electric shop then went to IMA. Had a ball aboard ship with all the sites and friends I made. After that went home to Missouri to farm. Also joined the Mo. Army National Guard and retired in 1998.
Royce, DaveBlack Knights (VF 154)AME1AME1983 – 1986
Reynolds, WalterChargers (VF 161)PN1squadronSep 12, 1969 – Oct 16, 1972What an incredible tour of duty this was. "Awesome" group of people that I could call shipmates and friends. I have since written books "Monk"s Journey", "Reach", "The Custodian" and "The Cave"(due
Richards, DanielChargers (VF 161)AQANAIMD IM31982 – 1985Anybody now whatever happened to Boomer, Smooth or Bobby Clark?
Rintoul, WayneChargers (VF 161)AQ3squadronOct 1971 – Dec 1972Looking for anyone on the '72 Cruise in the South China Sea (Gulf of Tonkin"

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