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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Pynckel, NathanUSS Iwo Jima (LHD 7)E4/MMAssaultSep 26, 2011 –
Pynckel, Timothy (Pink)USS Canopus (AS 34)ENFNA DivJul 10, 1974 – Feb 1977Holy Loch an Rota was some of the best time I had
Pyne, David /Big DaveUSS Gettysburg (CG 64)OS2OIOct 1994 – Mar 1998Best damn crew ever. I would not give up one second of the experience.
Pyne, GaryUSS Holland (AS 32)MLFNFOUNDRYMar 10, 1981 – Jul 12, 1983
Pyper, MasonUSS Shenandoah (AD 44)MR2R2Aug 1985 – Apr 1989Hope you've had a good life shipmates.
Pyrett, AmyUSS Emory S. Land (AS 39)E4/OSweapons/cranes divisionApr 1997 – Oct 2000This is the only way to live, love n miss you all dearly! Great memories formed on this wonderful ship!!!!! Take care all, HUGS.... Jesse Hammond do i have your name right, please look me up.
Pyron, ChesleyUSS Bainbridge (CGN 25)DS3Navy Tactical Data SystemsDec 1982 – Sep 1984A remarkable ship and crew, achieved Gold Battle 'E' while assigned to the Bainbridge.
Pyron, TimUSS New York City (SSN 696)EM1 SSELECTRICAL, ENGINEERINGMay 1977 – Jan 1980PRE-COM and Plank owner. Midget welders at EB that they stuffed into tight corners. Mid-shift pressure watches ontop of the reactor vessel. Great times with Skip Roth, Kevin Askam, Phil Ranikn, Sheryl Wheeler. Sea trials, St. Croix ,Panama, Hawaii.
Pyrtle, Glen WUSS Bushnell (AS 15)seamandon't know1947 –i am adding my dad's name on information i found after his death through pictures and records of him stationed in Hawaii in 1947
Pyrtle, JamesUSS Forrestal (CV 59)MM3#4 EngineroomSep 12, 1989 – Aug 27, 1991I don't remember alot cause I'm an even bigger dumbass now than I was then but I do remember what I remember I can remember that anyway.
Pyrtle, JamesUSS Richmond K. Turner (CG 20)E4 / MM3#2 Engine RoomFeb 28, 1992 – Mar 13, 1993I don't remember alot cause I'm an even bigger dumbass now than I was then but I do remember what I remember I can remember that anyway.
Pyska, MichaelUSS Anzio (CG 68)ET2CEJun 1, 1991 – Aug 1, 1995PLANKOWNER Now an ET1 Reservist on my second deployment.
Pytko, Charles (Bud)Boomers (VA 165)ADJ-1LineJan 1, 1967 – 1969Was assigned to the Boomers in Spring of 1966 from VF101, Key West. When to Intruder schools at Oceana, VA until Oct 1966. Joined VA128 at NAS Whidbey for aircraft training and to await VA 165's arrival from Lamoore, CA.
Pytko, Charles (Bud)Swordsmen (VF 32)ADJAA - ADJ3LineJul 1957 – Aug 4, 1960Arrived from "A" school summer 1957. Squadron was called the SONIC SWORDSMEN then. Was the first squadron to fly the F8U Crusader. Spent 2 MED cruises aboard Saratoga. Retired from Navy 1975. F8U was 1st 1K MPH fighter
Pytko, Charles (Bud)Fighting Phoenix (VAQ 128)ADJ1squadron1969 – 1974Shore Duty at VA-128. RAG Squadron for A6 Aircraft. Line Div Petty Officer then was Line Div Training PO.
Pytko, Charles (Bud)Wizards (VAQ 133)ADJ1squadron1974 – Sep 30, 1975I put in my papers for retirement prior to transferring to this command. Retirement date to Fleet Reserve was 09/30/75
Pytko, Charles (Bud)Grim Reapers (VF 101)ADJ3 to ADJ1squadron1961 – 1966Joined VF101-Det A at NAS Ocean, VA after 'B" School Summer of 1961. Detachment dissolved in 1963 to join main Squadron at NAS Key West.
Pytlak, JosephUSS Pigeon (ASR 21)IC1/ICCEDec 1977 – Dec 1981Great memories. E division was the best. Retired from Navy in 1995.
Pytlak, JosephUSS Mullany (DD 528)ICFNEApr 1969 – Sep 19691st ship. Retired 1995.
Pytlak, JosephUSS Hoel (DDG 13)IC3ESep 1969 – Sep 1970Great memories. Retired 1995.
Pytlak, JosephUSS Decatur (DDG 31)ICCEDec 1981 – Jul 1983Great shipmates. I retired in 1995.
Pytlak, JosephUSS Morton (DD 948)IC2EMay 1971 – Jul 1973Great tour. Best shipmates. Retired in 1995.
Pytlak, JosephUSS New Orleans (LPH 11)IC1EAug 1973 – Oct 1974
Pytlak, JosephUSS Tarawa (LHA 1)CWO3ESep 1983 – Oct 1986
Pytlak, JosephUSS Antietam (CG 54)CWO4ESep 1989 – Mar 1993
Pyzalski, MatthewUSS Alexandria (SSN 757)TM1TorpedoSep 13, 2001 – Oct 31, 2005Petty Officer Young what have you gone and done now.
Pyzik, EdwardUSS Badger (FF 1071)STG2ASMar 1977 – Sep 1980Had many Great times! Remember Thiland, the Phillipines, drive-in movies? Made great friendships, just sorry I did not keep intouch.
Pyzik, LouisUSS David R. Ray (DD 971)ET2CE1998 – 2002CE lives on! I have seen a few familiar faces in San Diego, maybe will be seeing more when I go to Bahrain. I saw Mcculley there!

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