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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Dyer, RodneyUSS Houston (SSN 713)ET2/SSETFeb 5, 1986 – Feb 5, 1990It's good to see some of the guys I remember. Those 2 Westpacs and the Hunt for Red October filming are some fun memories.....Rod
Dyer, RonUSS San Francisco (SSN 711)STSC(SS)Sonar1991 – 1994The Best Sonar Div ever.
Dyer, RonUSS John A. Moore (FFG 19)RM2SC02Mar 31, 1986 – Sep 30, 1989Remembering all my friends and shipmates from Radio Central, Ship's Contol and my pals in Combat.(I really liked you guys no matter how much I yelled or questioned your mothers' respectability or fidelity during ops).j/k
Dyer, RonaldUSS Edenton (ATS 1)E3BM/HTNov 19, 1980 – Feb 16, 1983My time onboard was one of the most powerful times ive had since. Master chief Radeki, LTJG John Supulvada, need I say More . Thanks guys , I wish Id stayed . You made me what I am Today in 2005 . !! Always Ready !! I was 19 then I am 43 now Thanks
Dyer, RonaldUSS Mataco (ATF 86)Bowsians mateDeck HandMar 15, 1969 –It was an experience being aboard the Mataco ! Fun times and rough times ! Any one care to call me my phone # 253-375-7429
Dyer, Roy Stephen ( Link)USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39)MM3Eng.1973 – 1975Had the best time of my life, who could forget Subic or Hong Kong. I,m trying to get in touch with Marvin (Shorty) Garret and Robert Lindsay. My # is 706 7769532. 205 Cedar Ln. Alto Ga. 30510
Dyer, SteveUSS Texas (CGN 39)MM-3, MM-2, MM-1Jun 1979 – Jul 1982Lead ELT #1 plant. Made the cruise to the IO around South Africa.
Dyer, SteveUSS Tuscaloosa (LST 1187)HT3HT ShopJun 1976 – Dec 1978Did 3 westpac, did the shock test, spent sometime in Guam hospital , the sleez and me were Brother in laws, and I think I drinked all the beer in china,
Dyer, TamekaUSS Philippine Sea (CG 58)SK2S-1Jun 2, 2006 – Jul 5, 2007
Dyer, Tameka Big DukesUSS Bataan (LHD 5)SK2S6Apr 15, 1999 – Apr 3, 2003I had the best time of my life and naval career on the BIG-5. I met some of my closest frineds there. I never imagined I would miss it so much. Nothing will ever compare. If anyone would like to contact me hit me up.
Dyer, TejuanUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)E-4/YN3ADMINOct 23, 2001 – Oct 1, 2004I HAD SOME GOOD TIMES AND SOME BAD TIMES ON THE BIG JOHN.
Dyer, TeressaUSS Frank Cable (AS 40)RM2Communications1986 – 1988I Had a blast in LaMaddelena! Turned 21 and got to celebrate in the lovely enlisted club on the pier! Feel free to email me at if you want to catch up! Miss the Navy and friends tons! Wish you all the best!
Dyer, ThomasUSS Harry W. Hill (DD 986)QM2ONNov 1, 1979 – Apr 1984Underway! I think there were less than 5 Plank Owners left by the time I left! Many memories, some I'd rather forget! Great crew, great times! Always knew where we were at and where we needed to go.
Dyer, Thomas DUSS Pearl Harbor (LSD 52)FC2(SW)OWDec 5, 1997 – Jul 27, 2002Plankowner
Dyer, Thomas/discoUSS Seahorse (SSN 669)DS1 SS (FROCKED)WeaponsDec 15, 1978 – Jun 30, 1981Great Times. Miss the the Ship and my crew.
Dyer, TimUSS Halsey (CG 23)BT 2BAug 29, 1978 – Aug 28, 1984Reported aboard in 1979 left in Long Beach yards in 1982. Made the 1979 and 1981 WesPacs.Served with a great crew,had a great time. Was assigned to the forward fire room and worked with the most dedicated BT' S both fwd,aft,& oil lab.
Dyer, TimothyUSS Von Steuben (SSBN 632)RM2(SS)RadioApr 1984 – Aug 1988Made 8 patrols. Retired as ITC/ss USNR Sept '06.
Dyer, TomUSS Manitowoc (LST 1180)CDRCOMMANDING OFFICERJun 1969 – Jun 1971Commanding Officer Pre-commisioning crew. First CO upon Commissioning. Load Ammo/fuel East Coast. Transit Panama Canal to Home port Navsta Long Beach, CA. PHIBRON 7, Shakedown Silver strand. Round trip to Vietnam set speed record for LST transit PAC
Dyer, WombatUSS Pasadena (SSN 752)ET2(SS)Reactor Controls(RC)Oct 1990 – Jun 1994There were four of us that walked across onto the Pasadena in San Diego, CA. A cook and mech, a mechanic nuke, and me. The two nukes stepped on the boat shoulder and shoulder in opposing step. The first West Coast Sailors to be stationed on a 688i.
Dyer (Panozzo Now), JenniferUSS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)ET2(SW/AW)CS9Aug 2005 – Aug 2009My time aboard was some of the BEST times on active duty! Not many people can claim to see what we have, or have the family we all do now. Fair winds and following seas to all aboard The Big Stick!
Dyer (Prescott), AndreaGunbearers (HC 11)E-3squadron1991 – May 1993I worked in the tool room for a while for PO1 Bella and I am looking for anyone that was there when I was. I enjoyed my time at HC-11.
Dyess, JamesUSS Bataan (LHD 5)SH3S-30000 –
Dyess, Tim Big DUSS Dale (CG 19)OS1 (SW)OIMar 29, 1988 – Oct 7, 1992This was the 1st of 4 ships I served on. I made many friends here that I still keep up with and see from time to time. This was one of the 2 best ships I served on!
Dyess, Tim Big DUSS Kingfisher (MHC 56)OI1996 – 2000Plank Owner-This was by far the best ship with the best crew that I ever had the privaledge to serve with! To all of the guys who commisioned the Kingfisher, thanks for all of the great times and great memories!!
Dyjak, PaulUSS Massey (DD 778)SN1st1972 – 1973
Dyjak, PaulUSS Power (DD 839)BM31st1973 – 1975
Dyjak, PaulUSS Ticonderoga (CVS 14)SNG1972 – 1972
Dyjak, PaulUSS Conyngham (DDG 17)BM11st1978 – 1981
Dyjak, PaulUSS John L. Hall (FFG 32)GSM1Engineering1982 – 1983
Dyk, Richard VanUSS Mount Whitney (LCC 20)HM3MedicalNov 1975 – Aug 25, 1977Took part in operation Solid Sheild, NATO 76 Cruise. Retired from Naval Reserves in 1997 as HM1.
Dyke, ColieUSS Long Beach (CGN 9)rm3hmm1991 –
Dyke, Daniel VanUSS Conolly (DD 979)SNDeck/Combat Systems/MedicalMay 1994 – Dec 1997
Dyke, DaveUSS Holland (AS 32)MM 1eng1971 – 1972Would like the get in touch with some of the guys from the AC&R shop while I was stationed there.
Dyke, JasonScorpions (HSL 49)AD2Lineshack/ powerplants/ Air Det 3 assigned to CG67 ShilohSep 1991 – Mar 1994Made my way through a couple of dept. Loved this sqaudron... lot of great memories working with true professionals that k ow how/ when to joke too. Excellent command!
Dyke, JeffUSS Ingersoll (DD 990)OS2OIJan 1, 1991 – Apr 25, 1994
Dyke, MikeUSS Worden (CG 18)GMM2 SWCGMNov 17, 1986 – Dec 30, 1990Had lots of fun and great memories. Loved Australia PI and the Gulf. Don't miss Bombay much. Often wondered about my old friends. Great working (and drinking) with you all. Glad I don't have all those armory keys on my beltloop anymore.
Dyke, RandallUSS Towers (DDG 9)EN2AE & RJun 1975 – Jun 1977HAD A BLAST! lookin for old shipmates
Dykema, Don/dykUSS Witek (EDD 848)ftg3gunnery1963 – Oct 1966
Dykema, JeffUSS Gettysburg (CG 64)FC2CF02Jun 20, 1990 – Oct 21, 1994Plankowner in FCS/ORTS. Had a blast with all the guys I worked with. CF DIV was awesome.Wish somethings could be done over again, but that's how life rolls. Hope everyone is doing great. I would serve again any day with the Plankowner crew

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