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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Zurich, RichardUSS Kearsarge (CV 33)LCDREngineering/MPA1968 – 1969
Zurich, RichardUSS Kansas City (AOR 3)MM2MSep 1986 – Apr 1988Best ship I to date that I have served on. Great crew, learned alot. I am still in after 22 years, LCDR, heading to the Kitty Hawk as MPA.
Zurick, JeffreyUSS Guam (LPH 9)RM3CRJan 4, 1988 – Jun 21, 1990My first ship. A great ship and crew, alot of good memories.
Zurinski, DawnUSS Jason (AR 8)HT3R1Mar 1990 – Oct 1992I really enjoyed my time on the ship. I ended up marrying Jeff Zurinski but we are now Divorced with 3 boys 15, 11 and 9 to share that is all I live in IIinois now . If i could do it again I would in a heartbeat!!!!.
Zurinski, DawnUSS McKee (AS 41)HT3repairJan 2003 – Nov 28, 2003I had a fun time with all my firends and would not have missed all of it!!! I went home had 2 more kids which makes 3 boys now 15,11and 9. I am recently divorced and living with my boyfriend in Toluca, illinois.
Zurliene, Wilbert (Wil)USS Theodore Roosevelt (SSBN 600)MM1SSNuc LELTSep 1967 – Aug 1969Great and supportive bunch of guys, always have great memories of those days and travel to and from Holy Loch and Groton
Zurlo, ChrisUSS Suribachi (AE 21)HT3R1981 – 1984I had a great time during my time on board. I had a bad memory when I lost my friend Walt aka Wiggy we lost him in Greese
Zurmely, GeorgeUSS Lewis B. Puller (FFG 23)EN-2EngineeringJul 5, 1981 – Jul 5, 1985Plankowner, was hand picked while still in boot.Was on board for her 1st west pac. what a blast becoming a shell back. Sure do miss all the old buddies And all the partying, will never forget all the ports.
Zurosky, StanUSS Columbia (SSN 771)MM2/SSA-gangApr 1993 – Aug 1997Plankowner
Zurzolo, SamUSS Ponce (LPD 15)ET1OPS/OE DivMar 1993 – Mar 1996
Zuschlag, MarkUSS Midway (CV 41)MM3a EAO2 STEAM HEAT SHOPJul 21, 1980 – Jul 19, 1982 MANY GREAT MOMERIES
Zusi, PaulUSS Nevada (SSBN 733)ET3Navigation1990 – 1993
Zuvanich, JohnUSS James Monroe (SSBN 622)MT2Missile1976 – 1980I participated in 3 Sea Trials, 4 patrols, and made several good friends aboard the Jimmy Fish where we worked hard, became blue nosed and grew up together. Wouldn't trade the memories for anything.
Zuvic, Louie / PozUSS Implicit (MSO 455)Engineering EN21976 – 1980Okay, Okay !!!!! I honestly have tears in my eyes... 1976-1980 (Right) ? I've tried to locate so many people in the past and succeeded, only to misplace the information. Thank goodness for the internet...
Zuwala, MichaelUSS Hector (AR 7)E-4R-21977 – 1979I was assigned to the valve shop and remember working with Pete Garwood, Pooh Bear, Mitchell, Jerry Werdell, Raul, Tuchirone, Bill Schneider, and a bunch of other great guys. Had a great time on WestPac!
Zuzgo, PaulUSS Nimitz (CVN 68)AAV-2Feb 1975 – Jul 1977
Zuzich, NickUSS James Madison (SSBN 627)ETR-2 (SS)Engineering / Reactor ControlJul 1971 – Jun 1974
Zvodar, Christopher/ ZUSS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)AN/ABEV2-Cats2008 –To much to say, I'll fill this out later.
Zvorak, GaryUSS Rushmore (LSD 47)EN3aFeb 3, 1992 – Feb 3, 1998
Zwack, JoeUSS Hunley (AS 31)IM2R2 Cal LabApr 1982 – Jun 1984Worked in 96A Fleet Mechanical Cal Lab. Amazing adventure. Looking for my crazy IM & ET friends. Fish & Chips, pints.... I Miss Scotland.
Zwack, KevinUSS Ranger (CV 61)AE2VA145Oct 28, 1976 – Oct 28, 1980Also onboard when collision with Fortune, a very tense morning. I was thrown from my rack and remember everyone in the berthing compartment yelling "no one light up". The oil fumes were very intense immediatly after impact. Enjoyed my tim
Zwan, MatthewUSS Ohio (SSBN 726)YNSR-YN2YNMar 11, 2003 – Sep 18, 2006Got there when the Hatches came off. Left when the 2 DDS's came on, and the first Second Class to qualify COW on the SSGN.
Zwanch, Patrick (Zack)USS Kretchmer (DE 329)E3SupplyAug 1963 – Jul 1965Was in supply as a laundryman, storekeeper. The ships commander was LCD WISE. WE WERE INVOLVED WITH A RUSSIAN TRAWLER GOING TO CUBA WITH ALLEGED MISSES IN THE ATLANTIC. We did the Dog Rocks tour on a few occasions.
Zweck, KennethUSS Intrepid (CV 11)Seaman 1stDeck1944 – 1946This is for my uncle Kenny. We are honoring him Sept 28th - Oct 2, 2011 at the USS Newport Reunion in Norfolk, VA. Kenny lives in South Milwaukee, WI He is on facebook and is a retired truck driver. 414-301-4276
Zweck, KennethUSS Newport (LST 1179)SN2nd Division1970 – Dec 1972Had a great time and I visited several countries during the first Med cruise. I was the artist in our first Med Cruise Book, We catch up on Facebook under trhe ships name and have annual reunions. Hook up with us.
Zweigenbaum, David (Ziggy)USS England (DLG 22)ETR3OEJan 1967 – Oct 13, 1969Made 3 Westpac cruises, met some great men from all divisions.Memories, places, and events that I will never forget. Like Fullmer who I will quote "Life is like a roller coaster with square corners".And Steve Burt, my best friend.
Zwengel, CarlUSS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)SH3S-3Sep 1986 – Jun 1990I was officially S-3 but spent most of my time in damage control. As much as I seemed to dislike it at the time I find myself looking back at those days with fond memories. I've noticed a few old friends on here already
Zwerman, JamesUSS El Paso (LKA 117)GMG24th.Jan 16, 1969 – Mar 16, 1973I am a plank owner help put el paso in commission
Zwernemann, MichaelUSS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)LCPL.AIMDMar 1993 – Sep 1993Trying to find a cruise book from this time frame. I was with vmfa 312 in the marines, or pictures from this cruise.
Zwetsloot, Hank / DutchUSS Bryce Canyon (AD 36)IC2R-41958 – Aug 19, 19612 westpac cruises, member of cruise book staff of 1959 cruise. Also played Slap bass and guitar in Country western band ...Mom's Club Olongapo etc. Worked with Pancho Gonzalez-Mena, Klein, Marvin Hanger etc in Gyro Shop
Zwetzig, Brian (Ziggy)USS Merrill (DD 976)E-6Engineering1984 – 1988
Zwick, HowardUSS Saratoga (CV 60)YN3Personnel & Gunnery OfficesAug 15, 1956 – Aug 15, 1957
Zwick, HowardUSS Tarawa (CVS 40)YN3Gunnery Office1955 – 1956After breaking my ear drum in sub school I was assigned to the USS Tarawa CV40 while in ship was in Boston dry dock.
Zwickel, JacobUSS Missouri (BB 63)Seaman 1st ClassUnknownJun 11, 1944 – Nov 5, 1945My father,JacobZwickelwasaboardthe USSMissourifromcommissionthroughthesigningoftheInstrumentsofSurrender. RecdAmericanAreaCampaignAward,AsiaticPacificAreaRibbon-2Stars&HonorableServiceLapelButton. Jacob died 28 June 1982
Zwicker, RandyUSS Dixon (AS 37)FAR-2Jun 15, 1978 – Mar 18, 1981I was in shop 38-A
Zwiebel, AdamUSS Nebraska (SSBN 739)MM2/E5A-GangJan 18, 1998 – Aug 27, 2002So glad to be off the boat and now an engineer in the real world, peace out
Zwiebel, DannyUSS Nicholas (FFG 47)EN2engineeringMay 1987 – Nov 1989hey everyone just thought id say havent seen anyone in awhile
Zwiebel, DannyNaval Base Guantanamo BayE-3emergency generatorsApr 1986 – Sep 1987hello all email me i'll get back to u
Zwiefka, MikeUSS America (CV 66)abhanv-3Nov 12, 1992 – Oct 15, 1994Good site remember a few names here

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