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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Ipox, EugeneUSS Atlanta (SSN 712)TM2(SS)Torpedo/DeckJul 1993 – Jul 1997Some of the best shipmates I have ever known and some of the bets times of my life.
Ingram, JeremiahUSS Houston (SSN 713)E2Machinest MateSep 20, 1999 – Oct 25, 2001
Ibert, JeremyUSS Norfolk (SSN 714)MS31996 – 1999lookin for dtm
Ibert, JeremyUSS Norfolk (SSN 714)e3ms1996 – 1999
Ishmael, Mark (Rocket)USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716)FT2/SSFire ControlJul 21, 1992 – Jul 3, 1996BEST crew that I could have ever hoped to serve with. Miss so many people. Thanks Pickel for the kick when I needed it, Life changer(used it to become a pilot)and best wishes to Nuttz, Pat, Tiny Mike, Kingsley, Troy and the Best COB ever!
Ingram, Isaac JrUSS Olympia (SSN 717)MMCM(SS)COBMay 1985 – May 1988First operational Chief of the boat, we set the tone!
Irvin, PaulUSS Olympia (SSN 717)QM1Nav1986 – 1987Plant Owner / transfered to USS Bergall.
Isham, Randy / BeavisUSS Olympia (SSN 717)MM2A-GANGJul 4, 1986 – Jul 3, 1990
Inlow, Joshua/skilowUSS Honolulu (SSN 718)MM3AgangApr 1998 – Jul 2001
Intrater, BradleyUSS Honolulu (SSN 718)TM2TorpedoApr 13, 2000 – Jul 17, 2003Had a great time as TM and ship's diver. Invaluable learning experience. Met a lot of great friends. Done with subs-will not go back as an Ensign. Hoo-Yah deep sea!!!
Ingalls, ChrisUSS Pittsburgh (SSN 720)MM3AuxilaryJun 15, 2001 – Nov 29, 2004It was the best time of my life.
Isermann, ToddUSS Pittsburgh (SSN 720)QM3/SSNavigation1994 – 1997Hope everybody is doing great since the Pittsburgh.
Iliff, JeffreyUSS Chicago (SSN 721)EM1/SSElectricalMay 1991 – Sep 1994
Isedore, Eric/izzyUSS Chicago (SSN 721)YN2SS)AdminFeb 1, 1988 – Jan 7, 1991
Iverson, DarrolUSS Helena (SSN 725)FTG2(SS)WEAPONSJan 1987 – Jun 1989Plankowner, brought the ship from conn to hawaii..... got off just before the missle dropped!!
Irwin, MikeUSS Newport News (SSN 750)MM2(SS)TMJun 1, 1997 – Jul 21, 2001
Insall, PeteUSS San Juan (SSN 751)MM2ELTJan 1994 – Sep 16, 1997hmm, let me see, nothing really postive to say...stores load with meat rejected from the Air Force...ORSE's....Blue Nose.....yeah, my favorite day was when I got my DD-214.
Ilch, James W.USS Miami (SSN 755)ET1/SSJun 1991 – Jun 1996
Irons, DavidUSS Miami (SSN 755)MM2 (SS)RLJul 23, 2003 – Jul 26, 2007All I can remember about being on the boat is visiting Rota, Spain on the deployment of '03. FUN TIMES!
Ines, Jay-jayUSS Asheville (SSN 758)TM1TorpedoFeb 14, 1997 – Aug 20, 2001some say that there will only be one great boat of all boats that you've been on. the mighty asheville was definitely IT. ADM grooms, Capt. hankins, tim pew TMCM(SS) (Ret). thanks.
Inness-brown, Brian "ib"USS Asheville (SSN 758)E6/ETRCMar 10, 1989 – Nov 15, 1993Plankowner. Still kickin
Izor, SeanUSS Springfield (SSN 761)MM1(SS)A-GangDec 1993 – Dec 1997Great times. Great shipmates!
Ianacone, JasonUSS Greeneville (SSN 772)MM2Reactor LaboratoryJul 26, 2007 – Nov 3, 2007Haha. I got out of that hell fast.
Iber, William (Bill) profile iconSubmarine Group 8 (SUBGRU 8)Lieutenant Commander, USNOPCON Officer/OPs Watch Officer/Class Doc CustodianOct 1968 – Dec 1970Organized and operated TS SIOP OPCON. OPs Watch Officer Duty roster and documents supporting Ops. Conducted Flag Officer briefings as well as Med inchop and outchop breifings/debriefings. Wrote NATO/US EXOP/ COMMORDS.
Iber, William (Bill) profile iconSubmarine Squadron 2 (SUBRON 2)Lieutenant Commander, USNOPS/TrainingSep 1972 – Mar 1973Attached to CSS 2 Staff as O-in-C USS BANG (SS-385) MTT. Remained with BANG (COSME GARCIA until Dec. and then functioned as Squadron FORSTAT Officer until my transfer to Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA.
Iber, William (Bill) profile iconSubmarine Squadron 4 (SUBRON 4)Lieutenant, USNCOMM Officer/Assit OPS (War Plans, Crypto, Intell)Aug 1967 – Sep 1968Wrote OPORDS for Sub Div Training Exercises, Ran comms support for 12 Submarines 1 ASR and 1 AS as well as Sqdn Staff. as well as Intelligence Library and Crypto stores. Did complete revision of SUB ATL Mining Plans.
Israel, VarnellBulls (VA 37)ae3va37Oct 29, 1967 – Oct 21, 1971
Irwin, RalphFireballers (VAH 8)ADJ 3Vah 8 MaintanceAug 13, 1959 – Jan 14, 1961Would like to contact somebody that was serving on the Midway at the same time I was
Irons, Delbert (Del)Rooks (VAQ 137)AMECAirCraftJun 1975 – Aug 1978
Ingledue, TerryHummer Gators / Steel Jaws (VAW 122)AE 1 (WHILE IN SQDRN)squadronAug 1971 – Jan 1975Made three Med cruises
Imrisek, StevenScrewtops (VAW 123)AMH-1Aircraft1970 – 1973
Irizarry, Ivan "izzy"Tophatters (VF 14)LINE AND A/COct 17, 2000 – Oct 1, 2004
Ibert, CharlieGhostriders (VF 142)ADR 3squadronJun 1970 – Nov 1971Looking for buddies of the Ghost rider squadron, Driver, WallyH, Fredric Talerico any and all other, Remember Rio De Janerio, Mardi Gras, Shell back iniation
Iddings, PaulGolden Warriors (VFA 87)AMSANsquadron1987 – 1988North Atlantic, Med, Was the best boat then and now.. Meet some of the best people in the world there
Ingham, CraigCrusaders (VMFA 122)E-5AvionicsMar 1961 – Sep 1962
Ingerson, CarletonEagles (VP 16)AZ1Aircraft MaintenanceApr 18, 1968 – May 3, 1970
Ingram, CecilBlue Goose (VP 22)Nov 29, 1972 – Jan 31, 1973
Isherwood, William (Ish)Old Buzzards (VPU 1)AT2 E5squadronJan 1998 – Apr 1999
Ireland, Kelly/birdyAccomac (YTB 812)E1Port ServicesOct 1981 – May 1982Hey everyone, Please disregard the other Kelly/birdy as that email address was hacked years ago. James, you can find me on Facebook. I found Pat Cross there. Peace
Ireland, Kelly/birdyAccomac (YTB 812)E-1Port ServicesSep 1981 – May 1982Hello all!!!! I was aboard the Accomac on Treasure Island in San Francisco bay in1981-82. I have very little info of the other members of the crew so i'll do my best. Terry Frassy, Chief Roby.

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