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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Foster, Lenda profile iconGolden Swordsmen (VP 47)airman, seamen3squadronDec 10, 1988 – Dec 10, 1989
Foos, DavidWoodpeckers (VP 49)AE2VP-49Oct 7, 1965 – Oct 1, 1969Looking for former Navy buddies Wayne Bailey and Michael Schwab
Ferguson, Bobby profile iconPatrol Squadron 50 (VP 50)AX1Maintenance1971 – 1975I am looking for the dates of deployment to Misawa, Japan in the early 70's
Flores Jr, DelfinoPatrol Squadron 50 (VP 50)AD1squadron1987 – 1991
Fuss, NormanDragons (VP 56)adj3squadron1965 – 1967
Flores, Felipe/flipBlack Cats (VP 91)RM1Aircrew1974 – 1990
Farland, Stew BurnerMinutemen (VP 92)MS3squadronSep 10, 1994 – Mar 1, 1997Worked the galley great times
Fortuna, Leonard JOld Buzzards (VPU 1)LCDRAoicJul 14, 1960 – Sep 30, 1993
Fitzgerald, MichaelWorld Watchers (VQ 1)AT1squadronJun 15, 1987 – Aug 1, 1997ewop on ea3b and ep3e
Fowler, DannyWorld Watchers (VQ 1)AZ2squadronOct 1974 – Aug 1977Maintenance Control 3-M Data Analyst. Great tour, got my Pilots License at the Navy Flying Club. Detachments to Atsugi and Cubi. First and only jet rides catching rides in the Whales to and from the Det's.
Frondozo, DozerWorld Watchers (VQ 1)AM2airframesJun 5, 2005 – Mar 18, 2009
Fava, PeteIronmen (VQ 3)RM2squadron1988 – 1991My Second Command in the Navy and the best. I miss everyone from those days in the Hurc/E6-A TACAMO! I went back to PH in 2003/DDG90 for my LAST Command of my career and what a CHANGE! Great place to Visit!! It was time to retire.
Fava, PeteShadows (VQ 4)RM1Tactics / Aircrew1995 – 1999TACAMO was a very good experience for me both PAC and LANT.
Fortini, JamesShadows (VQ 4)AMS1squadronDec 1994 – Jun 1998A job is a job but it's the friends you make along the way that makes the most of what you accomplished and the ones you miss and long for past the time you served
Franklin, RichardShadows (VQ 4)AD-1Flight Engineer1986 – Dec 1993TACAMO all the way!! Still miss flying in the C-130's never could get use to those jets. Served with great people that I still miss and think of often. God Bless !!!
Fox, Donald (Don)Naval Air Transport Squadron 2 (VR 2)AM1MaintenanceJun 1951 – Nov 1952My command (squadron was VR-5, not VR-2
Fretwell, BillNaval Air Transport Squadron 8 (VR 8)ATN3Aviation Electronics1964 – 1967
Fanning, IrbyNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)at1squadron1972 – 1975 I FLEW COAL HAULERS FOR ONE YEAR AND THEN GOT ON THE VIP CREW, NAVY 28427....ENJOYED THE DUTY AND DID NOT HAVE TO GO A LOT...
Farmer, Roger (Roach) profile iconNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)ansquadronMar 1967 – Mar 1968air equipment day shift, third floor
Felton, JimNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)at3squadron1973 – 1976
Fisher, R. W.Naval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)ADR-1Mech shop / Flt. MechDec 1962 – Dec 1965Crazy Times, Great people. I need to prove boots on the ground in viet nam (BUDDY LETTER) for VA claim. Help!!!!
Fox, Donald (Don)Naval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)AM1MaintenanceOct 1948 – Jun 1951
Frey, BobTaskmasters (VR 52)AD2squadronFeb 1, 1985 – Jan 30, 1991
Fitzpatrick, TerryGlobemasters (VR 56)O-5COApr 1, 1988 – Feb 16, 2000Best squadron in the Navy!
Franklin, LarrySun Seekers (VR 58)AE1squadron1977 – 1981
Foulk, JamesProviders (VRC 30)Enderman second classFirst Lieutenant1991 – 1994Hello to everyone from PRC 30 1991 to 1994 had a great time there was a couple sips afterwards made you retire you three had terminal cancer in 1998 and 2001 and I was able to beat it now I work at Erie PA Boiler Plant at the hospital it's a dream j
Felhofer, MarkFoo Dogs (VRC 50)AMH1(AW/NAC)squadronAug 12, 1980 – Jan 10, 1991
Fritz, RodneyFoo Dogs (VRC 50)ABE-21st LT and Line Div.Jan 1986 – Dec 1987
Fajer, Anthony profile iconCheckmates (VS 22)AW2squadron1973 – 1976
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Farinacci, JoyScouts (VS 24)AMSC(AW)RETIREDsquadronDec 1979 – May 1983DR. FARINACCI SAY HI TO YOU ALL!
Floyd, JimScouts (VS 24)YN3AdminFeb 1, 1982 – Apr 1, 1984My fondest memory is that of LTJG "Splash" Coughlin, no common sense, walked right off the flight deck into the stormy waters of the Atlantic. My boss LCDR Randy Dixon on that cruise, RIP
Franke, AlScouts (VS 24)AK1/AKCMaterial Control1985 – 1989
Ferguson, BillPelicans (VS 27)ATN-2AIMDApr 10, 1968 – Oct 27, 1970AT night check shop supervisor on land, ships company in AIMD when floating.
Faitoute, MichaelDragonfires (VS 29)AT-3/E4Aviation Electronics1979 – Feb 1983
Frappiea, PhillipDragonfires (VS 29)AE3squadronMay 1988 – Dec 1990I used to be friends with Ted Ward & John Vogel
Fales, CarlDiamondcutters (VS 30)MS 21 st LieutenantAug 1984 – May 1988
Farrar, Timothy profile iconDiamondcutters (VS 30)AR to AT-2AVIONICSJan 1973 – Dec 31, 1978Arrived VS-30, JAN.73 as a AR in QUONSIT POINT ,RI VS30 transfered to NAS CECIL FEILD, FL in 74 stayed until after MED Cruise in 78.Left VS30 as a AT-2.
Flores, John (Smiley)Diamondcutters (VS 30)ANsquadronJun 1995 – Jun 1997
Fennema, RonTopcats (VS 31)ADR31964 – May 1967 Arived from A School, Memphis, took a flight from Quonset Point on a Super Connie to France. Met Wasp half way through Med Cruise. Flew on Air Force Rescue, Plus all Gemini Pick ups, Static display N.Y. World Fair.
Fleigle, DonTopcats (VS 31)Lt Jr. gr.AviatorJun 15, 1960 – Jul 15, 1963Flew out of Quonset and off the Wasp.

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