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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Agar, MichaelArgonauts (VFA 147)E-3squadronFeb 1, 1995 – Aug 11, 1996
Azparren, JamesBlack Knights (VFA 154)RIOsquadron1968 – 1970
Agar, MichaelGolden Dragons (VFA 192)E-3Line ShackJan 3, 1993 – Dec 20, 1994
Acup, JeffreyDambusters (VFA 195)AMS3Airwing1988 – 1990
Arriola, JuanDambusters (VFA 195)AT1squadron1986 – Oct 1989Looking for shipmate 1986 - 1989
Adams, MikeEyes of the Fleet (VFP 63)AT3210Jan 1974 – Oct 1977I have many fond memories of the Oriskany. That was so long ago that I probably have managed to forget the crappy times when there was JP in the water, water hours :-)
Albert, CliffordEyes of the Fleet (VFP 63)Airmen E 3squadronSep 8, 1980 – May 11, 1982
Aschman, CharlesEyes of the Fleet (VFP 63)PH1/PHCPhoto Maint & LCPONov 1, 1970 – Feb 1, 1974Det-5 cruise 1972 & 1973 aboard USS Coral Sea
Ary, MorganWarlords (VMFA 451)LCplOrdnanceJan 1989 – Oct 1989I was part of the final cruise with the Warlords of VMFA-451. IYAOYAS!!
Anlage, Bernard (Ben)Screaming Eagles (VP 1)PH3squadronNov 1969 – Sep 1970
Agard, DaleEagles (VP 16)AW-2squadronFeb 1984 – Nov 1986Assigned to squadron for Keflavik Iceland Deployment 1984 and Bermuda Deployment 1985.
Adams, BenBig Red (VP 19)E-2A Z1976 – 1977Was only with Big red for a short time but made some friends I would like to find
Arbegast, Kim (Arby)Blue Goose (VP 22)AS1squadronMay 1989 – Nov 22, 1992Line Division LPO Great time in Misawa Japan
Allen, ShirleyPatrol Squadron 23 (VP 23)0-5squadron1987 –
Almodovar, Victor profile iconPro's Nest (VP 30)AOC230Apr 10, 2004 – Jul 1, 2007not bad
Adams, TonyBlack Lightning (VP 31)YN3Admin OfficeJan 1988 – Nov 1990Great times at VP-31. Out of all the duty stations I served at, I really miss this one and the folks I served with.
Amador (Fox), LesliePelicans (VP 45)PR3squadronSep 15, 1988 – Aug 14, 1990Loved my PR time with VP 45/AIMD, especially the Bermuda Deployment.
Athey, Elaine (Doc)Woodpeckers (VP 49)HM1MedicalOct 1986 – 1990Squadron Corpsman.
Alexander, CharlesPatrol Squadron 50 (VP 50)LTOct 1982 – Oct 1985
Alexander, Douglas (Crunch) profile iconPatrol Squadron 50 (VP 50)AZ3squadronJun 1, 1974 – Jul 30, 1978Looking to see how I can get copies of old cruise books during the period of '74 - '78
Allonby, Guy/chipPatrol Squadron 50 (VP 50)AO1squadronJun 10, 1989 – Nov 10, 1991Had some rather interesting times in this squadron. When times got tough, the guys and gals, no matter what rating, pinched in and helped each other and willing followed the daily routine.
Anderson, RonLions (VP 90)YNCAdminJun 10, 1988 – Jun 10, 1991
Ashley, JoeLions (VP 90)AMSline1992 – 1994
Arnett, MikeSandeman (VQ 2)AD-2Engine shopMay 1978 – Nov 1980Over 30 years ago and I still remember as if it were yesterday. Had a great time in Rota. Was on the Kennedy, Forrestal and the Saratoga.
Alcott, JeffIronmen (VQ 3)CMDCMsquadron2001 – 2004
Alfonso Jr, Joe, Joseph, LeftyShadows (VQ 4)PRANbranchApr 15, 1981 – Aug 20, 1983THE TOUGHEST PRAN/SAR TO COME THROUGH THE COMMAND . CMDR ROBERT PETERSON.
Anderson, AndyShadows (VQ 4)amh1afJan 1, 1978 – Mar 9, 1980
Aherns, MichaelSea Shadows (VQ 5)ADANMaintenanceFeb 20, 1990 – Jan 25, 1992
Amorelli, BenNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)E-3NAVIGATIONFeb 28, 1961 – Aug 1, 1962Assigned to the Flight Planning Division NAS Barbers Point, 1961-62. great place to be when you were 18
Anderson, Glendon (AndyNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)e3squadronApr 8, 1957 –was in line shack with gibsion
Althen, JosephConquistadors (VR 57)E-4/ AZsquadronJan 21, 2006 – Jan 27, 2008Good command & good people! When you go shore duty request this one, you won't regret it! If you go aircrew you will be flying all over the world. Don't be like me & wish you did, make it happen!
Arnold, MelodieLonestar Express (VR 59)ANsquadron1999 – 1999Was stationed here briefly as a reservist.
Adkins, BlivettFighting Redtails (VS 21)E-3squadronAug 20, 1983 – Aug 20, 1987this is the gotta remember me.
Anderson, GaryFighting Redtails (VS 21)MS3squadron s-2Mar 1984 – Mar 1988Looking to reconnect with old shipmates?
Apple, GarryFighting Redtails (VS 21)YN3, YN2squadronApr 1979 – Apr 1980
Acevedo, Frank (Ace)Checkmates (VS 22)AX2VS-22Mar 1964 – Jun 1966
Angell, MarkCheckmates (VS 22)E5/AEAir1988 – 1992 Everyone wants to remember desert storm. I was working on our INS when I noticed love messages to Saddam. You know I never realized the amount of bomb racks behind the island. I just had to fix our INS. Dah
Alcott, JeffScouts (VS 24)CMDCMEXEC2004 – 2007It was an honor and very humbiling to serve as the Scout's final CMC with a successful deployment onboard the TR. Thanks to all prior Scouts for your service and I'd love to hear from old Shipmates.
Aquilina, ChrisScouts (VS 24)ABH-2Master at ArmsJul 27, 1966 – Jun 23, 1967Squadron was cool. Was attached to the Master at Arms force barracks and Randolph..Great friends. Wish I had flown in one of those birds at least once.
Almario, ErnieDragonfires (VS 29)PNsquadronOct 1985 – Oct 1989I was your PN from 85 to 89. I'm still in staffing.

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