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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Ayres, ChrisUSS Bulkeley (DDG 84)GM2 (SW)CM01 and WM01Oct 2000 – Oct 2005would go back if i had to but instead i like the "Civilian life" to much....
Ayres, ChristopherUSS Haddock (SSN 621)EM1(SS)Feb 6, 1981 – Mar 19, 1987Two west-pacs, Rimpac, Mare Island
Ayres, ChristopherUSS Haddock (SSN 621)EM1/SSE-DivFeb 1, 1981 – Apr 17, 1987
Ayres, DennisUSS Kearsarge (CV 33)ANV2Oct 13, 1965 – Nov 25, 1966
Ayres, GeorgeUSS Reeves (CG 24)IC1(SW)ENov 1986 – Sep 1989Of the four ships I served on during my career, she was the best!
Ayres, GeorgeUSS Independence (CV 62)ICCSV2 (Plat/Lens) and Command DAPAFeb 1990 – May 1993
Ayres, GeorgeUSS Enterprise (CVN 65)ICFA - IC2V2 Plat/LensFeb 20, 1974 – May 17, 1977Looking for EM3 Steve Burns from the Movie Booth. Also ABE3 Donnell. Many memories, 2 long 9 month cruises. Anyone in V2 at that time, love to hear from you. Also visit me at
Ayres, GeorgeUSS Ranger (CV 61)V2 ILARTS/FLOLSDec 10, 1982 – Nov 30, 1986Looking for shipmates IC2 Workman, IC1 James Greeves, Kibbey, Spears, Robinson, Peralta and any AB's I knew.
Ayres, GeorgeUSS Independence (CV 62)ICC - ICCSV2 ILARTS/FLOLS - Command DAPAFeb 15, 1993 – Jun 5, 1996Hope to hear from both V2 personnel, CPO's and all my best customers from DAPA.
Ayres, James profile iconUSS Paul F. Foster (DD 964)rm2oc1974 –
Ayres, JimUSS Nathan Hale (SSBN 623)STS3 (SS)Operations (Sonar)Jun 1963 – May 1966Plank Owner-Have been in contact with numerous mates: GeneBonas,Jess Flowers,George Haislip,Jim Ambron,KentAllen,Ton Donan,Roy Carr,EdGerlach,DennyUnbaugh,Will(Fuzzy)Greenlee,VanVanderbrink,RanCox,DaveStrelke,NelsonGainey.
Ayres, MickeyUSS Lewis and Clark (SSBN 644)SK2/SSSupplyOct 23, 1972 – Aug 1, 1976One of the five infamous L&CF running the ship
Ayres, MikeUSS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730)MT3SFNov 2001 – Sep 2006The only instrument Mishra played in MCLL was the Skin flute. Smith the Rolling Patrol and Becker with the Crazy Eyes. Scotty still owes me a beer and for those still on board, better you than me.
Ayres, NickUSS Curts (FFG 38)GSM3/E4MPNov 22, 2002 – Apr 11, 2006
Ayres, PhilUSS McInerney (FFG 8)ENS/LTJGASWDec 31, 1998 – Jan 15, 2002I enjoyed my time on the MAC. If you were there at the time I was, I would love to hear from you.
Ayres, RichardUSS Recovery (ARS 43)EM2Electrical Division1975 – 1977A great Ship and crew
Ayres, RichardUSS Richmond K. Turner (CG 20)STG2AS1978 – 19823 1/2 years I will never forget from Fall 1978 to Winter 1981 aboard the Roaring 20. I was part of every deployment from REFTRA in 1978 to the next overhaul in 1982. The USN and CG-20 crew - best ever!
Ayres, ToddUSS Yellowstone (AD 41)E3, SK3Store keeper1980 – 1984
Ayscue, MartinUSS Marvin Shields (FF 1066)GMM1Fox2Feb 1981 – May 1986Hi Shipmates
Ayson, Christopher (Chris)USS David R. Ray (DD 971)E3 SNDeckMar 1997 – Jul 1999I would like to catch up with allot of the people that I knew on the stink ray.Some from Deck some from other divisions. People like dondo, battles, ruiz brothers, and a few others anyone who recognizes me send me a message.
Ayton, ShawnUSS Reid (FFG 30)PN3AdminFeb 10, 1993 – Nov 17, 1994I would love to hear from anyone who served on the USS Reid during the time period I was on board. I reported to PN1 Vasquez and worked as a Personnel Man Third Class.
Azami, YoussefUSS McClusky (FFG 41)E-3/SNODO1Oct 18, 2005 –
Azar, LouisUSS Forrestal (CV 59)RMCSCRJun 1973 – Jul 1976Radio Officer Dec. 1974-Jul. 1976
Azar, LouisNaval Support Activity DanangRM1Receiver Site, Monkey MountainDec 22, 1968 – Dec 22, 1969Spent first 3 months at Triangle Communications. Last nine months as LPO on Monkey Mountain.
Azbill, GaryUSS Nathan Hale (SSBN 623)EN2SSAUXILIARY (A)Jun 1970 – Mar 1971
Azbill, Gerald (Gary)USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN 640)MM2 ssauxiliary1965 – 1969transferred to ssbn623 in 69. discharged in 71.
Azbill, LarryNRD Jacksonvillee7nrs nw tampa1990 – 1993looking for greg valdez
Azbill, MarkUSS Wichita (AOR 1)BM21ST AND 3RD1982 – 1985
Azbill, Rob / Road BlockUSS Vulcan (AR 5)BTFNforward controlSep 15, 1989 – Sep 5, 1991
Azcuy, EricUSS Guadalcanal (LPH 7)OS2OIJun 4, 1989 – Dec 10, 1992Would like to hear from some old shipmates on the Guad. I still remember those smashed sandwiches in Toulon. Could use one now .
Azeff, PhilipUSS Leahy (CG 16)HM3XApr 1983 – Mar 17, 1986
Azeff, PhilipUSS Leahy (CG 16)HM3Apr 17, 1983 – Mar 16, 1986Had fun on two west pac's
Azevedo, DougUSS Sturgeon (SSN 637)ET1/SSOPS/NAVDec 1, 1979 – Jul 1, 1982ET LPO- Beak your still the greatest Navet- G.R. Sterner was and is the greatest CO I ever served under. Stayed in Chs. after I retired
Azevedo, DougUSS Queenfish (SSN 651)ETR3/SSops/navJan 10, 1974 – Jul 10, 19771st 637 thank you ETCM Kenneth K. S. Wong for teaching me electronics. Miss you Hans and Dexter. Retired in Charleston SC . still live and work here
Azevedo, DougUSS Ray (SSN 653)ETCS/SSOPS/NAVMar 1, 1987 – Jun 1, 1990Great to See Everyone last weekend (21 AUG 10). Thank you guys, Doug, Mike, Stu, Henry, Brian, and Chris, for the suprise visit, love you guys.
Azevedo, Enacio .azUSS Wichita (AOR 1)sk2SupplyJun 10, 1982 – Aug 26, 1984
Azevedo, Frank "Ace"USS David R. Ray (DD 971)HT3ROct 3, 1994 – Dec 3, 1997I remember the good times. If you know me drop me a line or check out the link below.
Azevedo, JamesUSS Vincennes (CG 49)SMCS(SW)NXOct 1986 – Feb 1991The best 4 years of my 31 year career!
Azevedo, Jim/azzyUSS Fort Fisher (LSD 40)MM31973 – 1975

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