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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Wright, LarryUSS Hunley (AS 31)YN3W-2 and W-6Dec 29, 1971 – Jul 27, 1973
Wright, SteveUSS America (CVA 66)YN3deck departmentJan 2, 1971 – Aug 3, 1974The Navy was an experience never to forget. Made 2 med trips, one Nam trip. Never forget going to GQ and getting knocked down the stairs to the next deck. Steel is hard and doesn't give still suffering the effect today
Wymer, Christopher G.USS America (CV 66)YN3XMar 15, 1992 – Jul 4, 1993
Wilson (Wyatt), Patricia ReneeUSS Jason (AR 8)YN3 (Now Commander)Admin and then R Division YeomanJan 3, 1981 – Jun 13, 19831st duty station. Served onboard 1981-1983; one of the 1st few women to be assigned aboard ship. Reported as an undesignated seaman; now a Commander. Got out for awhile and did reserves; back on active duty since 2005.
Walburn, KevinUSS Helena (SSN 725)YN3 (SS)YeomanApr 12, 1988 – Aug 9, 1991God, the memories. Drills, drills, drills, being a non-qual, the dinq list (yuk), getting my dolphins tacked on, and my chevron (my arm and chest still hurts I think). Can't say I'd do it again, but, miss you guys. Thanks for the memories.
Webster, AmbroseUSS John Hancock (DD 981)YN3 (SW)Engineering Logroom Yeoman1984 – 1986I came aboard the John Hancock after Yeoman A school in Meridian, MS at Charleston, SC. While on board, we went to the Tall Ship sailing at Boston, Jamaica, Porto Rico, and Gitmo Bay, Cuba. Then Desert Shield ramped up.
Wilson, MattUSS Cayuga (LST 1186)YN3 (SW)Deck1992 – 1994
Wild, Sam profile iconUSS Kamehameha (SSBN 642)YN3 SSYeomanMar 6, 1965 – Nov 17, 1967
Williams, GeorgeUSS Newport (LST 1179)YN3 THEN BUT NOW CWO2 (7411)XO AdminFeb 13, 1987 – Jun 5, 1990Those were some wonderful times - if anyone has a year book for our last deployment please contact me at
Wasiljov, Michael (Waz)USS Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN 631)YN3(SS)AdminMay 1990 – Jul 1992Would love to hear from some of my old shipmates. Did two patrols on her then decom at Bremerton, WA.
Watchorn, MerrickUSS Mariano G. Vallejo (SSBN 658)YN3(SS)YeomanFeb 2, 1992 – Apr 2, 1994Hello, good to be be back.
Watson, GaryUSS Will Rogers (SSBN 659)YN3(SS)ADMINJun 1975 – Aug 1977This was my first submarine and it was a great time with a great crew!
Webb, CaseyUSS Batfish (SSN 681)YN3(SS)YeomanAug 1997 – Apr 1999Back in the day, on the fish, with the fellas.
Wes Beaty, WesUSS La Jolla (SSN 701)YN3(SS)Feb 1996 – Aug 1998
White, Dennis (Joe)USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN 601)YN3(SS)Deck Gang, ExecutiveApr 1, 1967 – Jul 1, 1970Came onboard in 1967 and made 5 patrols. Left the Lee in 1970.
White, JoeUSS Robert E. Lee (SSBN 601)YN3(SS)ExecutiveMar 1, 1967 –I made 5 patrols on the Lee all on the Blue Crew. Came aboard as a SN and left as an PO3. Currently serving as the President of the Robert E. Lee Association.
Wiley, RonUSS Lafayette (SSBN 616)YN3(SS)Ship's OfficeFeb 1965 – Jun 1967Young and immature but I truly enjoyed the experience.
Wilson, Jeff (Willy)USS Blueback (SS 581)YN3(SS)Ship's Yeoman1972 – 1974Have great memories of friends on Blueback! If you can, go see her in Portland.
Wilson, KrisUSS Birmingham (SSN 695)YN3(SS)ExecNov 1995 – Dec 1997
Wilson, ScottUSS Kamehameha (SSBN 642)YN3(SS)Administration1971 – 1972Great boat, great crew, good memories.
Woods, Steven (Woodsie)USS Daniel Webster (SSBN 626)YN3(SS)executiveNov 1981 – Aug 1985Served on GOLD Crew. Have been in contact with several shipmates. Still trying to locate Dennis Lynch(MM3).
Wachenschwanz, BenjaminUSS Gunston Hall (LSD 44)YN3(SW)ExecutiveJun 2006 – Jan 30, 2010
Werline, Thomas ("big Foot")USS Conolly (DD 979)YN3, USNENG; SHIP'S PERS1983 – 1985Ahoy "Shipmates!" Earned my first sea-legs on board her. Special regards to CAPT MAIXNER; CDR PLICHTA; LCDR MIDDLEBROOK; SCPO RADER; CPO CLINE; EN1 DUNAWAY; FTG1 ROBERTS; MS2 CURLEY; PN3 WHITFIELD; and regards to the crew I served with.
Wilcox, DuaneNaval Air Facility Key WestYN3/E4AdminAug 1983 – Nov 1984I worked for Capt. Best.
Webb, VicUSS Pogy (SSN 647)YN3/SSOffice/GalleyJun 1990 – Nov 1994Looking back, it was better times than I could have imagined! Proud to have served with you guys! See ya in 9/09!
Walsh, Nancy (Bible)USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36)YN3/YN2Deck/Deck Admin/Ship's AdminDec 16, 1986 – Jan 10, 1990I was in Deck Dept from 1986 until I made YN3 in 1988 and worked in Deck ADMIN with Marie Bacon, Melissa Hackert (Harrington), BM2 Tallent & was in Ship's ADMIN working with YNC Clegg and YN1 Kercher from 88-90.
White, Cynthia (Cindy White)USS Emory S. Land (AS 39)YN3/YN2Admin/SupplyNov 23, 1992 – Nov 23, 1994Wow! It is great to see there is a crew list. I was on this boat when it was stationed in Norfolk; I remember when the Hunley was decommissioned, do you? Alot of good times and learning alot of new things. Good luck to the newcomers.
Wolter, BillUSS Boxer (LPH 4)yn3th classnav1960 – 1962
Watkins, BrianUSS Columbia (SSN 771)YN4YeomanOct 4, 1995 – Feb 27, 1999Best Battlestations & Maneuvering Watch Helmsman/Planesman we have ever had.
Wingfield, AllenUSS Spiegel Grove (LSD 32)YN5Lived in BM divisionMay 5, 1966 – Dec 7, 1968Great ship.
Walters, AlUSS Berkeley (DDG 15)YNCXJun 1980 – Jun 1983Worked with some great guys in X Division. They were hard workers, working under sometimes stressful conditions, but they always got the job done. Proud to have known them. One man really stands out: YN2 Tito Rocha
Weaver, Richard (Dick)USS Ramsey (FFG 2)YNCXJan 1975 – Sep 29, 1975Reported aboard as Ship's Secre tary in Jan 75 and retired from the Navy 29 Sep 75 with a beautiful retirement ceremony. Met the ship in Philippines and have fond memories of this cruise. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me.
Wellman, RobertUSS Fearless (MSO 442)YNCSHIPS YEOMAN / CHIEF MASTER AT ARMSSep 1984 – Jul 1986Anyone remember me contact me at
Wetmore, DennisUSS Henry L. Stimson (SSBN 655)YNCADMINOct 1980 – Aug 1984
Whyte, Everett J.USNS Spica (T-AFS 9)YNCSep 28, 1998 – Oct 3, 2000
Willis, Andrew (Andy)Special Boat Unit 20 (SBU 20)YNCADMINMar 1984 – Feb 1988Just wanted to say "Hello" to anyone who knew me at SBU-20.
Wokoun, DennisUSS Piedmont (AD 17)YNCXJul 13, 1961 – Aug 31, 1984
Woodward, MontyNaval Postgraduate SchoolYNCAdminFeb 15, 1990 – Jan 31, 1993Retired from NPGS after serving 20 years Honorable Service in the United States Navy
Woodward, MontyRedcocks (VA 22)YNCsquadron1987 – 1990Great squadron and shipmates.
Worth, JimUSS Parsons (DDG 33)YNCAdminJul 1975 – Jul 1978Looking for anyone who remembers me

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