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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Waisala, WTotems (VP 69)emsems1941 –looking for my dad's shipmates. he was a small, wavy-haired blond guy, a Finn from Brooklyn, NY
Walker, StanleyMinutemen (VP 92)AT1 (AW)squadronJan 1994 – Sep 1996
Woodard, Mark (Woody)Wizards (VPU 2)AZ1squadronOct 22, 1982 – Oct 22, 1986
Webster, RoyceWorld Watchers (VQ 1)AE2AvionicsJul 1981 – Jul 1983Spent 2 great years on Guam. The Christmas parties on the beach were great. Made one west pac on the Enterprise. Does anybody remember the sleaze?
Wildman, ThomasWorld Watchers (VQ 1)Privatesquadron1956 – 1959
Williams, RickWorld Watchers (VQ 1)AME1AircraftMar 1979 – Nov 1981
Watson, Richard/dickieSandeman (VQ 2)ADR-3LineJan 1, 1971 – Aug 15, 1972
Williams, RickSandeman (VQ 2)AME1squadronMay 1982 – May 1985
Wagoner, MikeShadows (VQ 4)RM1CommunicationsDec 1, 1973 – Dec 1, 1976Great bunch of guys - very close and still stay in touch. It was different and exciting........for sure!!!
Weggesser, DanShadows (VQ 4)AM2Airframes and Reel shopJun 1994 – Apr 1998
Williamson, Thom (Tommy Lee)Shadows (VQ 4)IT3Comm Central1989 – 1991Lots of folks here helped me grow much as I'm ever going to.
Winter, JohnSea Shadows (VQ 5)AME2squadronMay 2, 1992 – May 15, 1996
Woodhead, Charles (Chuck)Naval Air Transport Squadron 2 (VR 2)LieutenantsquadronSep 1944 – Oct 1945I'm looking for family members of anyone who served in Air Transport Squadron 2 at the end of WW2 with my grandfather, Charles Woodhead. He was a PB2Y pilot. I'd also be interested in locating their command chronologies
Wahl, LeroyNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)ATCCh1952 – 1968Reunion information. Tell me when n where?
Walker, James ( Jim)Naval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)E 5AirframesJun 1965 – Apr 1969
Wehr, PaulNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)ADR3Check CrewMay 1967 – 1971I started in Ops Analysis and then went to the check crew when I made E4. Spent the last year of my enlistment TAD to Alameda. Dewey Blevins was our CO. We were the McHales Navy of VR21.
Werner, VirgilNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)VR-21Jan 1970 – Apr 1972Getting paid to live in Hawaii, what a way to serve!
Willis, WilliamNaval Air Transport Squadron 21 (VR 21)AMEANsquadron1964 – 1966Looking for fellow Aircrew or others who new I was a crewman on the DC-6 Aircraft. I also worked in Airframes and the Parachute Loft after becoming a orderly (aircrewman.
Washington, MicheleCapital Skyliners (VR 48)AD2squadronJan 1, 1996 – Nov 12, 1997
Wismer, HarryTaskmasters (VR 52)AD1VR line/WC 310Nov 1, 1970 – Aug 11, 1976Line leading petty officer.FE natops eval.QC E&A.
White, MontyLonestar Express (VR 59)AMS3squadronDec 20, 1986 – Jan 19, 1990
White, MontyLonestar Express (VR 59)AMS3AIRFRAMESDec 1986 – Jan 2000
Wheeler, DennisFoo Dogs (VRC 50)E_3Flight line1969 – 1970Remember Robert Stull. have been looking for Scott Campbell from Arizona.
Watkins, MarkFighting Redtails (VS 21)AMSANsquadronApr 1992 – Jun 1994Anyone feel free to shoot me an email. Mark
Woods, WoodyScouts (VS 24)AW2squadron1986 – Oct 1988
Walker, Ray profile iconGolden Eagles (VS 25)YN2ADMINNov 1966 – Dec 1967Spent majority of assignment as E&T YN and really tried to do some real good for the men!
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Walthier, BillPelicans (VS 27)ATN-3squadronOct 1966 – Jul 1968Aircrew and flight deck troubleshooter.
Weber, JerryHukkers (VS 28)AT2squadron1968 –VS28 stationed at Quonset Point RI Sailed aboard USS Yorktown
Walker, ShawnDragonfires (VS 29)AZ3squadronOct 1992 – Jul 20, 1996
Willess, WalterDragonfires (VS 29)AEANVS 29May 1972 –My time at sea started on the Tico in 1972. I entered the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in 1975, retiring as vessel Captain in 2015. I would like to hear from anyone that was on the Tico during the '72 WestPac.
Williams, RichardDragonfires (VS 29)AT3squadron1974 – Jul 14, 1977I was with VS-29, and worked AIMD on HATS. Loved it! VS-29 was the Vikings when I was with them. I am trying to find Gene Tipton who was in my squadron but left before the 1976 cruise.
Wayne, WetzelDiamondcutters (VS 30)AMSANsquadronMay 1974 – Feb 1976Served as a Plane Captain on S2 E/G. After tour with VS30 I transfrered to NAS Cecil OMD until may of 1978. Left the Navy as a AMS2
Wotring, CoreyDiamondcutters (VS 30)AT3squadronJul 1996 – Aug 1999
Walker, StanleyMaulers (VS 32)AT2squadron1980 – 1983
Weaver, Glenn Schemin WeaverMaulers (VS 32)MHSsquadron1982 – 1983Never forget Africa, Sri Lanka and Spain. Air Frame shop initiation, damn I was so mad, but these guys were the best to serve with, Costlow, House, O'neal
Wojan, DonaldMaulers (VS 32)Ams 3VS 32 TAD forward gallyMar 5, 1978 – Feb 2, 1979I was TAD forward gally with a great bunch of men. I hope some day we will meet again
Walker, TimScrewbirds (VS 33)ADJ-3Crew1962 – 1964Would like to hear from P.J. Lamancusa &/or Frank Mancici.
Wing, JosephScrewbirds (VS 33)Pettit officerCrew1965 – 1968Dad has passed away and im just looking for anyone who remembers my dad... I dont know all the info this is asking for but hope to hear from someone...thank you
Wright, ChrisScrewbirds (VS 33)AT3line/avionicsAug 11, 1999 – Jul 13, 2003
Walker, JcBlue Wolves (VS 35)PR3Life SupportSep 1986 – Jun 1988The forgotten Boomerangs, decommissioned before we could do our world tour.

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