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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Ramsey, TerryUSS Clifton Sprague (FFG 16)YN1(SW)S11987 – 1990
Robinson, TerryUSS George Philip (FFG 12)YN1(SW)NXOct 31, 1999 – Oct 9, 2002Ship's Secretary
Rood, LarryUSS Leyte Gulf (CG 55)YN1(SW)ExecutiveJun 1986 – Sep 1990Some of the most challenging duty faced in 20 years of service. Also some of the closest friendships made.
Ragland, Dave "rag" Or "baby Boy"USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)YN1(SW/AW)XO Admin/NavigationsDec 29, 1997 – Nov 29, 2000
Roseboro, OtisUSS Ramage (DDG 61)YN1(SW/AW)Nav/AdminAug 25, 1994 – May 10, 1998Sup plankowners, it's Rose. I'm stationed at the Pentagon. Hope everyone from the original crew is doing well. Keep in touch. RAMAGE Style 4ever.
Robinson, XavierUSS Wadsworth (FFG 9)YN1(SW/MTS)ADMINJan 19, 1996 – Apr 12, 2000Did not think I would have made it this far thanks guys.
Ron, TallmanUSS San Bernardino (LST 1189)YN1/YNCX Division1977 – 1980Two WESTPAC's - San Berdo was a great ship with a great crew.
Radovich, BobUSS Cayuga (LST 1186)YN2operations1969 – 1973will never forget 1st WESTPAC cruise - then dry dock in San Diego afterwards.
Ramos, Joseph CharlesUSS New Orleans (LPH 11)YN2AdministrativeMar 18, 1993 – Dec 2, 1996Groundhog Cruise 93-94. Australia for Thanksgiving on Westpac 95!! Anyone remember the USO phone incident in Jebel Ali? All the woman in HK, Thailand, Australia and Oki Doki, had a great time crusin on the NO Boat!!
Ramsdale, WilliamUSS Mississippi (CGN 40)YN2admin1979 – 1981
Ramsey, QuinceyUSS Shenandoah (AD 44)YN2AdminJan 1983 – Jan 1986Precom, San Diego, Acapulco, Rodman Panama, Curacao, St Thomas (many times), Ft Lauderdale, Maine, Nassau - some great memories, including getting my crow tacked on by almost every one of the 1500 crew. Email is
Ratigliano, GeneUSS Guadalcanal (LPH 7)YN2XAug 30, 1966 – Nov 8, 1968Admin YN in the CO's office. First assignment at sea. Left Navy in 1968 and recalled in 1973 for special recruiting duty. Retired in 1991 as Master Chief Petty Officer. Acquired Bachelors Degree& Master's Degree in Military Science (Naval
Ratigliano, GeneUSS Guadalcanal (LPH 7)YN2XAug 30, 1966 – Nov 11, 1968Assigned to the Captain's Office as one of the admin Yeoman for the CO. Worked with Gary Quam, CWO3 JP Corvin, YNC J. Strohmeyer,
Raub, WalterUSS Hepburn (FF 1055)YN2NXJan 3, 1981 – Sep 4, 1984Being part of the happy hep was a very challenging as rewarding experience for me. I worked in the ships office. I only wish I could go back and make another cruise again.
Ray, BrianUSS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)YN2X-1 Captains officeJun 22, 1992 – Jul 26, 1996
Raymond, GarryUSS Ranger (CV 61)YN2Captain's OfficeJul 1978 – Jul 19811979 collision in the Straits of Malacca. Yeoman for Roger E. Box, he caught me in his kitchen eating his icecream! Oops! Known as SOB Son Of "Box". Made Chief of Police on the outside. Always look forward!
Reece, JasonUSS Caron (DD 970)YN2NAV/ADMINJan 1990 – Aug 1993Looking back it was fun. So much fun I decided not to do it again!
Reed, TerryUSS Chowanoc (ATF 100)YN2ADMINOct 1968 – Aug 1969I reported onboard in Danang, RVN. We made also made a interesting tow to Panama while I was onboard. I left CHOWANOC FOR navsupptact saigon in 1969.
Rees, Bob profile iconUSS Cochrane (DDG 21)YN2Navigation / NIDec 10, 1975 – 1978I worked in the ship's office
Renew, Douglas M. (Mac)USS Kearsarge (CVS 33)YN2XSep 1960 – Oct 1963
Respecki, RobertUSS Donner (LSD 20)YN2Operations1967 – 1968One (1) deployment -- Med Cruise July (?) 67-Jan (?) 68. Retired 26 yrs law enforcement -- patrolman/state parole agent.
Reynolds, Charles "Chuck"USS Oriskany (CV 34)YN2RSep 1959 – Sep 1961Worked in Eng. Log Room. DC Central during GQ. Was on WestPac Cruise 1960 and Overhaul at Hunters Point.
Rhone, VinsonUSS Capodanno (FF 1093)YN2Admin1988 – 1990Had a blast on the Capo...only made one Med Cruise with the Capo but I had a blast, man the stories I could tell about Newport R.I., Marseille, France and Palma, Spain...whats up T.C., Curtis and Marcus
Rice, WilliamUSS La Moure County (LST 1194)YN2OXOct 1971 – Oct 1973Plankowner
Rich, WiltshireUSS Towers (DDG 9)YN2Jan 1983 – May 1986
Rich-harris, RhondaUSS Hunley (AS 31)YN2REPAIR ADMIN & R-10Aug 1990 – Apr 1994My first and last ship/a joy to have served!!!
Richardson, NathanUSS Detroit (AOE 4)YN22ndNov 27, 1997 – Nov 22, 2001To everyone on the Dirty who Remember Your Boy Richie Rich I'm still doing Big things and Even thought your Boy crossed over to the USCG the Dirty will always Be the spot where your boy goyt his start. B.E.Z Second To None
Richey, ToddNaval Hospital OkinawaYn2AdminDec 1986 – Jun 1990Just looking for shipmates who served in Captains office from 1986 to 1990. Appleby, ray roach, chief warrant officer McLean. Had good times and memories.
Rick, EtheredgeUSS Nimitz (CVN 68)YN2AdminMar 17, 1977 – Feb 28, 1980First ship. Great ship, great crew. Grew up on board. Remember the 144 days in the IO. Completed ship's 2nd and 3rd med cruise.
Riffle, DavidAmphibious Squadron 3 (PHIBRON 3)YN2AdministrationMar 1, 1969 – Jun 1, 1971
Riley, Aaron "byrd Man, Rick"USS Scranton (SSN 756)YN2YEOMANJun 1994 – Jan 1999Where are all the SCRANTON Sailors? What have you been up to?
Rizzo, TomUSS Koelsch (FF 1049)YN2Ship's Office1977 – 1980I served as a Yeoman in the Ship's Office from 1977 to 1980... anyone out there remember me. My brother Joe was also on the ship during the same years I was... he was an electrician. My email address is
Robinson, Bobby (Robby) profile iconUSS Blue Ridge (LCC 19)YN2IntelligenceOct 1970 – May 1972I am a plankowner, having reported to the Blue Ridge at Philly NS, with Barry Wistey and others. Enjoyed the So Amer cruise, as well as San Diego and West Pac. I met many good people. God blessed us.
Robinson, RichardUSS Northampton (CC 1)YN2Personnel1961 – 1962I worked in the Capt's Office under E.N Berry. Capt. was John Slaughter. Worked with James Hendrickson also a YN.
Robinson/mcknight, Darlissa McKnight/robinsonUSS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968)YN2EX AdminMay 14, 2000 – Sep 10, 2002My time on board wasn't that long but I've never had a duty since with such good hard working people I miss everyone.
Robles, CarlosUSS Peleliu (LHA 5)YN2ExecutiveJul 1, 1990 – Jul 28, 1994
Robles, DanielUSS Connole (FF 1056)YN2Administration XN1987 – 1990A crew of "Mad Dogs!" I would have gone to war and back with these men, and we did!
Roche, ScottUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)YN2RSNov 1982 – Mar 1985
Roche, ScottUSS Ranger (CV 61)YN2X-1Mar 1987 – Mar 1989What a ride.

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