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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Rice, Chad (Durdurdurdur)USS Toledo (SSN 769)ET3/SS TO ET1/SSETROApr 3, 2000 – Jan 19, 2005What's up to you all. I miss most of you guys.... but certainly not all, Ha! It was great there, fun times for sure. Still married, still no kids. At Navcomtelstratcommu Det NAS Patuxent River, MD for another year (until March of 2008).
Rice, JeffUSS Toledo (SSN 769)EM1/SSElectricalMar 1993 – Mar 1996Had a lot of fun especially the last trip to FT Lauderdale in the spring of 1996. I would love to here from any of you all that were plankowners.
Roberts, WilliamUSS Toledo (SSN 769)MM3A-GangOct 22, 2006 – Mar 4, 2011Loved and hated it best and worst boat in the navy
Rutherford, George J.USS Toledo (SSN 769)STS3 (SS)SonarJul 1997 – Jul 22, 2000I am currently a senior in college and an actor. Check out my latest movie's website at
Rutland, DanUSS Toledo (SSN 769)MM1/SSA-GangDec 1996 – Dec 2001Can't believe some of the names I see on here.. and who are some of these guys? Hope all of you fellas are doing great..drop me an email sometime. Remember all the fun...........
Rahe, RobertUSS Tucson (SSN 770)e4torpedoSep 10, 2001 – Apr 29, 2005
Renfro, EricUSS Tucson (SSN 770)MM2(SS)Apr 20, 2001 – May 10, 2004
Richardson, JoshuaUSS Tucson (SSN 770)ET3/RM3(SS)COMMSMay 1996 – Aug 1998Great crew and experiences. I wonder if Warney is a Chief yet. He was one of the best Radioman that I had the pleasure to work with.....
Roark, BenUSS Tucson (SSN 770)FT3Fire ControlAug 14, 1998 – Feb 6, 2000Blevins sucks!
Richardson, DustinUSS Columbia (SSN 771)ET2Reactor ControlsOct 22, 1998 – Oct 1, 2000
Riffle, AnthonyUSS Columbia (SSN 771)STS#SonarSep 17, 2004 – Aug 7, 2008GREAT SHIP, GREAT CREW!
Rivera Lopez, AngelUSS Columbia (SSN 771)MS2 SSSupplyOct 2000 – Dec 2003
Ramondo, DavidUSS Greeneville (SSN 772)MM3Jun 1, 2000 – Sep 1, 2001
Richardson, JimUSS Greeneville (SSN 772)ET1/SSNAV/OPSApr 1, 1995 – Aug 1, 1997We pre-commed her, WTF happened?
Richardson, Eric "get Rich Records"USS Greeneville (SSN 772)TM2TMJun 30, 2005 – Mar 6, 2009"It all gets better after ORSE!!" haha......right......
Richter, KeithUSS Greeneville (SSN 772)STSCSonarAug 1, 2005 –
Rasmussen, ScottUSS Cheyenne (SSN 773)LTSupply OfficerApr 1994 – Dec 1996Plank Owner
Riley, RandyUSS Cheyenne (SSN 773)SK2/SK1(SS)Supply/StorekeeperJan 9, 1999 – Feb 2, 2002I enjoyed my tour so much the first time around that I came back for a second on 08 Apr 05. The ship is one of the newest and best in the fleet but what truly makes it tick is the crew. Without them it is just cold chunk of steel!
Robinson, Eric "Mudfish"USS Cheyenne (SSN 773)TM3 (SS)TorpedoJun 2001 – Dec 2001Just a little reminder to TM1. What does a gay lion say? rohrer
Rohrer, PaulUSS Cheyenne (SSN 773)MM1TorpedoJun 8, 2001 – Apr 30, 2005TM DIV LPO
Rossi, AnthonyUSS Cheyenne (SSN 773)FT2/SSFTDec 17, 2003 – Dec 22, 2008I'm the best dude here
Ryan, William (Snarf)USS Cheyenne (SSN 773)ET2COMMSApr 2002 – May 2005
Rameshan, AdityaUSS Virginia (SSN 774)E-5/MMA2Auxiliary divisionMar 20, 2013 – Jun 26, 2017
Robins, MattUSS Virginia (SSN 774)ET1Reactor ControlFeb 1, 2005 – Mar 18, 2008
Rother, RickUSS Virginia (SSN 774)MM1Reactor LaboratoryMay 10, 2011 – Jul 18, 2012
Rubin, DamonUSS Virginia (SSN 774)FTC(SS)Fire Control DivisionFeb 20, 2002 – Nov 4, 2005
Rudelt, DonaldUSS Virginia (SSN 774)MMCS3MCJun 2002 – May 20051st 3MC
Roberts, JoeUSS Texas (SSN 775)E-4/MM#AuxiliaryFeb 2, 2008 – Feb 2, 2013
Rothbart, DanielUSS Texas (SSN 775)STS2(SS)SonarJun 19, 2007 – Dec 18, 2010I am Rothbarticus!
Robbins, ChristopherUSS Hawaii (SSN 776)MM2 (SS)A-GangMay 15, 2006 – Nov 15, 2008
Robinson, ArthurUSS Hawaii (SSN 776)EM1EMar 2003 – Mar 2007I dont think I'll ever forget this boat.
Riewerts, RandyUSS North Carolina (SSN 777)LTJGOApr 9, 2007 – Dec 9, 2009
Rafferty, TomUSS Marlin (SST 2)ET2(SS)OETJan 1972 – Aug 1972Bounced lika a cork. Is "PopS" Meadows still around.
Robinson, George "Robbie"USS Barracuda (SST 3)E5/CS2Squadron 121967 – 1968Worked with CS1 Royce vanLandingham. We won the small mess NEY award. Was a great duty station that I enjoyed immensely. CO was outstanding. Now living retired in north central FL.
Reynolds, PaulSubmarine Group 2 (SUBGRU 2)ET1SSEP Groom TeamSep 15, 1980 – Aug 15, 1987
Rogers, KyleSubmarine Group 8 (SUBGRU 8)OS1N34Feb 1989 – Feb 1992Had a great time living in Naples
Robinson, RandySubmarine Squadron 1 (SUBRON 1)mm3ssa-gangNov 1976 – May 1980
Reddecliff, Mel (Slim Bud)Submarine Squadron 5 (SUBRON 5)sk 3rds-5 supplyOct 1967 – Aug 1969great duty..married a scottish girl..married 41 yrs went on leave thru europe with bob malchiodi and ronnie drescher, best of times .been in touch with ronnie,but would like to hear from malchiodi...
Rosenplanter, William (Rosie)Submarine Squadron 12 (SUBRON 12)LI3R5 RepairAug 6, 1971 – May 2, 1973Served as Lithographer LI3 in Guam and returned to Bremerton in 73 prior to discharge. Liberty call in Sydney as well as stow aways on return. Good times and great crew.
Rickus, MarkRedcocks (VA 22)atcssquadronJan 1969 – 1972Thsi was my first sea going assignment after completing my 18 months at VA122. Made a WestPac on the USS Coral Sea. Retired with 26 years of service.

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