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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Quinton, Doug-boatsUSS Coronado (AGF 11)bm21ST DECK1986 – 1989HAD A LOT OF GOOD TIMES
Quinlan, DaleUSNS Chauvenet (T-AGS 29)Lt.Air DetOct 1, 1974 – Oct 1, 1977Just seeing how every body's life unfolded.
Queen, HenryUSS Repose (AH 16)HM3Hospital Recovery RoomAug 9, 1965 – Oct 29, 1966Aboard for the recommissioning at Hunter's Pt. Was doing Fire Watch until then.. Assigned to the Recovery Room with Bill Kearns & Jim Holt. Lt.s (NC) E. Bianchi & Clayton were nurses. I am now retired HMC & RN.
Queen, J DUSS Castor (AKS 1)em3engineer electricalDec 1960 – Jun 1962
Qualls, William Bill "Pappy"USS Chukawan (AO 100)EM-2E GangMay 1956 – Nov 1959I did three tours in the Mediterranean, survived Hurricane Bonnie...would love to hear from any shipmates
Quaney, FrankUSS Passumpsic (AO 107)RM3Operations1963 – Apr 1964Looking to contact Richard B Rossman and Lance Lipke or any other mate I served with.
Quinlan, DaleUSS Neosho (AO 143)EnsEngineeringJul 2, 1972 – May 1, 1973Looking for someone that remembers the Med Cruise 1972-1973
Q Tip, RichardUSS Truckee (AO 147)CS3SUPPYMar 17, 1963 – Jun 22, 1966I LOOKING TO FIND RAFFERTY,CS3
Quintino, John "q"USS Monongahela (AO 178)EM3Jul 1993 – Aug 1998To Mic, Barry, Howie, Dale, Mike, Kush, MIke Rez, Eric, Mandy, and any of the other people that partied with E-Div drop me a line.
Quintana, JeanetteUSS Willamette (AO 180)HMMED1997 – 1999hey willamette peeps!! whats going on? holla at your HM Quintana =D @ or HOPE TO HEAR FROM U SOON... I still keep in touch with lots of the willamette crew.. best duty station EVER!!! GOOD TIMES!
Quarterman, JohnUSS Platte (AO 186)LTMPAOct 1984 – Jun 1986
Quevedo, Chief QUSS Platte (AO 186)BMCRaseMar 15, 1986 – Dec 15, 1990
Quach, SonUSS Camden (AOE 2)SN/E3AdministrationJun 14, 1994 – Jul 12, 1997Hi, My name is Son Quach. I served on Camden board from 1994 to 1997. I begin my career at Camden in first division (deck seaman). I had been moved to admin division and assisting the Chaplin. I married and had 1 son.
Quinn, JimUSS Camden (AOE 2)MM2A GangMar 1972 – May 1976From boys to men on Camden AC&R Refer Shop Rough life lots of work and good friends and fun in PI H.K.Singapor.Any of my old mates going to Decom ? Morton,Lister,Alligood,Baylif Etc.Let me Know. We could tell the young ones some good old sea storys!
Quintero, Henry profile iconUSS Camden (AOE 2)BT2BApr 24, 1968 – May 12, 1970Just to say Hi to the B division.
Qualk, DannyUSS Seattle (AOE 3)bmsnfirst divisionJun 19, 1978 – Jun 9, 1982
Quinones, AlexUSS Seattle (AOE 3)BM32Aug 1986 – Mar 1987
Qualls, Dan / PinappleUSS Detroit (AOE 4)ENGINEMANANov 27, 1969 – Nov 27, 1973JUST WANT TO SAY HI TO ALL . I LIVE IN TUCSON AZ
Quereau, JacquesUSS Detroit (AOE 4)RM3CommunicationsMar 5, 1975 – Jun 13, 1976Man did we party.....We were undermaned the whole time, yet we be a partying anyway. If the enemy only knew what we carried. It was amazing.
Quiroga, CarloUSS Detroit (AOE 4)EMRASJun 1, 1981 – Oct 30, 1985Good times, Good memories---learned about life....saw the world.....helped me with my life today..
Quebodeaux, Edward/queUSNS Arctic (T-AOE 8)EMFNR.A.S.E.Feb 17, 1997 – Feb 16, 2001
Quenneville, Earl (Queeny)USS Nespelen (AOG 55)EM 2 (Gyro Technician)EngineeringNov 1945 – Jun 1949It's been a long time so I wonder if anyone is left? Ski Weisnewski, Woody,........anyone?
Quilter, JohnUSS Wichita (AOR 1)LTjgDeck, EngineeringJan 15, 1971 – Nov 15, 1973Many memories of the three Westpac cruises made and the thousands of hours of bridge watches stood, rendezvous made and unreps completed. Never experienced that much responsibility in my civilian career.
Quiroz, SamuelUSS Wichita (AOR 1)EM3M1971 – 1975
Quarles, JonUSS Milwaukee (AOR 2)SNfirstJan 27, 1984 – Jan 10, 1986sorry for the tough time i gave to the navy!it took me a few more years to grow a great father,husband & provider for my family.wats up mike jacks & dave sargent?
Quick, JohnUSS Milwaukee (AOR 2)SK3S1Nov 1973 – Aug 1975Former SK3 and OBTAR records keeper for the USS Milwaukee from 73-75. Lots of fun, adventures, and friends. Since the Navy I continued on with active during with the Army. I retired last Oct 05 as a MSG (E8) with over 26 years of military service.
Quick, JohnUSS Milwaukee (AOR 2)SK3S-1Nov 28, 1973 – Aug 15, 1975started as a mess cook, then to the deck dept for a short time, then worked in the Supply Office. Later continued on with my military career in the Army. Retired as an MSG (E8) in 2005. Email
Quintana, EliasUSS Milwaukee (AOR 2)E-3Medical1976 – 1979great ship after my last mission with tutankhamen from egypt the navy got me to medical they certified a 100% service connected reason.studied history B>A and civilian chaplain institute..and retired already 63 years ..
Quinonez, SteveUSS Kansas City (AOR 3)EMFNEFeb 1992 – Sep 1994BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!! The ship was like 1 huge fraternity...made some great friends. Hope they are all doing well.
Quinn, WilliamUSS Savannah (AOR 4)E-5RASEJan 15, 1982 – Sep 16, 1985Great memories serving my country aboard the Savannah! She was the "Grand Dame" of the service fleet. Had the pleasure of knowing some terriffic men aboard. What a thrill to travel the western world!
Quintana, RafaelUSS Savannah (AOR 4)RM3OCSep 13, 1984 – Jun 10, 1987
Quilon, FidelUSS Kalamazoo (AOR 6)ms3s2Nov 11, 1987 – Feb 2, 1991
Quarto, RonaldUSS Monrovia (APA 31)Lance CorporalBLT 2/6Jul 31, 1964 – Nov 1964Landing Force Mediterranean 2-64. I joined the ship in Barcelona, Spain. I was in training at US Navel Justice School when my unit depoloyed. Loved the cruise and and the ship and crew.
Quick, RobertUSS Ajax (AR 6)MLCMRepair OfficeApr 1965 – Jul 1968This was my second tour in Ajax. The first was 49 to 51. Fondly remember the 18th hole with my golfing buddies LCDR McBride & HMCS Hazelton. Retired 1970 as OIC PM&ML Schools. Worked as Foundry Supt. after retiring from the Navy.
Quinn, MikeUSS Ajax (AR 6)HT3RDR-1Feb 1, 1970 – Jul 11, 1972GREAT DUTY
Quardokus, TimUSS Jason (AR 8)ET1R-4Jul 1984 – Oct 1987Great Crew, Great Times! Two West Pac's, One Collision, A Million Memories.
Quarm, "Doc"..USS Jason (AR 8)HN-HM2Medical1972 – 1975Was the Operating Room Tech on board. Had a great Sick Bay crew. Remember the "Jet Plane" Dr. Feinstein? Did two "6 month" West Pacs, but each were closer to 11 months.
Quintal, QuinUSS Jason (AR 8)EM2EMar 18, 1981 – Dec 31, 1983One of the few women in this department when we went into Dry Dock to refit the Jolly J..
Quinn, William P.USS Briareus (AR 12)two stripesdon't knowMar 12, 1944 – Jul 12, 1946Dad served working with sheet metal. He is still alive and writes maritime history books, his most famous is Shipwrecks Around Cape Cod.

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