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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Hunt, MichaelUSS Agerholm (DD 826)TMASSep 1974 – Dec 1976WestPac - Anyone remember Crazy Ernie Rosco the Quartermaster ??? First time in Phillipines Thanks Bobby Ball GMT1 ! Will NEVER forget Crossing the Equator and becoming a Shellback !
Hayslip, RickyUSS Mahan (DDG 42)TM 1final test g1Apr 1, 1977 – Apr 1, 1979hello shipmates I am looking for crew from Mahan-DDG42 ,Nimitz g-4 div Charles muarry from pearl tommy klasko Mahan aka kinky any others
Hayslip, RickyNaval Base Pearl HarborTM 1steam torpedo shop1977 – 1979Greatest place ever served
Hernandez, HenryUSS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654)TM 1WeaponsDec 1973 – Sep 1976
House, PrestonUSS Batfish (SSN 681)TM 2TORPEDOMar 1976 – May 1979
Holborow, Emil/ AbeUSS Barb (SSN 596)TM 2 (SS)1970 –
Holborow, Emil/ AbeUSS Pomodon (SS 486)TM 2 (SS)Weapons1970 –Second Boat
Harris, RichardUSS Medregal (SS 480)TM 2/CNov 1, 1944 – Feb 1, 1946I was assigned to Medregal after 1-1/2 years on the S-12. After Commissioning at Portsmouth, we sailed to Panama but a submerged collision with a DE sent us back to Portsmouth for repairs. The war ended while we were mid-Pacific.
Hanvey, RichardUSS L. Y. Spear (AS 36)TM 3Weapons MK 14 ShopSep 5, 1976 – Feb 10, 1977
Hart, AlUSS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN 618)TM 3Wepons1968 – Sep 1970I have great memories of the TJ and the crew I served with. I keep a picture on the wall of my office.
Hamm, ChrisUSS Prairie (AD 15)TM 3/2WeaponsApr 1983 – Jul 1987Great times on this ship. I can also be found on Facebook.
Haverman, RobertUSS Norfolk (SSN 714)TM!/SSTorpedo1987 – 1988MK48 ADCAP testing and Snck-xe
Hummel, Ki "Stretch"USS Harder (SS 568)TM# (SS)Deck -Torpedo1962 – Feb 25, 1966The best years of my Navy career were spent on the Harder. I think what made it good was the crew. Some are listed but who could forget Tex (could drink a beer faster than anyone, Noland, Jeff Green, Mack, and more
Hale, OscarUSS Arkansas (CGN 41)TM-2CS-3Sep 15, 1980 – Mar 15, 1983The Ship Was Great. Miss the pig as soon as I left. Florida is where I'm at. 407-692-6332 Now in the Ministry hoping to drop my CD by the summer. Peace to you all and God's Blessings.
Holborow, Emil/ AbeUSS Sterlet (SS 392)TM-2 (SS)1968 –Qualls Boat
Hannah, FredUSS Holland (AS 32)TM-3MK 16-8Oct 1970 – Oct 1971I had a great time at Rota,wish I could have stayed longer. Hay Chanler,If you run into this page e-mail me,I would like to hear from you.
Hawkins, EarlUSS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602)TM-3Weapons Div (Missle)Sep 5, 1972 – Jan 10, 1974spent most of the time in dry dock at Mare Island Naval Shipyard,remember the first time on sea trials-everybody in upper level Missile had a grease gun-it was wild.I was a young man then
Heredia, Raul profile iconUSS California (CGN 36)tm-3ws1988 – 1991best of time the worst of times hey romo
Holland, KurtisUSS De Wert (FFG 45)TM-3CS-2Feb 1994 – Aug 1996
Hunter, James R.USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16)TM-T 1W-1Oct 10, 1972 –MK 45 Tech
Hayes, MarcusUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)TM/E-5weapons departmentApr 19, 1999 – Apr 15, 2001My first ship and i enjoyed working with my shipmates.
Hunter, JohnUSS O'Callahan (FF 1051)tm/pnweapons/adminJul 1972 – Jul 23, 1975came on as TM3 left as PN2. miss kearney, barsuli, sibley,and everyone else.4172754766
Howard, JeffUSS Barbel (SS 580)TM/SSTMAug 1985 – Oct 1988Loved every min on board. Was busted swimming shit river in subic
Hair, Everette (Bear)USS Shenandoah (AD 44)TM14th1983 – 1985Good Command Precom
Hair, Everette (Bear)Naval Air Station Cubi PointTM1ASW, Ord1981 – 1983Great Duty Station,
Hall, BarryUSS Orion (AS 18)TM1WeaponsAug 1980 – Jul 1985
Hart, GerryUSS Fahrion (FFG 22)TM1WeaponsJan 16, 1982 – Feb 11, 1984
Hillis, Marrion FUSS Bolster (ARS 38)TM1SALVAGENov 1971 – May 1974
Hodges, JimmyUSS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN 618)TM1Torpedo/MissleJan 1974 – Aug 1978
Hoffman, RoyUSS L. Y. Spear (AS 36)TM1Weapons W-3 and W-1Aug 19, 1992 – Sep 30, 1996I remember when the remnants of the Repair Department gathered every scrap of brass and cast plaques for those of us who stayed to the end. I Mounted one of my plaques from the Spear in my shadow box when I retired. Fair winds and following seas.
Hollan, JimUSS McInerney (FFG 8)TM1CS2Sep 1979 – Jun 1981Was very glad to find this list of plank owners. I was also sad to hear of decommission and final fate. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. Only tm on board at time of commission. Email is
House, ShaunUSS Oklahoma City (SSN 723)TM1Torpedo1989 –Who's taking care of my room?
Houser, BertUSS Wasp (CVS 18)TM1Weapons1968 – 1972I am looking for someone who remembers the Otto fuel spill in the torpedo room. I need someone to help verify it for a VA claim. Was with R. Bork, J. Mercer, D. Myles, S. Funk and W. Allen. Thanks for any help.
Hunt, MichaelUSS Rathburne (FF 1057)TM1ASNov 1985 – Dec 1988Persian Gulf was HOT ! Australia was awesome.... Some of the best in the AS Division, although there were a couple Sonar Chiefs who I'd perfer to forget... Best 1st Class lounge in the Pacific Fleet is now in Davy Jone's Locker !
Huntington, FredUSS Hunley (AS 31)TM1reentry body shopMay 1963 – May 1965great ship,great crew
Hurt, StevenUSS Virginia (SSN 774)TM1TorpedoFeb 10, 2007 –
Hutchison, William HutchUSS Dixon (AS 37)TM1W-3Aug 1971 – Aug 1973Did a Second tour from 1976 to 1978
Hall, DonNaval Air Station BermudaTM1 (the only TM on the island)Weapons Department LPOSep 8, 1978 – Sep 21, 1981Worked for CWO4 Gary Sellers, and with AO1 Bud Ross, AO1 Obadiah Rhodes, AO2 Troy Hosmer, AO2 Clarance Boyd, GMG2 Glenda Curry, GMG3 Cathy Boggs, GMG3 Julie Miller. Great crew, hard working, never missed a commitment. CADs to MK 46 torps.
Howard, PatrickUSS Baltimore (SSN 704)TM1 sstorpedoJan 1982 – Sep 1985Looking to hear from you guys. Current occupation truck driver out ofMt. Sterling Kentucky. Phone 8595850775

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