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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Holt, RobertBounty Hunters (VF 2)E4squadronJul 1, 1996 – Jun 1, 2000
Harris, DavidRed Rippers (VF 11)E3 Yeomansquadron1964 – Aug 1965Had fun times both at Cecil Field and aboard the FDR. Remember returning to Bayonne, NJ dry dock for repairs with liberty in NYC. Does anyone remember McCorvey Motors where we bought our cars and used to meet?
Harwood, PaulRed Rippers (VF 11)ANsquadronSep 1957 – Mar 1959Anybody left from the 1958 Rippers?
Hoppe, RichardRed Rippers (VF 11)ADJ E4squadronFeb 8, 1961 – Feb 5, 1966VF-11 Plane captain/ADJ shop/ CVA 42
Hardesty, DonTophatters (VF 14)AOANsquadronJan 1956 – Dec 1957Joined squadron at Cecil Field, Fl. Worked for AOC Nick Galatano in Ord Shack. Made 1st Med Cruise on Forrestal in 57. Also Operation Strikeback in North Atlantic. Visited Scotland and England.Transfered to North Island, San Diego in Jan, 58
Holland, RichardTophatters (VF 14)PN2squadronMar 1981 – Sep 1982
Holte, DavidTophatters (VF 14)e4VF 14Mar 20, 1968 – Jan 12, 1971sheet metal shop Made the first med cruise 68 then next on in 70. Got out in 1971 and worked on C 130s for the next 25 yrs. mn air national guard Great life . I can still rember the first that i smelled jet exhaust
Homans, ShawnTophatters (VF 14)AE3Line/AE ShopMar 15, 1979 – Mar 15, 1983My first command on board the USS John F Kennedy (CV-67) I can be contacted on facebook. If you remember me come say hi! Or just email me at
Hubbartt, DaleTophatters (VF 14)AMS1 (aw)squadronOct 1991 – Oct 1995GREAT TOUR OF DUTY WITH FIGHTING fOURTEEN
Hunter, T.v.Tophatters (VF 14)AOANsquadron1970 – 1973Just feeling kind of old at the moment. That happens when you were on the newest carrier in the fleet and now it's been decommed. Are there any "old salts" left from that era?
Humphreys, StephenFighting Renegades (VF 24)E3-E2-E3-E2Plane Captain, worker beeMar 20, 1977 – Mar 31, 1981WESTPAC '78-'79 and '80
Haas, PaulTomcatters (VF 31)CAPT2001 – 2003VF-154, VC-1, VF-126, VF-2, VF-101, VF-31, VF-101
Haring, ChrisTomcatters (VF 31)AMH3VF-31Feb 1989 –108 days straight Indian Ocean ... Nice.. F -14 RIP to bad... FID RIP bad awsesome equipment ..
Hamilton, Richard, RickSwordsmen (VF 32)AE-3squadron1970 – 197270-71,71-72 -VF-32 AE shop night check Jerry Achee (sp) chief Avery 70-71 worked in AE shop,check crew,master at arms 71-72 worked in AIMD-620 CADC F-4 and lots of other gear worked night check for 1st class Whitney-sp
Hayden, TimSwordsmen (VF 32)E4VF-32Nov 19, 1986 – Aug 29, 1989Miss all involve in the Navy. Served in VF-32, the fighter wing that took out two migs in the 80s.
Hemingway, Jess W.Swordsmen (VF 32)PNA3squadronAug 1957 – Aug 1958
Henderson, JohnSwordsmen (VF 32)AMH-3Line/Airframes1981 – 1984Did a Sigonella Sicily detachment for one cruise, TAD...always TAD, working GSE. Did a cruise after that during the whole Grenada conflict. Ah the good ole Reagan years, and F-14 Tomcats, those were the days. Anyone out there from this time
Hackett, TommyStarfighters (VF 33)AO3Line DivisonAug 1970 – Jan 19731971 - 72 Med Cruise. Fallon Nev. Parts of F4 still on mountain side oops!! Hot Pad @ Key West
Hampton, CarlStarfighters (VF 33)AME3squadronJul 12, 1977 – Nov 12, 1980I was part of Starfighter 33 my first tour of duty and had a lot of friends worked in the seat shop, cag lox and other TDY, would love to get in touch with some of the old gang.
Harris, AmosStarfighters (VF 33)aviation storekeeper 3VF331961 – 1963First sailor of Med. stood on cat. as Enterprise entered Straits of Gibaltor-1961 Looking for shipmate Dave Henige.
Heckbert, RickStarfighters (VF 33)AT2IWTAug 1981 – Oct 28, 1983
Hamlin, Robert (Hambone)Black Aces (VF 41)AMHANsquadronMar 1971 – Feb 1973I am looking for any fellow shipmates that made the 71-72 Med deployments and worked the line.
Hart, CharlieBlack Aces (VF 41)AO2(AW)squadronAug 1, 1987 – Aug 1, 1991Was my first Command, and met a lot of cool people. IYAOYAS!
Hildabridle, JerryBlack Aces (VF 41)ADJ 2Jan 1960 – Oct 1961
Hough, JackBlack Aces (VF 41)AZ3Black Aces Maint.Sep 1966 – Jul 1968Looking back, you realize it wasn't so bad. Great times with great guys
Hart, CharlieChallengers (VF 43)AO2(AW)squadronAug 20, 1991 – Aug 24, 1993Was the best kept secret for shore duty.
Henson, MikeChallengers (VF 43)abh3LineJan 8, 1977 – Sep 10, 1978I served as Line Trouble shooter when I left the squadron. I was affectionately known as "Ensign Henson", even though I was not an officer.
Hutchins, HutchChallengers (VF 43)AE1AE & QA1976 – Dec 15, 1977Transferred into 43's AE shop after sea duty with VA 46 on the JFK. Made 1st class and went to Quality Assurance till discharge. Went to college , retired as Police Captain (Atlantic City)
Halfaker, ThomasScreamin Eagles (VF 51)YNCSAdmin/Command Senior ChiefJul 1989 – Sep 1990
Hunt, Royce profile iconScreamin Eagles (VF 51)AT2squadronMay 15, 1959 – Jun 30, 1962Avionics electronics got me interested so that I went to college & became an electrical engineer, worked At NASA Space Center in Huntsville, Ala 1963-1973 and designed microwave ovens 1973 until retirement in 2000.
Harris, GeorgeIron Angels (VF 53)PN-2PersonnelJan 3, 1969 – Jan 22, 1971
Haldi, RobertBe - Devilers (VF 74)PRANsquadronFeb 1978 – Aug 1979
Hale, BillyBe - Devilers (VF 74)AO 3VF-74Jan 3, 1991 – Jun 4, 1993Desert Sheild/Storm and Adriatic Cruises.
Hom, Jimmy L.Be - Devilers (VF 74)AE-2CAG-171966 – 1969I was on the West Pac cruise in 67. Plane Captain for 205. Robbie Stark and I launched our birds for CAP duty about 15 minutes before the fire started.
Hull, LarryBe - Devilers (VF 74)AQCAQMay 1, 1979 – Jun 25, 1980Ran AQ shop on USS Forestall until commissioned CWO 2
Hudson, MarkJolly Rogers (VF 84)E4AEApr 4, 1982 – May 27, 1984
Heintz, William (Bill)Red Lightnings (VF 91)AK3Material Department1952 – Dec 1955
Hawley, RichardFighting Falcons (VF 96)AO2weapons (ordnance)1968 – Nov 1970
Hobbs, ScottGrim Reapers (VF 101)AD2Power PlantsJun 16, 1988 – Feb 24, 1991Where are all my military buddies now?
Hogue, TomGrim Reapers (VF 101)E-4squadronApr 17, 1975 – Jun 14, 1978Grim Reaper, served at NAS Boca Chica, Key West. Air Frames Chiefs were Mad Dog Madison & Jim Bassett.

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