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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Cutchins, DavidUSS Saginaw (LST 1188)LTJGSupplyNov 1979 – Apr 1982What a tour for a young Pork Chop. Many memories- seems like we were constantly resupplying sodas; fielding laundry complaints; emptying the change boxes in the soda machines; exchanging currency for the crew and the troops.
Cutchins, RobUSS O'Brien (DD 975)GSM3MPJan 24, 1994 – Jan 22, 1997
Cutchins, RobUSS Nicholson (DD 982)MA1 (SW)MP EB14Jul 7, 1997 – Jul 3, 1999Was a GSM3 while onboard. what a great time!!! had the best deployment of my career on there.
Cuthbert, BobUSS Chevalier (DD 805)FTG 32 ndApr 28, 1965 – Jun 1968
Cuthbert, BrianUSS Pittsburgh (SSN 720)MS 2SupplyMar 1990 – Apr 1993
Cuthbert, David profile iconUSS Oriskany (CVA 34)CTO3OSApr 1973 – May 1974Enjoyed my time during my enlistment from A school in Pensacola, Cincpac Hawaii, and finally USS Oriskany CVA34 Would enjoy hearing from anyone that remembers me..
Cuthbert, Joshua "Cut Dawg"USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58)E5/IT2OCMar 24, 2001 – Sep 17, 2005Good times, Bad times. Shore duty is good, ahhh its now 1300 time to go home. Be good.
Cuthbert, ThomasUSS Boxer (CVA 21)RMSN - E3Communications (Radio & Crypto)1957 – 1958Operation Hardtack I
Cuthbertson, BradUSS Crommelin (FFG 37)BM3sc1Dec 1, 1987 – Jul 4, 1990I had a blast when I was aboard the Crommelin in Long Beach Cali, I remember all the good times we had going to port to port
Cuthbertson, BradleyUSS Crommelin (FFG 37)BM3SC03Dec 1, 1987 – Jul 4, 1990I had a great experience with the Crommelin and traveling on a West-pac was great. I liked being stationed in Long Beach, Ca. I remember the crew and think about them from time to time.
Cuthbertson, CuttUSS Batfish (SSN 681)MS2mess managementNov 5, 1990 – Jun 6, 1995It was great to serve on the ole fish alot of memories good and bad. To all of the crew that served enjoy life and enjoy the memories...
Cuthill, DougUSS Sierra (AD 18)BM31980 – 1984
Cutillo, JamesUSS Springfield (SSN 761)MS1 (SS)SupplyNov 9, 1991 – Oct 14, 1994
Cutillo, JamesUSS Mariano G. Vallejo (SSBN 658)MSSASupplyApr 20, 1983 – Jan 7, 1985
Cutillo, JamesUSS Batfish (SSN 681)MS2 (SS)SupplyApr 12, 1985 – Feb 17, 1987
Cutillo, JamesUSS Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN 631)MS1 (SS)SupplyApr 20, 1990 – Nov 8, 1991
Cutillo, JamesUSS Hartford (SSN 768)MS1 (SS)SupplyDec 15, 1997 – Oct 3, 2001
Cutillo, RalphUSS Forrestal (CVA 59)e3shipservicemanJul 1970 – Nov 1971does anybody know when the acciden thappened on the flight deck and the person was killed
Cutitta, DaveUSS Amphion (AR 13)SN-ET strikerElectronics Repair1960 – 1961A number of us were assigned here right from boot camp and before ETA school @ GL. We worked in the electronics repair shop under Chief Tony Rakowski & ET1 Presutti. We were then sent to "A" school and then reassigned.
Cutkay, BillUSS Patterson (FF 1061)BMCdeckAug 18, 1986 – Aug 17, 1989
Cutkomp, MattUSS Juneau (LPD 10)sm3OperationsSep 1993 – Sep 1997Had a very good time. Came in broke and spend every dime drinking and chasing and left broke. Anyone heard from john majors (flags). Whoever shoot me a email and let's catch up.
Cutler, Allen Aka WoodyUSS Seattle (AOE 3)FC2Operations1988 – 1992Lots of interesting and fun times!
Cutler, ChantUSS Trenton (LPD 14)SF21971 – 1972plankholder from day 1
Cutler, DaleUSS Seahorse (SSN 669)ET1SSRCSep 1970 – Oct 25, 1973Did the early a.m. reactor startup 10/25/73, then madly loaded stores with everyone else. Two sets of orders ready: 1 mo. baby hold or separation – the boat left without me.
Cutler, Frederick HarryUSS Elmore (APA 42)RM2Cnot sureJun 21, 1943 – Dec 4, 1945Added to honor my deceased father and his service to the United States of America during World War II. Dad and Mom went to many reunions. Dad really looked forward to them.
Cutler, JackUSS Barbour County (LST 1195)IC3EMar 1987 – Jun 1990I wasn't surfing porn and I have no excuse how I ended up here. Great people, good memories. Thanks Moose, your the man!
Cutler, James (Cuddles)USS Canisteo (AO 99)MM2M DivisionAug 29, 1975 – Aug 29, 1979Hello to my fellow shipmates. Had great times and great adventures while aboard.
Cutler, JeffreyUSS Simon Lake (AS 33)e 3emJun 15, 1970 – Jun 15, 1973
Cutler, LarryUSS America (CV 66)E3V2May 1992 – Jan 1994Had a huge reality check in my life by joining the military at age 17. My life has been forever greatfull for the opportunity to serve onboard the USS AMERICA .Running the waterbrakes for catapult 1 and 2 was remarkable.
Cutler, MichaelUSS Schofield (FFG 3)MMFNEngineeringApr 1, 1971 – Aug 30, 1972My brother and I were one set of four brothers serving during our time aboard.
Cutler, Norman (Ted)USS Guavina (SS 362)radioman 3rd classcommunication1957 – 1958
Cutler, RandyUSS Coronado (LPD 11)PC3XMay 15, 1975 – Dec 12, 1976Good times and good friends, Montville, Wallace, Lopez, Padila, Welch, Beck, Landrum, Clayborn and TP.
Cutler, TerryUSS Will Rogers (SSBN 659)EM2 (SS)Engineering Electrical1970 – 1972
Cutler, William/ BillUSS Durham (LKA 114)YN3XJun 1969 – Apr 1971It was a good experience as I look back, but I fought it most of the time, Got to know some good people, Lowell, Zeke,Geno,Cal, Ernie, in ship's office and Jim Whaley.Robertson, Bennett in 2nd Div.and the guys in 1st Div.
Cutlip, BobUSS Worden (DLG 18)SK2Supply1971 – 1973Met a lot of great people, had a lot of fun, had great friends. I think about them from time to time. Was a Plank Owner in Bath Maine and then to Long Beach and then Japan. My first time across the equator.
Cutlip, EarlUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)V-41971 – 1975
Cutlip, JimUSS Worden (CG 18)DS-1OEAug 1971 – Mar 1974
Cutlip, Richard/dickUSS Botetourt (APA 136)FNEMEMar 1951 – Apr 1953
Cutlip, Richard/dickUSS Monterey (CVL 26)EN 3EApr 1953 – Apr 1953

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