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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Jackson, Jermaine / JackBlack Panthers (VA 35)AZANline shack / lead fsaJan 1992 – Nov 1994was TAD for 92 cruise to mess deck. 94 cruise worked in VA-35 Maintenance Control.
Johnson, MikeBlack Panthers (VA 35)AE-3squadronSep 1, 1972 – Sep 1, 1972
Johnson, Robert (Greasy Bob)Black Panthers (VA 35)AMS2Line, Corrosion ControlJun 1975 – Sep 1979Plane Captain of the Year 1977.
Jones, GaryBlack Panthers (VA 35)E3 (AN)MaintenanceApr 5, 1971 – Feb 23, 1973
Johnson, GaryRoad Runners (VA 36)YN2squadronMay 1968 – Feb 1969
Jones, Everett PaulBulls (VA 37)Airmansquadron1986 – 1989
Jones, ChipBulls (VA 37)E4squadronJan 1972 – Aug 1975Yn3 ops supervisor
Joyner, RonaldBlackbirds (VA 45)AO2squadronNov 5, 1979 – Oct 28, 1981Meet my wife here when we were station at cecil field. AK2 lena Anderson. We moved with the squadron to Key west fl. Great fishing. Please email me if we served together. By the way Lena an I are still married 42 years
Jeffrey, MakoskyClansmen (VA 46)E-4AIR WING1985 – 1987I am looking for air wing members in VA-46 and anyone who may have photos of Libya, Operation El Dorado, from attack, in 1985 and photos of me on ship maybe. Wanted cruise book from that year on USS America.
Johnson, GaryClansmen (VA 46)SN,YN3,YN2squadronJun 1966 – Nov 1967
Jimenez, CarlosKnightriders (VA 52)AZ2squadronApr 1, 1991 – Jun 28, 1995
Jerome, Jerry profile iconChampions (VA 56)E4ADJ3Feb 1969 – Jun 1971This was a great time in my life. Made many friend (can't remember names). Based in Lemoore, USS Ranger cruise in 1969 ame USS Midway cruise in 1971. Home base Oregon but full time RV'er for now.
Jones, JerelTigers (VA 65)AQ3 ( INS)squadronJun 20, 1968 – Sep 22, 1971
Jones, JamesTigers (VA 65)e3tire shop (tad)Dec 24, 1973 – Oct 25, 1975HEY MARTTY WALLBAUM ARE YOU OUT THERE OR MY OLD ROOM-MATE MILLER IF YOU ARE CALL OR E-MAIL ME 318-840-5557 OICCANU@YAHOO.COM
Jackson, Don profile iconWaldomen (VA 66)AirmanVA-66Dec 30, 1977 – Nov 1979My first Ship, and what a ship. Also enjoyed my time as a plane captain, and aviation structural mech. Now works for the U.S.P.S.
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Jahnke, JamesBlue Hawks (VA 72)Adj 3squadronAug 1960 – Dec 1960Great new ship at the time, I was on the shake down and first med cruise, got off in Italy to ship back for discharge, looks like I am only guy from VA 72. Like to here from anyone
James, CharlieSunday Punchers (VA 75)E5squadronJun 1969 – Dec 1971
Jansheski, Ken (Ski)Sunday Punchers (VA 75)YN3USS INDEPENDENCEMay 5, 1964 – Nov 5, 1966Did a nine month Wespac cruise were the first A6 operational squadron.
Jones, HaroldSunday Punchers (VA 75)AT2 Electroncis flight deck troubleshooterline with plane capitions and wepons loadersMar 15, 1972 – Dec 24, 1975I worked several jobs after leaving and am now retired. Looking for old crew mates from the squad.
Jackson, MichaelMarauders (VA 82)ao-1va-82 weapons1976 – 1978i also helped squadron win basketball tournament
Jones, DocMarauders (VA 82)AQ-2squadronJan 17, 1968 –I am currently living in Norfolk, Virginia and I would like to hear from any members of our squadron who served with me in VA-82.
Jones, BarryRampagers (VA 83)YN3YN591970 – 1971
Jones, BarryRampagers (VA 83)yn3va59Jan 20, 1971 – Apr 25, 1971I am looking for jerry atkins and others who were in va83 ion1971 med cruise. I was in clerical and enjoyed going to Athens, sking in alps and the excited places I visited.
J.r. Roque, DocBlack Falcons (VA 85)HM2squadron1979 – 1981
Jackson, TodBlack Falcons (VA 85)ANsquadronNov 1, 1978 – Aug 30, 1979I had the pleasure of being a Black Falcon and Skipper Zlatoper and XO Bremner. It was awesome.
Jones, MartinBlack Falcons (VA 85)AMH3squadronDec 16, 1980 – Aug 13, 1984
Jd, KingGolden Warriors (VA 87)AMH3squadronFeb 2, 1972 – Aug 30, 1974First squadron after VA-174. Was one of the best squadrons that I served in and in my 30 year naval career.
Jenkins, RonaldGolden Warriors (VA 87)ATR3ATKRON Eighty SevenAug 1966 – Sep 20, 1968Was a radar tech for Doppler radar and communication tech. Was also on nuclear weapons loading team. Did some Carrier quals on the USS America in 1968 and was stationed at Cecil Field, FL from 1966 to 1968.
Jones, Eddie profile iconGolden Warriors (VA 87)AMS3squadron1976 – 1979Hey, remember the fountian drink machine being stolen from the mess deck and then being deep 6 the next day, or the hole being cut in the floor of the plane captains shop to let the cool air in ? Anyway great memories.
Jones, StevenGolden Warriors (VA 87)PR2Aircraft Work Center 132 ParaloftJan 3, 1975 – Aug 7, 1977
James McAtee, Big MacBlue Blazers (VA 93)AK3squadronDec 3, 1973 – Dec 20, 1975my first command VA-93 assign to the USS MIDWAY remember most was we took part of OPERATION FREAKEN WIND which part to the vietnam evecation april 1975
Janouski, Steven Blue Blazers (VA 93)ab (e-3)squadronMay 1, 1974 – May 1, 1976trying to reconnect with people from va-93/56 who would have left boot camp feb 74, lemoore, ca, for training 3/4 months prior to midway b/c everyone was from the state of ga got to b/c orlando 11/5/1973-2/6/1974
Jones, BillBlue Blazers (VA 93)PR!PR ShopAug 27, 1979 – Sep 1, 1983Looking for old Shipmates that I served with.
Jokela, Dennis/jockShrikes (VA 94)AE2Flight Deck TroubleshooterMar 28, 1974 – Mar 28, 1978I am looking for AEC Vanhoven.
Johnson, EricGreen Lizards / Skynights (VA 95)AQ3VA-95Mar 10, 1987 – Sep 9, 1989Brother Green Lizards. One of the greatest times of my life serving with you on the 88 Westpac.
Jordan, JamesGreen Lizards / Skynights (VA 95)AALineDec 1, 1992 – Aug 2, 1994
Jensen, WilliamGunslingers (VA 105)AQ2squadron1968 – Jul 1970I was onboard with the air division and spent the cruise in AIMD on the ship repairing the radar system on the A7A aircraft from my squadron. What a time!
Joseph, DonaldRough Riders (VA 125)ADJ2squadron1970 – 1973Had lots of fun times with the guys of VA-125 LINE DIVISION I remember the detachments to ElCentro. Fallon, China Lake and one Transpac to Hawaii, Midway Island,Wake Island and Guam NAS.
Jones, LewinGolden Intruders (VA 128)E-3FRAMP1978 – 1979Would like to reconnect with anyone from VA-128 FRAMP. I can be reached at my email

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