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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Sabo, EdwardUSS Schenectady (LST 1185)EN1All EngineeringMar 20, 1970 – Feb 7, 19751 of orginial crew to board 4 months before commissioned THE last of orginial crew to leave 5 yrs later 1975-1983 recruting duty NRD St Louis put EN2 Totoris (ENCM)back in Navy. Ret 1983 in Good old Illinois
Sabo, JerryUSS Helena (SSN 725)MM3/SSA-GANGERJan 21, 1986 – Oct 9, 1990Last A-Gang Plankowner, prelaunch crew, pics of towed-in 1400 n.m., & coined words: "Heil Vitler, Chow Bacon (chip tossing, hay stacking, red neck, son-of-a cracker...we had a few), Momma, Marma Duke Fa Fa Fa, Milkman Mike, Love Doc of passion
Sabo, JohnUSS Tracy (DM 19)FC2CGunneryMay 1, 1940 – May 1, 1943Interested in locating old shipmates especially W.E. Goldsby, Earl Johnson.
Sabo, LeifUSS Paul F. Foster (DD 964)GSE2GSDec 1, 1989 – Oct 31, 1991
Sabo, MarkUSS Wabash (AOR 5)Bt2B1985 – 1988Lots of good memories on the Wabash. RIP Wayne Cupper.
Sabo, MarkUSS Suribachi (AE 21)BT3B1983 – 1985
Sabo, MattUSS Carr (FFG 52)ET2CS4Feb 15, 2002 – May 5, 2005What an awful place! Carr made me appreciate life outside the Navy, or anywhere else for that matter! These were by far the WORST years of my Naval experience. I can't think of anything positive to say other than Thank God it's over with!
Sabo, MattUSS Monterey (CG 61)ET2CEJun 15, 2000 – Feb 1, 2002What a great ship! Overall, a really good experience!
Sabo, RichardUSS Thomaston (LSD 28)FNfwd engine1983 – 1984my only ship
Sabo, TomUSS Simon Lake (AS 33)HT3R-1 17A Sheetmetal ShopFeb 6, 1986 – Jan 1, 1988By far the best sheetmetal shop. Roz (Oknezor) was an awesome Alum welding teacher. Had a great time. Transferred out and went to the USS Holland. Should have stayed in Holy Loch. R-1 crew - Opp, Pete, Rozenko, Harvey, B
Sabo, TomUSS Turner Joy (DD 951)STG2FOX1968 – 1970A great ship and a great crew. May you all have good health, fair seas and long lives. What an adventure to have served aboard!
Sabol, AdamUSS Camden (AOE 2)BMSN1st, 2nd, StreamDec 1995 – Dec 15, 1998Too many people to list who i have met, and changed my life. FIGS!!!! where ya at?? Moore, O' Brien, Rader, Stewy!! Hi to all of 1st, 2nd, and stream '95-'98, you know who u are. Now working for the post office.
Sabol, DominicUSS San Juan (SSN 751)SNDeckOct 25, 2000 – Jul 17, 2002Anyone that served with me please contact me!!
Sabol, DonUSS Antietam (CG 54)MPDec 1985 – Sep 1992godzilla inJapan?
Sabol, DonUSNS Santa Barbara (T-AE 28)MMe1978 – 1980remember all the good times with all the great people.wish i could do it over and would not change a thing.
Sabol, JasonUSS Columbus (SSN 762)MA2/SSDECK / A-GANGSep 13, 1997 – Apr 15, 2001
Sabol, JerryUSS Anzio (CG 68)DCFNR1998 – 2001I have created a face book group as well for all the Anzio crew. Make sure you join up!
Sabol, Michael profile iconUSS Dewey (DDG 45)HTFRR DivisionSep 1980 – 1982Looking back all these years later, I had some of the greatest times in my life serving on board. Tore up Gitmo and Port-Au-Prince. Got blasted at Bar Harbor and sailing the N.Atlantic was the ultimate.
Sabol, PaulUSS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16)SKT 3/C13 SupplyApr 1951 – Oct 1953Was the "turnover storekeeper" in the general stores department. Was also Custodian of the Squadron Recreation Fund which provided all sorts of recreational gear, fishing tackle, baseball and softball equipment.
Sabol, RussellUSS Austin (LPD 4)E5MedicalAug 1, 1988 –
Sabolek, DavidUSS Ranger (CV 61)AG1OAFeb 29, 1984 – Dec 16, 1985Made CPO 16 Sep 1985
Sabourin, GregUSS Pogy (SSN 647)ET2NAV ETMay 3, 1986 – May 3, 1990
Sabourin, JohnUSS Basilone (DD 824)2nd class BWE-5Jun 1969 – Nov 1973
Sabourin, MarkUSS Moinester (FF 1097)ET2OEMar 1978 – Jun 1981Interesting times!.. Hoping to find some old friends.
Sabousky, KevinUSS Long Beach (CGN 9)FC1GF / FOX / CMApr 1985 – Apr 1990It was an honor to serve aboard such a ship. The memorys will last a life time. Good ship, Good crew, Good times. Hello to all my shipmates!!!!
Sabri, TariqUSS Pensacola (LSD 38)E4 / MM3M - EngineeringAug 25, 1988 – Oct 26, 1991Honor to serve as an AFT engine throttle man & administrative support to the Engineering department aboard the ship with one of the greatest seamen the world has ever known during Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm.
Sacapanio, MichaelUSS Roanoke (AOR 7)PN3AdminJun 1989 – Jun 1993Hey err's Sac hope all is well. Hit me up at
Saccavino, AnthonyUSS Harry E. Yarnell (DLG 17)RM3radiomanApr 1971 – Jul 1974
Saccavino, EdUSS Koelsch (DE 1049)QM 3OCMar 1967 – Dec 24, 1968 Would love to hear from some of the plank owners of Koelsch. I've been told a reunion is in the works for 2007 in Newport. It will be the 40th anniversary of her commissioning.
Saccavino, SalvatoreUSS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17)BT2BMay 2, 1968 – Jul 10, 1972I served in #2 fireroom,and made a UNITAS XI cruise in 1969,also a med cruise in 1971-72
Saccavino, ThomasUSS Harry E. Yarnell (DLG 17)BT2BSep 13, 1968 – 1972Great ship ,she deserved a better ending
Sacco, DonaldUSS Elliot (DD 967)EM3EJan 4, 1994 – Mar 28, 1997
Sacco, FrancisUSS James O'Hara (APA 90)COXSWAIMNov 1, 1944 – Aug 19, 1945
Sacco, GaryUSS Stickell (DD 888)mmfnEngApr 1968 – Jun 1970during my tour with the Stickle I met a lot of great people. Worked in Main Control and aft Eng. room. I actually am still in touch with one of my shipmates. Mr Bill Heller.
Sacco, PeteUSS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)E3G-2Apr 15, 1980 – Apr 20, 1983
Sacco, ThomasUSS Cape St. George (CG 71)GM2WO MT52Dec 16, 1999 – Sep 27, 2002"we don't need no stink'n pms card" I am now GM2 USCG.
Sacco, TomUSS Cape St. George (CG 71)GM2WODec 10, 1998 – Sep 27, 2002Still in USCG. GM1 in Alaska! Life is good.
Sacco, VinceUSS Nipmuc (ATF 157)EN2EngineeringFeb 1977 – 1978Part of the Decommissioning Crew

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