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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Raboteau, WendellUSS Avenger (MCM 1)PO2/ET2(SW/AW)OPS OE01Feb 10, 1999 – Feb 24, 2001I learned a lot. But it feels good to be out of the Texas Navy.
Rabun, LenardUSS Proteus (AS 19)ETRN 3?? We provided maintenance of the navigation systems on the subs.May 1963 – Nov 1964I was assigned to the Proteus in 63 after graduation from the Nuclear Navigation School in Dam Neck. We sailed to Scotland and arrived in Jan.64, then Rota then Scotland then Norfolk. I left in 64 for USS Observation Is.
Raby, JamesUSS Sellers (DDG 11)sksnsupplySep 10, 1972 –onboard during the World Cruise 1972-73. Best time ever. Best crew, alot of friends.Remember the capt. Rumney and the XO LCDR Beggs; Big hi to SK3 Krupansky. remember the bikes. Also to SK3 Varner.
Raby, Jonathan WayneUSS Sample (DE 1048)stg3sonarNov 1972 – Jun 20, 1974Hi to dave holder. Good memories. Hawaii was awesome.
Raby, LarryUSS Sunbird (ASR 15)EN 2E DivMay 1978 – Feb 1982Life on the "Bird" was Interesting to say the least, some would call it fun, some would call it tough. I thought it was all that and then some. Lots of trips to nowhere but Bermuda, San Juan, Cape Canaveral, Scotland
Raby, MikeUSS Albuquerque (SSN 706)STS 2SONARAug 1, 2006 – Aug 1, 2008Glad I was only there for 2 years.
Raby, TomUSS Tullibee (SSN 597)IC1(SS)EApr 28, 1964 – Jun 1965Reported from Sub school after S1c after qualifying forgot about the traditional dunking. Thrown overboard with a Lt. in Bermuda. Transferred to SSBN 598
Racano, PeteUSS Hammerhead (SSN 663)TM3/SSWeaponsDec 1969 – Jul 7, 1973Made trip to North Pole
Racca, Chad/rockUSS Kinkaid (DD 965)OSSN TO OS2OIJul 1996 – May 1999Alot of great people when I was there. Now I am back in Louisiana working for the Sheriff's office. Would like to hear from some of you, send your love or hate mail to
Racciato, BrianUSS Oriole (MHC 55)LTENGOct 15, 2000 – Feb 15, 2001Thank you all deeply for keeping her running and I pray everyone is doing well!
Race, CharlesUSS Agile (MSO 421)SOG3Sonar CrewFeb 1, 1963 – Dec 3, 1963Great Ship! Thouroughly enjoyed my time aboard. Had auto accident in Dec. '63 and spent the next 10 months in Hospital -- then discharged.
Race, CharlesUSS Saufley (DDE 465)SonarmanCIC1962 – 1962I was aboard the Saufley briefley for about 8 months after getting out of Sonar School at Key West in 1962. She was a great ship!
Race, CharlesUSS Plymouth Rock (LSD 29)SOG3CIC1962 – 1963I Came aboard "The Rock" in about August '62. I was the only Sonarman aboard - never lit off the "Whale Hammer" the whole time I was aboard. Worked radar. Had car accident in Dec. '63 and spent next year in Hospital.
Race, Duane B.USS Anchorage (LSD 36)DC3Repair The best there was.May 1986 – Jan 1, 2000I'm sorry to see the old girl gone. Have very good memories of the time I spent on her. Alaska in the January of 87 man that was cold. Crossing the line. Westpac 89 was great to. And of who could forget Uncle Phil.
Race, FrederickUSS Voge (FF 1047)E-6ETMay 22, 1975 – Dec 22, 1976Adding this for my Dad, Fred Race, who passed away in 2016. He was onboard when the K22 hit the Voge.
Race, Jeff profile iconUSS Ticonderoga (CG 47)GSM2MP1982 – 1985Always looking to connect with old shipmates
Race, Jeff profile iconUSS Antietam (CG 54)GSM1MP1987 – 1989
Race, Jeff profile iconUSS Arctic (AOE 8)GSMCMP1994 – 1998
Race, JimUSS Molala (ATF 106)RM5Operations - Radio RoomSep 28, 1970 – Sep 21, 1971Connecting with Molala crew. Need some information for Dept of Veterans Affairs.
Race, Michael, MikeUSS Texas (CGN 39)RM2OCApr 1976 – Jun 1981Joined during precom, transfered to have brother duty. Saw alot of wonderful places and met alot of great guys. What I can remember of it that is.
Race, RobertUSS Gallant (MSO 489)OS2Mar 1990 – Nov 1991I servered in the OPERATIONS Deptartment, (SELRES.) Currently serving with MIUWU 103 Alameda, CA. LCPO OPS Department. Recalled/Deployed OPERATIONS IRAQI FREEDOM Dec 03-SEP 04.
Race, SteveUSS Shiloh (CG 67)CTRC (SW/NAC)OTJul 1991 – Aug 1994Plankowner - retired 2000 as CTRCM(SW/NAC)
Race, StevenUSS John Paul Jones (DDG 32)E3/JOSNETMar 1982 – Nov 1982Who can forget "swim call at Monterey Bay", the Navy Times article titled "Coast Guard Seaman Saves Navy Captain" and all of the copies of the article that were posted around the ship. Lots of good memories from my time on the JPJ
Racer, JohnUSS Francis Scott Key (SSBN 657)ET2OpsFeb 12, 1986 – Apr 4, 1990First time on board was the challenger recovery job.Two dry docks.Two med cursies.Alot of beer. Got to see alot and meet alot of good people.
Racey, ColmanUSS Scranton (SSN 756)ETCNavigationMay 2000 – May 2004
Racey, ColmanUSS Trepang (SSN 674)ETCNavigationNov 1996 – Mar 1999
Racey, ColmanUSS Groton (SSN 694)ETCNavigationApr 1996 – Nov 1996Thank goodness for the short stay!!!
Rachal, DanUSS Vella Gulf (CG 72)OS2OIJul 19, 1996 – Nov 20, 1999
Rachal, DanielUSS Vella Gulf (CG 72)OSOIJul 19, 1996 – Dec 23, 1999First command ever in the Navy. It was quite an experience. Definitely would like to relive some amazing times that were had! Fair winds, fellas!!
Rachal, JoelUSS Asheville (SSN 758)LTNavigatorJul 1989 – Dec 1991Plankowner -- Glad to see some names of ex-shipmates. Who's got the plankowners plaque?
Rachal, JoelUSS Grayling (SSN 646)LTRCA, DCA, CommoJun 1983 – Sep 1986Lot's of fun on the old Graything -- good to see so many names, remember all the good times - what the hell was the name of that pub in Dunoon -- also Norway and Portsmouth! Got a chuckle out of seeing Big Al on the Larry King show!
Racheff, NickUSS Oriskany (CV 34)AC2 & AC1OCJun 10, 1963 – Dec 16, 1965The greatest CATCC Crew. A great ship's crew. Long 9 month deployments. Viet Nam losses including our POW CAG. We shall never forget them.
Racheff, NickUSS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)ACCOCOct 4, 1976 – Jul 11, 1978PRE COM Crew. OC Division CPO< Damage Control Team Leader Unit 75, Piped over the side & retired in July 1978. Great Ship and a great crew with the IKE Spirit.
Rachel, JohnUSS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17)LCDREngineer OfficerJul 1988 – Jul 1990Captain, Full Power in 60 minutes!
Rachel, WillieUSS Puget Sound (AD 38)GSE3R1994 – 1996The time aboard the Puget Sound was the most fun I ever had while I was in the Navy. We were so young. It was like a floating high school. I miss my shipmates.
Rachell, RichardUSS Kitty Hawk (CVA 63)ADR 3AIMDJul 1968 – Sep 1971Looking for names of officers who flew the C1A from 1968 to 1971 and/or crew members. Thanks!
Rachels, DjUSS Higgins (DDG 76)SH3 (SW)S-3Jan 1, 1999 – Jun 15, 2002PlankOwner I hated serving under CMD Ault. I couldn't stand serving under SH1 Rooks (though she is a good person when she isn't at work ;-) ) But besides that I miss all my monkeys; Phat Mike, White Mike, Tim,) Love you guys.
Rachels, DonaldFleet Sonar SchoolSOG3sonarDec 30, 1960 – Feb 15, 1963Best gunnery officer in the fleet. Med cruse 1962
Rachels, DonaldUSS Steinaker (DDR 863)SOG3SonarJan 15, 1961 – Feb 12, 1963Best gunnery officer in DESRON 26. Med cruse 1962 and Cuban Crisis. Great Crew, A lot of fun in Naples and cann france.
Rachels, Jesse B.USS Vulcan (AR 5)Outside Machinest Mate,3rd.Class7Apr 1, 1942 – Jan 1, 1945

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