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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Babcock, MarkUSS Midway (CV 41)BT1BMay 15, 1987 – May 1, 1991
Babcock, RichardUSS Sellers (DDG 11)E3Boatswaim mate1969 – 1973
Babcock, RickUSS Kalamazoo (AOR 6)SM-2Operations1979 – 1983The best Signalman in the Fleet came from the Zoo..... at least that's what The boys at Guantanamo bay said. We took a few battle E's. Operations rocked!!
Babcock, RonaldScreamin Eagles (VF 51)AZ3squadronFeb 1, 1965 – Jul 1, 1966is there anyone else that served aboard the USS Ticonderoga that is fighting the VA for agent orange comp?
Babcock, RonaldUSS Ticonderoga (CV 14)AZ3VF-511965 – 1966I served as the VF-51 ammo crew chief and I am wondering if any other flight deck crew member are suffering from agent orange illnesses. I have been fighting the VA for well over a year now for multiple illnesses.
Babcock, Rowland/rollyUSS Coral Sea (CV 43)CommanderOWMay 1980 – Aug 1982I enjoyed serving with a very special group of EWs while TAO/OW Division Officer. I hope everyone did well in life and in the Navy. Among my associates, I wonder what became of Ens. Willy Wright and LCDR Tim McCoy.
Babcock, RustyUSS Halyburton (FFG 40)ET2CE01Aug 4, 2000 – Nov 7, 2003
Babcock, StevenUSS Mississippi (CGN 40)Bm3 BABCOCK1st DivSep 15, 1980 – Sep 15, 1982Loved driving ole miss. Had that little wheel and a wraparound helm
Babcock, TimUSS Yorktown (CG 48)GMM2Sep 1983 – Aug 1, 1986Plankowner
Babcock, Wil (Bill)USS Hunley (AS 31)E-4Engine Room Aux boilers1970 – 1972Worked in the forward engine room on Aux boilers and fresh water evaporators. Sailed to Guam from Charleston. Had friends on the deck, communications and weapons. Anybody remember David Sanders (Sandy) from Salem Oregon, a surfer on Guam?
Babcock, William /mikeUSS Evans (DE 1023)BTFNEngineeringJan 2, 1971 – Jan 10, 1972
Babcox, RobertUSS Pensacola (LSD 38)NC1(AW/NAC)AdminApr 15, 1993 – Aug 30, 1995 My last ship before retiring from US Navy
Babcox, RobertUSS Forrestal (CV 59)AOANWeps AssemblyAug 1, 1977 – Sep 15, 1978 This was my First of many ships in my 21 year career and I will always have found memories.
Babcox, RobertUSS Brumby (FF 1044)OS1 (AW/NAC)OISep 15, 1982 – Oct 25, 1987
Babcox, RobertPatrol Squadron 11 (VP 11)AW2 (NACAucustic flight crewFeb 15, 1981 – Oct 25, 1982
Babcox, RobertUSS Trippe (FF 1075)NC1 (AW/NAC)AdminNov 15, 1987 – Dec 31, 1989
Babcox, RobertUSS Trippe (FF 1075)NC1(AW/AC)AdminApr 15, 1986 – Aug 27, 1989First Command as an NC went on to recruiting after my tour on Trippe, this was after 5 years on Brumby, 8 years at see long enough. She was a good ship great crew!
Babcox, RobertUSS Brumby (FF 1044)OS1(AW/NAC)OISep 15, 1982 – Apr 14, 1986First and only ship as an OS and first tin can.
Babcox, RobertUSS Forrestal (CV 59)AOANG1Aug 6, 1977 – Oct 15, 1979My first ship in the Navy man was it huge.
Babcox, RobertUSS Pensacola (LSD 38)NC1(AW/NAC)AdminAug 10, 1993 – Sep 20, 1995First and only Gator. Good ship and crew
Babe, EdUSS Roark (FF 1053)BT2BMay 3, 1972 – May 4, 1976Wish I could do it again.
Babe, EdUSS Roark (FF 1053)BT2EngJul 1, 1972 – Mar 3, 1976Still se J.T. Stevens and just found Bailey after 30 years.
Babel, CortneyUSS Ticonderoga (CG 47)GSM2 (SW)MPJan 20, 1998 – May 6, 2003
Babel, CortneyUSS Ticonderoga (CG 47)GSM2 (SW)MPJan 20, 1998 – May 6, 2003Currently in the Army National Guard. The old Navy days were great. I miss the Tico and all the friends I made. Warship Four Seven!!!
Babel, KrisUSS Frederick (LST 1184)SGTAAV PlatoonMay 1, 1998 – Apr 1, 2001Carat 2000 and many PTA/Bellows Ops
Babel, TomUSS Blue Ridge (LCC 19)DS2ODSep 16, 1976 – May 21, 1979
Baber, DennisUSS George Bancroft (SSBN 643)ET1Navigation1980 – 1984
Baber, GeorgeUSS Pensacola (LSD 38)DCFN/HT3RNov 15, 1970 – Jul 15, 1972 Pre-Com. training in Norfolk.(Plank Owner) On board for Commissioning in Boston, Mass. March 27,1971 (My 21st.birthday) Very cold, windy day, Mayor of Pensacola Fla. spoke at ceremony. I stayed on board until just before first Med cruise.
Baber, JoeUSS Dextrous (MCM 13)DC2ENG1995 – 1996What a great group of guys ship wide. Had an experience of a lifetime and gained some great friends.
Baber, RayUSS Clark (FFG 11)MS 3supply1983 – Aug 18, 1985hi all
Baber, StacyUSNS Andrew J. Higgins (T-AO 190)RM2COMMSAug 1, 1991 – Aug 10, 1992
Baber, StacyUSS Sterett (CG 31)RM2OCJun 14, 1989 – Jun 14, 1991loved serving with all you guys catch me at Whats up Mark and CJ. CJ tell marv hello
Baber, StephenUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)AQB3RVAH 141971 – 1971
Baber, StephenReconnaissance Attack Squadron 14 (RVAH 14)AQB3squadronNov 1, 1969 – Nov 15, 1971Looking for Dennis Keeler and L. Thomas Flood RVAH-14
Babiak, Jon MichaelUSS Cape St. George (CG 71)CTR1(SW/AW/NAC)OTSep 10, 2001 – Oct 14, 2003
Babiak, Jon MichaelUSS Sterett (CG 31)CTR1(SW/AW/NAC)BJun 10, 1990 – Jun 1, 1992was undesignated fireman recruit until subsequent transfer to CTR "A" school at Ft. Devens MA.
Babicz, Jim (Charlie Babicz From Rain Man)USS Fresno (LST 1182)DC2R1990 – 1992Few good times and remember many of you. Received my B.S. in Engineering, worked for the Automotive & Medical Device Industry. Currently work for the Defense/Aerospace Industry and live on the East Coast.
Babiera, Lesley ("babs")USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36)HM2MedicalSep 1990 – Mar 1992Great friends, good times, lifelong lessons...
Babiera, LorenUSS John Paul Jones (DDG 53)HM3NHApr 1995 – Apr 1998Overall, I had a pretty great time. But you should know that all of the constant whining that I heard from all of you drove me out of medicine! :-)
Babiera, LorenNaval Medical Clinic Pearl HarborHM2Preventive MedicineMay 1998 – Jun 2001Yep. If you knew me, then you know. If you didn't, then you don't.

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