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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Underwood, Keith UnderwoodUSS Hewitt (DD 966)STGSN1986 – 1988
Uithol, Gil (Gilman)USS Harold E. Holt (FF 1074)STGSN,STG3,STG2, STG1 ALMOST:( ,STGSN,STG3WAFeb 1982 – Nov 1986Hello to all who find this site! Those were some good and bad times, mostly good ! , but all were learning experiences! Still looking for my good friend Clif Lowe last seen florida? help any one? Take care all, those memories i will always cherish!
Ursetta, Eugene / GeneUSS Wisconsin (BB 64)STK 3CLASSJan 1956 – Feb 1957proud to have served, my youngest son is in navy now!!!! like to hear from any one from that time.
Uccello, MichaelUSS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654)STS-2SonarJan 13, 1972 – Dec 5, 1975Great duty from Bremerton to Rota. Softball Tournments, halfway nites, Ship clean up every Fridays @ 12:00. Afro to frizzy without trouble. Times to remember and proud to do it again !!!
Uebersetzig, U BeUSS Buffalo (SSN 715)STS2Weapons/SonarJan 1985 – Jul 1987
Urquiza, JavierUSS Asheville (SSN 758)STS2(SS)SonarSep 13, 2003 – Jan 5, 2008Time to open up WAF-180
Ustich, JohnUSS Will Rogers (SSBN 659)STS3SonarDec 1988 – Feb 1991My first sub. Qualified on her and did 4 patrols.
Ubry, JamesUSS Hartford (SSN 768)STS3/SSSonarJan 1994 – May 1997Plank Owner, Hell I am still alive. See you all at Decom!!
Urbanic, JamesUSNS Narragansett (T-ATF 167)THIRD MATEDeckMay 1994 – Oct 1994
Urbanic, JamesUSS Pecos (AO 65)THIRD MATEDeckOct 1992 – May 1993
Urbanic, JamesUSNS Pecos (T-AO 197)THIRD MATEDeckSep 1992 – May 1993My first ship as a Third Mate. Met a lot of great people. Learned a lot about life and going to sea there.
Ullrich, TimUSS Morton (DD 948)TM E3F 2Feb 1981 – Oct 1982I made the Morton's last West Pac. Serving on the Morton were some of the best times of my life. I went to the Joseph Strauss after the Morton, but the Morton holds my fondest memories. What a party!
Uria, ScottUSS Carney (DDG 64)TM1(SW)CAAug 28, 2003 – Jun 1, 2006That ship stayed "haze gray and underway" - Glad to be off that ship!!
Uria, ScottUSS Frank Cable (AS 40)TM2W1May 1, 1993 – Mar 1, 1995Good ship!!
Updegraff, RonaldUSS Aubrey Fitch (FFG 34)TM3OS2Jan 12, 1988 – Jun 22, 1990This was my first ,and last ship, I was on. I had good adventure on board. I am glad I got out at the end of my tour., RickieUSS Dixon (AS 37)TM3WeaponsJan 28, 1973 – Jan 28, 1974
Utter, PatrickUSS Oldendorf (DD 972)TM3CAApr 1991 – May 1994Great times conducting VBSS(1994).
Ulmen, MichaelUSS Skipjack (SSN 585)TMO3WeaponsApr 1975 – Oct 1978
Uriah, RichardUSS Shenandoah (AD 44)TMSN3rd div wepsDec 1994 – Jun 1997
Uria, ScottUSS Holland (AS 32)TMSR - TM3W-1 Torpedo ShopSep 17, 1989 – Feb 14, 1993Now a TM1(SW) at NAS Jax. The Holland was my first ship coming out of bootcamp and "A" School. A lot of good memories from that ship. Thats when the Navy was fun!!
Ukauka, Kimo "ukaduke"/ "alphabet"USS Ogden (LPD 5)US MARINE MSSG 11 AIR DEL./LSDLanding Support Det/ Air Delivery Det.1987 – 1988Crackin up at all the Ka-Raizy times. Schmukkah, Crafts Kerby Vacuum impression, Thaa SSNACK BAAH, Pickle's love for Pat Bennitar, Folk's impressions, Carney's Klap of the Yap, Gny.Hardwicks need 2 stay busy,Flippin d bird 2 d Russian Be
Usary, LynnUSS Oklahoma City (CL 91)V6CL-91Dec 22, 1944 – 1946Looking for pictures of Arnold Denver Wallace, from Gallipolis, OH He was born Nov 8, 1925 in Huntington, WV. I am looking for pictures of him. He was my brothers father and he never knew he had a son. DNA found him.
Ulucay, TugbayUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)WO3engineeringMar 11, 2007 –I'm enjoying my time on Big John.Everybody so cool.God Bless USA
Upshur, WayneUSS Henry Clay (SSBN 625)Y N1Admin1980 – 1982loved the times in Scotland and Germany-and the off crew in Charleston commuting to the Pentagon
Ulrich, RayUSS Bunker Hill (CV 17)Y2CK2Sep 1943 – May 1945Captain's Office
Underwood, ApryllUSS McKee (AS 41)YN1SHIPS OFFICE/DECK/Jun 30, 1999 – Aug 17, 2001
Upshaw, ZackeryUSS Callaghan (DDG 994)YN3NXJun 3, 1992 – Nov 15, 1993I was reminiscing over some past adventures and the Callaghan popped up strongly in mind. thinking of ther past and past friends, stay up you guys.
Urolia, AlphonsoUSS Austin (LPD 4)YN3Admin/XDec 21, 2000 – Oct 4, 2004It was an awesome command when I was there. I did a lot of growing while I was there.
Ussin, BrandonUSS Iwo Jima (LHD 7)YN3ExecDec 16, 2005 – Dec 1, 2008I AM IWO JIMA
Ullery, ChrisUSS Pargo (SSN 650)YNSNYEOMAN1977 – 1978
Ullery, ChristopherUSS Pargo (SSN 650)YNSNShips OfficeSep 1, 1977 – Aug 15, 1978Was sad to hear about Paul Conway and Bill Cross. Does anyone know how Tony Womak is doing?
Upchurch, David (Chuck)USS Acadia (AD 42)YNSNAdmin and Repair RQFeb 1982 – Sep 1985Was onboard for first two westpacs.
Upton, MatthewUSS Kentucky (SSBN 737)YNSNEXECUTIVEJul 8, 2005 –"Take back the boat" as said on the pod after erp.... and oh yeah where is Winston Churchhill from A the alamo b ww2 france or c i do not care
Upton, MatthewUSS Kentucky (SSBN 737)ynsnexecAug 2005 – Jul 2006
Urich, CarlUSS Dale (CG 19)YNSR TO YN3Executive1981 – 1985
Urich, CarlUSS Dale (CG 19)YNSR TO YN3X1981 – 1985I reported to USS DALE when it was in the yards in Charleston. It was a good ship and I had a lot of good times!

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