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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Nutt, TerryUSS Jesse L. Brown (FF 1089)FTG3Fire Control TechnicianJul 1976 – Aug 1979Some of the best times of my life. Saw many places and countries I will never have the chance to see again. Crossing the equator twice was a real adventure in itself. Over 30 years later can still remember it all like it was yesterday.
Nutt, ThomasUSS Seattle (AOE 3)QM3navigationFeb 1972 – Jan 1974
Nutt, ThomasYP 654 (YP 654)QM2new owner of YP 654Sep 2009 – 1900purchased in sept'09. we keep the boat/ship in virginia. i'm interested in know folks that spent time on her or other YP's. need crew members too. contact is i was a quarter master on uss seattle tom
Nutt, TomUSS Seattle (AOE 3)QM3navigationFeb 1972 – Jan 1974
Nutt, WaltUSS Saipan (LHA 2)MM1The best OIL LAB EVER1999 – Jul 31, 2002Steaming forever
Nutt /weese, DanUSS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17)GMT33rd1985 – I would like to find some of the guys I served with and catch up
Nuttall, MichaelUSS Zephyr (PC 8)DC3 (ESWS)EngJul 1994 – Dec 1996This was my first and only command in the Navy and I couldn't have asked for a better ship or crew. Best in the fleet!
Nuttbrock, MichaelUSS Fort McHenry (LSD 43)OS2Dec 28, 1989 – Jun 25, 1993Good times on the Fort Mac - Im in Oregon now and still see a few of the old crew - Look me up if you have time - Remember the good old days on West Pac - 93 days at sea - Fun Fun Fun ---
Nutter, BenUSS Merrill (DD 976)STG3combatDec 1995 – Jan 1998I dearly loved this ship and the time spent in service aboard. The Merrill and her crew will be among my fondest memories of my lifetime.
Nutter, BenUSS Merrill (DD 976)stgsnsonar1995 – 1997
Nutter, Ben J.USS Merrill (DD 976)STGSN1996 – 1998
Nutter, Benjamin Andrew "Andy"USS Comte De Grasse (DD 974)SK3supplyAug 1985 – Aug 1987
Nutter, BrianUSS Inchon (MCS 12)EM3Jul 4, 1977 – Oct 1, 1980
Nutter, ChrisUSS The Sullivans (DDG 68)YN2(SW)NAV/ADMINDec 19, 1996 – May 9, 2000
Nutter, GaryUSS Julius A. Furer (FFG 6)EM3RMar 3, 1969 – Dec 30, 1970First Ship, and had a great crew. Nice living conditions.Still in contact with some old shipmates from that ship.
Nutter, JackUSS Turner Joy (DD 951)MMFNM DivisionSep 1967 – Nov 1968
Nutter, JackUSS Forrestal (CVA 59)ET1OEDec 16, 1971 – Dec 6, 1972I came aboard the night the second fire started in the Admirals quarters and spread to CIC. It was an interesting time...cutting holes in the ship to get radar consoles out and training school consoles in...
Nutter, JohnUSS Shangri-La (CV 38)SM2CSJan 1968 – Jan 1971
Nutter, KeithUSS Trenton (LPD 14)ABH 3AIRAug 11, 1972 – Mar 24, 1976Some of the greatest times of my life, were on board the Trenton, the places we went, I never thought of seeing and serving with some of the finest people, I had the pleasure of knowing and remembering. Hi guys
Nutter, MikeUSS Boston (SSN 703)RM2/SSRadioJun 1984 – Sep 1987Good times, Good people, Working for Raytheon in Balt/DC area.
Nutter, PattyUSS Hunley (AS 31)IM2R-2Mar 1985 – Jun 1987I worked in the Calibration Lab with some fun shipmates. Had a great time in Scotland.
Nutter, RandallUSS Nathanael Greene (SSBN 636)MS/SN/SSsupplyAug 26, 1974 – Jul 26, 1981the psychedelic man / who cooked on ssbn 636 and ssbn 616 and ssbn 659 served 12 years goes to electronic tech. school and served ssn 595 my new name is prof. randles psychedelic tompkins at p.o. box 18010 spokane, wa. 99228 phone is 509-701-5683
Nutter, RolandUSS Neosho (AO 143)ET-2OperationSep 1975 – May 1978
Nutter, RolandNaval Submarine Base New LondonET-1ESM ShopJun 1978 – Jun 1980
Nutter, SteveUSS Shreveport (LPD 12)EM2E divisionSep 1973 – Apr 1976
Nutter, WaltUSS Schenectady (LST 1185)EN-1Jun 29, 1976 – 1977Was a good ship I was only on the ship for a short time, A lot of good people on board I remember a few seeger for one all the best to all hands
Nutter, Jr, HarveyUSS John F. Kennedy (CVA 67)ABE3V2Feb 1, 1970 – Aug 21, 1973v2 yeoman twice deck edge opr and engine opr and ppo also side cleaned
Nutting, JacobUSS Augusta (SSN 710)MMFN (SS)A-GANGOct 26, 2005 –
Nutting, John C.USS Shamrock Bay (CVE 84)LIEUTENANTMar 15, 1944 – Aug 15, 1945My Grandfather who was a LT in the radio shop. He served on the USS West Point at the beginning of the war.
Nutting, Larry profile iconUSS Flint (AE 32)LT (03)Supply DeptSep 20, 1973 – Sep 25, 1975SuppO - Depl 2 and 3 - Relieved LT Fortin. Lots of people: LTJG Campbell, SKCM Llabres, MSC James, MS1 Zelenski, SH2 Bingham, SH2 Helge, DK3 Ferrera, CDR Ferguson, LCDR Newman, LCDR Uber, LT Peters, LT Haaf, LT Moomey
Nutting, MichaelUSS Coronado (LPD 11)ET1OEJul 1982 – Jun 1985
Nutting, William (Ace)USS Marvin Shields (FF 1066)BT 3B Div1980 – 1982Some of the best friends I ever had B and M division true snipes and brothers the last time we were all together was at the west Pac fare well party we had at my place that lasted for 3 days tex, Archie, cowboy, Isaacs,
Nuttle, ChrisUSS Detroit (AOE 4)ras1982 – 1985You always remember the good time,like wine at sea!
Nuttle, WilliamUSS Nimitz (CVN 68)ET-2Reactor/RCJun 1982 – Oct 1984
Nutz, RickUSS Cleveland (LPD 7)HT2R1977 – Aug 8, 1980Awesome ship. Had alot of good friends aboard. I see she is to be decommissioned this year.
Nuusolia/nuu, Aivale/samUSS Acadia (AD 42)MM3MAug 1985 – Jun how time flies..wat wonders wen u google had a great time on acadia, the people, the multipersonalities fr all ova the U.S., jus work'n in the "PIT", n securing water throughout the ship..rite Datuin n Tim L.
Nuzzi, JohnUSS Albany (CG 10)SK-3SupplyOct 1977 – Jul 1979First time I was ever away from my family. First year was hell but the second year in Geata was a blast.
Nuzzi, MichaelUSS Shenandoah (AD 44)MMFNENG RMay 1986 – May 1988
Nuzzi, TonyUSS William V. Pratt (DDG 44)GMC(SW)CGDec 1980 – Apr 1990I was honored to serve on William V. twice in the missile house.
Nuzzo, Frederick <rick>USS Grayling (SSN 646)rm3/ssradioman1974 – 1976the best time of my life. wish i stayed in navy 20 years. would not trade them for anything

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