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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Odle, William Hell Razors (VA 174)AT2squadronAug 1974 – Aug 1975A7 A,B,C, and E avionics tech
Olbes, Edgar LThunderbolts (VA 176)PN1 - PNCAdmin/PersNov 1976 – Nov 1979Deployed to the Mediterranean on board the USS America (CV-66) and USS Independence (CV-62)
Ormanovich, Rudy JrThunderbolts (VA 176)AE3squadron1982 – 1984Greetings to all old friends" would enjoy hearing from some of ya's
Ocasio, AlfonsoNighthawks (VAQ 33)AMEANsquadronAug 8, 1983 – May 29, 1986While stationed at Key West worked at the flight line and with GSE. After the Navy, went to school and studied airway science, worked as a flight instructor and flew regional jets , retired .
Ochsenbein, RichardNighthawks (VAQ 33)Ame-3Aviation structural mechanic safety equipment1973 – Jun 1979Just retired Three years ago from teaching and being a high school Principal. Enjoying life in WV with family. Wish my old mates well & would enjoy hearing from anyone- all good memories!
Oconnor, OakeyNighthawks (VAQ 33)AE2squadronOct 3, 1969 – Dec 15, 1971I miss all my shipmates from VF-62 and VAQ-33. I've found a few on facebook but not near as many as I remember from both squadrons.
Olson, Michael (Mike)Scorpions (VAQ 132)ADJ?1972 – 1973Looking for others that served during the Vietnam tour.
Ogrodnik, DonaldWizards (VAQ 133)AasquadronMar 1969 – Jun 1970Let's talk
Oliver, RandyWizards (VAQ 133)AT2squadron1978 – 1981
Oates, BrettBlack Ravens (VAQ 135)AM3squadronNov 2003 – Feb 19, 2008
Onate, DanielGauntlets (VAQ 136)AZ3squadronAug 28, 1994 – Jun 10, 1998
Osburne, Ronald/Bats (VAW 12)amh2maintenanceDec 15, 1961 – Jul 15, 1962I was trained as a radar operator (airborne) when I reported to VAW-12,and made several deployments, the first being on the Enterprise's first cruise to Gitmo Bay. I would appreciate any connection to my shipmates .
Ownby, JimZappers (VAW 13)ATN2AvionicsDec 1964 – Jan 1967Made two tours to West Pac, June 65-Dec 65 and Mar 66-Sep 66. Looking to hear from any shipmates that served during this time frame.
Oliver, LarrySun Kings (VAW 116)ATANsquadronOct 1981 – May 1983Grateful to the Navy and the Ranger for taking me places I would have never seen.
Obryant, LawrenceGray Hawks (VAW 120)AM3Corrosion ControlJul 2006 – Jul 200812C
Olson, MelWolfpack (VF 1)AD3Power Plants1979 – 1982USS Ranger WestPac-IO (Shellback) 2 each “Beer-Days”
Oaks, FreddieTophatters (VF 14)AMH2squadronApr 5, 1973 – Dec 17, 1976it was along time ago but we had one helluva time
Orlando, PaulFreelancers (VF 21)E5CommissaryOct 1, 1966 – Jul 10, 1970
Ott, John (DoughboyTomcatters (VF 31)E4squadron1970 – 1973
O'Flaherty, Keary profile iconSwordsmen (VF 32)AO3Ordnance Shop 1992 – 19941st Squadron to certify TOMs with Bombs. U.S.S. John F. Kennedy - Carrier Air Patrol - Operation Provide Promise. Great Ordnance Shop with highly motivated sailors. SAVE THE KENNEDY!
Ouellette, OmeletSwordsmen (VF 32)IS5squadronFeb 1, 1982 – Jul 20, 1985Hey Everyone, Just checking out this new site and see who else was stationed at VF-32, VF-14 or VA-87 in the 80's or deployed on the USS Independence...I was there from 81-85...
Omeara, JohnScreamin Eagles (VF 51)AMH3AirframesApr 12, 1972 – Apr 24, 1975
Oconnor, OakeyBoomerangs (VF 62)AE3squadronOct 3, 1968 – Aug 1, 1969After graduating from AEA school at NATTC Jax, I joined VF-62 at NAS Ciecel Field where we were supposed to be on shore duty for two years. BUT the Forrestal blew up and the Shang had to go to the med.
O'Brien, Mike Ob profile iconBe - Devilers (VF 74)AMS-2Air Frames, line Division POMay 1984 – Nov 1984I was TAD to Ships Master-at-arms for the 84 cruise from VF-74, what skate duty.
Obrien, ObBe - Devilers (VF 74)AMS-2squadronNov 30, 1981 – Jan 5, 1985I did 1982 and 1984 med cruise's. Worked the line devision, Air Frames, Corrosion Control, and ships Master-At-Arms Worked on both F-4 Phantoms, and F-14's, take a Phantom any day.
Olds, WallaceBe - Devilers (VF 74)AE4VF-741965 – 1968
Otis, AlanJolly Rogers (VF 84)AMESixth fleetJul 1979 – Aug 1981THE FINAL COUNTDOWN ,GONZO 144 days 100 days 2 BEERS
Orlando, Louis profile iconSilver Kings (VF 92)E5VF 921971 – 1973great group of guys - proud to have served with you !
Oglesby, JamesPacemakers (VF 121)E3squadronAug 1972 – Jul 1973Assigned to VF 121 right out of AE school in Jacksonville, FL First job was making coffee for Chief's & Officers before training on F4's. Applied for AOCS and was accepted and was sent to Pensacola for AOCS.
Olan, A profile iconBandits (VF 126)ADJ3Pp EBUMar 1973 – Mar 1976Tad fuel farms, octagon, 3rd class PO Plane captain TA4j flight-line, engine build-up EBU Shack.
Oravec, LouisVigilantes (VF 151)amh2line troubleshooter1960 – 1962like to hear from anyone on coral sea aon 1960-61cruise. need squadron pics. on pages 250-254. cruisebook
Olmos, GarryChargers (VF 161)AZ3squadronNov 24, 1974 – Jan 15, 1976One of the Highlights of being in this squadron was that I made my first arrested landing when I came onboard and I also made my 1st Catapault take off, when I transferred. I was involved in Operation Frequent wind, plus
Orther, BobChargers (VF 161)AE3squadronOct 15, 1975 – Oct 31, 1977I was a member of theVF-161 Chargers and was on the USS Midway from oct 1975 till Oct 31 1977. I was glad when my tour was over, but I miss it now. Where is AD2 Drinkwater?
Oleary, PhilFighting Checkmates (VF 211)AD2squadron1980 –Worked 1st LT Connie, Ranger, Kittyhawk, all 3 cruises working for the "Master Chief".
Olson, OlyBlack Lions (VF 213)AD3Power plantJul 4, 1979 – Jul 4, 1983
Ondrusek, RonaldGladiators (VFA 106)YN1Admin1987 – 1991
Obryant, LawrencePukin' Dogs (VFA 143)AM3AirframesSep 2008 – Jan 2009One of the best commands I have served with!!!
Odom, JohnnyTigers (VP 8)abh2lineJun 1971 – Dec 1974
O'Flaherty, Keary profile iconPatrol Squadron 23 (VP 23)AO3Ordnance Shop / CAC 101988 – 19901st Navy Command as Naval Aircrewmen. CAC 10 On Tour. Great Lifetime Experience in the Rugged State of Maine closing out the Cold War.
Osborn, TimothyPro's Nest (VP 30)SNDraftingAug 1, 1998 – Mar 22, 2000

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