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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Owens, BobbyUSS San Juan (SSN 751)ET1(SS)Radio/CommsJun 2002 – Dec 2005Had a blast! I can't believe it, but I actually miss some of that stuff. We were by far the best comms division around in those days! Developing curriculum and pursuing a master's degree.
Oglesbee, Dr. Barry L.USS Pasadena (SSN 752)EM1/SSElectricalAug 1987 – Sep 1989Launched/Plankowner EO/SRO aboard Pasadena - Greetings to all my old shipmates! Please feel free to contact me if you wish. All the best to crewmembers past and present!
Ommert, TimmyUSS Pasadena (SSN 752)MM2 (SS)RLOct 2000 – Oct 2004As bad as it seemed, I have some very fond memories of the time I spent on the 'dena. Now loving life as a free man. Everyone take care and God bless.
Ommert, TimmyUSS Pasadena (SSN 752)MM2RLOct 22, 2000 – Nov 4, 2004Good times, Good people
O'Neill, JasonUSS Albany (SSN 753)SK3/SSStorekeepingDec 12, 1995 – Jun 1999Miss The Boys from the Lower Level. Snacks if U R out there miss U. Zink Hope U & my Kids R doing OK.
Olson, MikeUSS Albany (SSN 753)HM3hm/ deckMar 25, 2001 – Aug 6, 2004
Overfield, NormUSS Albany (SSN 753)MM1(SS)RLJun 1991 – Apr 21, 1994Ahh, the good ol' days... Naples, La Mad, Gibraltar, Bergen, Faslane... great beer and better times in all of 'em!
Overholtzer, TimothyUSS Albany (SSN 753)MM1(SS)MachineryOct 13, 2000 – Mar 3, 2005I have alot of great and lousy memories. I miss many of my friends. Please contact just to chat at
Owen, JosephUSS Albany (SSN 753)STS3/SSSonar1992 – 1994What a bunch of nuts, but I wouldn't trade them for the world.
Olivas, JoeUSS Topeka (SSN 754)MM2M1999 – 2003Was a stupid kid then, but I learned many life lessons while on that boat, from some great people, that will always stick with me; and have helped me find success outside the Navy. Props to M-DIV, RL-DIV, and IRIS!!! Golden Millenium, baby!
Osborne, OzzieUSS Topeka (SSN 754)CS3/SScook2002 – 2005fun at times and at times not so much fun miss all the cooks though
Owen, LanceUSS Topeka (SSN 754)E6SonarFeb 1994 – 1997
Ortiz, KristianUSS Scranton (SSN 756)STSSNSONARJan 11, 2006 – Jan 11, 2007HAD A GREAT TIME IN THE LITTLE TIME I WAS THERE...
Odonnell, RonaldUSS Asheville (SSN 758)RMCS(SS)RadioNov 15, 1989 – Dec 15, 1991precommed her and made master chief aboard her
Olson, DavidUSS Asheville (SSN 758)MM2(SS)MNov 1, 1989 – Oct 5, 1993Plankowner
Obermiller, ObyUSS Jefferson City (SSN 759)MM2a-gangDec 7, 2002 – Feb 28, 2006good times and great memories
Ohaire, BillyUSS Annapolis (SSN 760)MM3A-GANG1998 – 2000
Okane, DanielUSS Annapolis (SSN 760)CSSNcsJan 1, 2006 – Nov 21, 2006
O'Donnell, Jr "Od"USS Springfield (SSN 761)STS1SONARFeb 22, 2002 – Apr 15, 2004Day after Duty Dawg!!!
O'Leary, BillUSS Springfield (SSN 761)RM1/SSRadioMay 1, 1991 – Jan 2, 1994Plankowner and first Radioman attached. Got to be close friends with TM1/SS Pat LeBlanc & TM3 Cardona. We had some really good guys & a great Emergency Blow run. Doc hated I kept breaking rules but loved our swim calls.
Ozment, DustinUSS Springfield (SSN 761)SEAMAN SONARsonarJul 8, 2008 –
O'Donnell, ErikUSS Columbus (SSN 762)MM2Jul 31, 2003 –
Oldberg, Big Fat DaveUSS Columbus (SSN 762)MM2/SSM2001 – 2004Loving life in civ nuc world. Getting OT pay is great! The ShortBus was a strange ride, & I'm glad it ended, but I worked with some of the best men I've ever met. Some of the worst too, but to hell with em. Missing HI in OH now, but the
O'Donnell, Jr "Od"USS Santa Fe (SSN 763)STSCSTOct 9, 2007 –O'Dizzle
Outlaw, DavidUSS Santa Fe (SSN 763)SK3SKApr 21, 2008 –
O'Leary, ThomasUSS Boise (SSN 764)ET1/SSRC LPOApr 1993 – Jan 1997Did the northern run, but left before the second one which turned out to be a Med run even though we trained for up north. Logroom yoeman after Plowfield slacked off there. Finish out in USNR (24 yrs total). Licensed civilian Rx Oper in PA.
Ouzts, EricUSS Boise (SSN 764)STSCSonarOct 27, 1992 – Apr 11, 1997
Oliver, DuaneUSS Montpelier (SSN 765)ET1/SSReactor Control1994 – 1997Good time with good people!
O'Neill, MichaelUSS Charlotte (SSN 766)MM2/SSA Gang1992 – 1995
O'Brien, MichaelUSS Hampton (SSN 767)MM1(SS)M-DivAug 1991 – Jan 1994Played lots of Hearts and Spades during the first couple months of initial manning. Got a little more intense from there...
Obert, StevenUSS Hampton (SSN 767)LTCombat SystemsJan 16, 2001 – Dec 23, 2003Great memories from the good ship Hampton. I'm now at law school in DC -- heard there was an opening for an a-gang public defender.
Ogaz, Michael (Bbm)USS Hartford (SSN 768)MM2 (e-5)M1992 – 1997plankowner, good crew, good times
Oriordan, Brian profile iconUSS Hartford (SSN 768)STS1 (SS)Sonar1992 – 1995Plank owner. Great Crew, miss you all.
Oviatt, JohnUSS Hartford (SSN 768)ET1(SS/SW)Reactor Controls2001 – 2002
O'Donnell, Craig "odie"USS Toledo (SSN 769)MDec 1992 – Apr 1997Plankowner - First nuke on board!
Ostrander, JayUSS Toledo (SSN 769)MM1/SSM1992 – Jan 1995Plank Owner - out of the Navy and working for Mazak Machine Tool Company.
O'Brien, PhilUSS Tucson (SSN 770)LTElectrical, CRA, CommoOct 1994 – Nov 1997Plankowner
O'Connell, ChrisUSS Columbia (SSN 771)CS3(SS)CSMar 2003 – Aug 2007
Ochoa, Paco The Greates Mexican NavigatorUSS Columbia (SSN 771)ET2NAVIGATIONJun 6, 2003 – Jan 25, 2008
Odom, AnthonyUSS Columbia (SSN 771)E-3SonarDec 7, 2002 – May 25, 2004Long live Sonar! Smoken the pole. Norton, harders, peace out guys i love ya. Person I STILL GOT MORE SKILL THAN YOU. peace out sonar.

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