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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Qualls, StephenUSS Hunley (AS 31)MR3 R-2 shop 31A inside Machine shopFeb 1976 – May 1979 I do it again, Good friends and lots of work.
Qualls, WilliamUSS Manitowoc (LST 1180)ET3ops1991 – 19932 beautiful cruises and one sad decom..
Qualls, William Bill "Pappy"USS Chukawan (AO 100)EM-2E GangMay 1956 – Nov 1959I did three tours in the Mediterranean, survived Hurricane Bonnie...would love to hear from any shipmates
Qualter, LarryUSS Ticonderoga (CVA 14)AMH 3AIMD/IM2Apr 1, 1969 – Nov 5, 2000Spent some great times on Tico from Sasebo,Cubi Point,Hong Kong,Long Beach and San Diego. Worked with some great folks. Went thru Long Beach conversion from CVA to CVS and worked at Torrance Supply Depot doing inventory of all aviation gear
Qualter, LarryUSS Ticonderoga (CV 14)AMH 3AIMD/IM2Apr 7, 1969 – Nov 5, 1970Wrkedo in AIMD's Hydraulic shop near fantail. In drydock went TAD to Supply Depot in Torrence doing inventory of aviation gear. Remember guys stole Kitty Hawks mascoot and had Tico Tiger eating it.
Quam, CharlesUSS Indianapolis (SSN 697)MM1/SSA-GangerJun 1992 – Dec 1997I are A-Ganger
Quam, ChristopherUSS Fife (DD 991)STG3CSOct 1984 – Jun 1987
Quam, GaryUSS Guadalcanal (LPH 7)YN3Admin1966 – 1968Worked in the Captain's Office.
Quammen, Robert (Bob)USS Bainbridge (DLGN 25)FTM-1FoxJan 18, 1962 – Nov 1, 1963 Plank owner!!! Shook hands with Hyman Rickover once before we were commissioned. I remember Kekela, Knouse, Canada, Coe, Pops Shaw, Shane, Ruehl--great crew--great ship.
Quammen, Robert (Bob)USS George K. MacKenzie (DD 836)FT2FoxMay 31, 1958 – Jan 1, 1961Homeported at first at Long Beach, California. Homeport changed to Yokosuka, Japan early in 1960. I remember Joe Chlost, Norbert Victor Ambrose, Hugh McDonald who became a Catholic Priest. Big Steve, Little Steve
Quammen, Robert (Bob)USS Robison (DDG 12)WO-1FoxApr 4, 1966 – Jul 1967I was Fox Division Officer, Missile Officer and Fire Control Officer. Relieved Lt. Al Ertl off the coast of S. Vietnam during shore bombardment in anger. My first assignment as an Officer.
Quan, LocUSS Lassen (DDG 82)BM2/E-5OD01Aug 1, 2000 – Jan 1, 2004
Quandt, JeffreyUSS Kidd (DDG 993)E-5/EW2OESep 1990 – Sep 1994
Quandt, StephenUSS Leonard F. Mason (DD 852)MS3SupplyJun 13, 1974 – Aug 26, 1976
Quaney, FrankUSS Passumpsic (AO 107)RM3Operations1963 – Apr 1964Looking to contact Richard B Rossman and Lance Lipke or any other mate I served with.
Quant, JimUSS Jouett (CG 29)TM1CA1989 – 1991
Quante, DavidUSS White Plains (AFS 4)E-4DeckFeb 1989 – 1992Wow, what a memory. I don't think I could mention everything in this space provided. I have a lot of memories from that time frame. I was sad when I heard she was sunk.
Quante, DavidUSS Whidbey Island (LSD 41)Deck1994 – 1999Whats up Whidbey Island. Wow some of the names I see bring back memories. Well I got out in 2001 and became a cop. Still in the reserves!
Quantic, DavidUSS Alamo (LSD 33)BTE3bJan 1980 – Aug 1984
Quantrille, MarieUSS Normandy (CG 60)FC2CODec 19, 2000 – Feb 13, 2004First ship, first cruise. Had some fun, wouldn't go back, but the time spent onboard was memorable.
Quaranta, Elizabeth (Libby)USS Emory S. Land (AS 39)DP3S-8Jul 31, 1988 –
Quarcini, AnthonyUSS Piedmont (AD 17)OS2O I divisionMar 1, 1974 – Sep 27, 1977
Quardokus, TimUSS Jason (AR 8)ET1R-4Jul 1984 – Oct 1987Great Crew, Great Times! Two West Pac's, One Collision, A Million Memories.
Quarles, Anthony(Olde-man) profile iconUSS Mount Vernon (LSD 39)MS3/ E4SUPPLY S-2 / S-5Apr 4, 1992 – Apr 1997FIRST SHIP EVER,HAD A BLAST OOH WHAT MEMORIES
Quarles, Anthony(Olde-man) profile iconUSS Nassau (LHA 4)CS2(SW)/E5S2/S5Feb 9, 2000 – Apr 9, 2004LOVED THIS SHIP(MANY CRUISES) CAPT GREEN WAS THE BEST CAPT I EVER SERVED UNDER
Quarles, CharlesUSS Edson (DD 946)E22nd Division GunnerAug 13, 1968 –If any of my buddies remember me Please contact me, would like to hear from you. Also I have been looking for Gene Bennett for many years.
Quarles, JeffUSS Fox (CG 33)GMC (SW)CGFeb 1987 – Sep 1991Best Ship, Best men, Best Times, Best Gun, but most of all Best Friends. Our Division: Bamma, Rat, Dave, Smitty, Big Oats, Rod, Bobby (John Wayne), Oscar, Dan, Brian and GMCM Fox
Quarles, JeffUSS Independence (CV 62)v-4 fuelsMar 1985 – Nov 27, 1988Some of the greatest times of my life on the Indy and didn't even realize it until I was gone..Hung out with Darren Sayles, Dennis Gareau, Kelly Skeels, Rick Rice, Gappy, Jeff from Powahtan Va, and many others.
Quarles, JeffUSS Independence (CV 62)E-5v-4 fuelsMar 18, 1985 – Nov 27, 1988
Quarles, JeffUSS Independence (CV 62)ABF2V-4 Air deptApr 11, 1985 – Nov 28, 1988
Quarles, JonUSS Milwaukee (AOR 2)SNfirstJan 27, 1984 – Jan 10, 1986sorry for the tough time i gave to the navy!it took me a few more years to grow a great father,husband & provider for my family.wats up mike jacks & dave sargent?
Quarles, LanitaUSS Lexington (AVT 16)E-3Boatsimate and storekeeperMay 1, 1980 – Feb 16, 1984I am looking for Stephanie Miller, Beatrice Beridon and Cythnia Duhe, Ronale Lee Allen, my son Justin Quarles father and my Husband, Michael Anthony Stewart. I live in Hawthorne CA now and have a 20 month old grandchild.
Quarles, LarryUSS Kinkaid (DD 965)AMS E-5HSL-35 North IslandSep 8, 1978 – Dec 29, 1979Greatest West Pac, Everyone was family. Airdales/blackshoes we were all one. Great bunch of guys and Officers. Now a ShellBack. 55yrs old now but would go back inheartbeat. God Bless all the sailors on that ship.
Quarles, LawUSS Guardian (MCM 5)EM3Deck/ENG1998 – 2001Now that I’m on the other side, I can look back and say I had a lot of fun on the Guardian. We partied hard and tore down ports so bad that they couldn’t deny us (even though we were a small ship).
Quarles, MichaelUSS McCloy (DE 1038)E-2SHIPS SERVICESep 28, 1968 – Feb 5, 1970I WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT FELLOW SHIPMATES
Quarles, QUSS Nashville (LPD 13)Sh3S-3Jan 21, 1997 – Dec 14, 1997That was my last Ship what wonderful memories I have from that Med cruise.
Quarles, ScottUSS Nimitz (CVN 68)ABF-3/E-4Fuels / V-4Jun 1976 – Feb 1979Just missed plankowner.Still feel like one. Made 1st and 2nd med. cruise. Three of the longest years of my life spent on this ship, but glad I did it! I still boast about going halfway around the world going East.(Hifa). Favorite port was Portsmith.
Quarles, Theron , IIUSS Blue Ridge (LCC 19)OS2OIApr 22, 1986 – Apr 22, 1989Some of the greatest years of my life were served onboard the Blue Ridge, many friends made along the way as well.
Quarm, "Doc"..USS Bowen (FF 1079)HMC(SW)xJan 1, 1986 – Jan 1, 1990
Quarm, "Doc"..USS Jason (AR 8)HN-HM2Medical1972 – 1975Was the Operating Room Tech on board. Had a great Sick Bay crew. Remember the "Jet Plane" Dr. Feinstein? Did two "6 month" West Pacs, but each were closer to 11 months.

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