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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Babb, RonaldUSS Thomas C. Hart (DE 1092)ETR2OPERATIONS1976 – 1978
Babb, VernonUSS Bowen (FF 1079)MS1S-21991 – 1993Just wanted to say I enjoyed my tour. We in the supply department were like family, especially SH1 Dabbs my good friend and shipment.
Babb, VernonUSS La Moure County (LST 1194)MS1/E-6S-2/SuplyJun 1997 – Jun 2000I really met a lot of good people on board. The cruise in '98 was great. Looking foward to hearing from the old crew.
Babb, VincentUSS Oldendorf (DD 972)PN3Admin/XOJan 16, 1986 – Nov 29, 1987Had some wonderful times on OLY. Would like to get in contact with any of my old buddies pls email me. I am still living here in Japan.
Babbin, Bill profile iconUSS Luce (DDG 38)BT2BMar 1983 – 1985
Babbington, James/flufUSS Sturgeon (SSN 637)STSsonarApr 1, 1978 – Apr 1, 1982
Babbitt, DaneUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)AT3IM-3Apr 2003 – Oct 2006
Babbitt, Edwin Robert Jr.USS Antietam (CV 36)??1945 –My father was aboard the USS Antietam in 1945, 1946 we believe. If anyone knew him, what he did aboard ship, etc. please contact me at I am working on genealogy for the Babbitt family. Thanks!
Babbitt, KenUSS William V. Pratt (DDG 44)STG2ASWJan 6, 1976 – May 1979
Babbitt, MargaretUSS Deyo (DD 989)LTJGOPSAug 11, 2002 – Nov 9, 2003I miss everyone I served with. DEYO was the best ship out there.
Babbitt, MarkUSS Blue Ridge (LCC 19)FTG33rdNov 20, 1977 – Feb 18, 1980
Babbs, ElmerUSS MacDonough (DDG 39)PC3Postal ClerkFeb 5, 1974 – Feb 17, 1977Living in South Bend, IN I have been to a couple of the ships reunions. Working for the USPS now.
Babcock, AnthonyUSS Vandegrift (FFG 48)EN2E-2 / A-GANGJun 1988 – Sep 1990FUN TIMES IN LONG BEACH.
Babcock, AnthonyUSS Thach (FFG 43)ENCA-Gang2001 – 2005Good times onboard mighty war ship 43. I never forget my tour on THACH.
Babcock, Anthony (Tony)USS Proteus (AS 19)E-1 / ENFRAft Eng Rm1986 – 1988Great times back then. I was a fresh ENFR out of "A' school now I'm A Senior Chief about to retire. I will never forget the "Old Pro" and the guys of the Aft engine room.
Babcock, BoundAssault Craft Unit 2 (ACU 2)E5/SM2SignalsMar 15, 2006 – Apr 20, 2009After I got out of the service I moved around. I tried to rekindle the shreds of a failed marriage to no avail. I went to college and completed a four year degree. As far as I can see that degree is useless.
Babcock, BruceUSS Estocin (FFG 15)LT (O-3)ORDO, CICO, OPS (Acting)Jun 1985 – Apr 1989
Babcock, BulldogUSS Pollack (SSN 603)STS3SonarMar 1986 – Jan 1988Great learning curve with the Sonar crew; Tracy Brown, Jeff Woods, Mitch, Spaceman. Not to forget the Scroggy, Leedy and big Boheaka Mickelson
Babcock, ChrisUSS Santa Fe (SSN 763)MM2/SSAApr 28, 2005 – May 12, 2007I agree with the TAG remark. Longest two years of my life. Working under MMCMC made life unbearable at all times. EAOS let the journey end.
Babcock, ChrisUSS Charlotte (SSN 766)MM2/SSA-gangJul 30, 1997 – Jan 5, 2002They say you always remember your first time. I will always look back on my time aboard the charlotte with fond memories. Cluver, Hemmis, Munds, Gecko, Dum-ronhovdee, and even jimmy lake and tony bart. Miss you all! (except you hovdee)
Babcock, ChuckUSS Recovery (ARS 43)SH2SupplyAug 15, 1979 – May 13, 1983 Some of the best times of my youth were spent on the "Big R".I made some very good friends,some more like brothers,you know who are.
Babcock, CraigUSS Cormorant (MHC 57)SK1SupplyJul 19, 1996 – Aug 6, 1997Ship's 1st Stores. I'm very thankful for the memories I shared with my fellow enlisted Plankowners. I'm more thankful I've been able 2 4get my experiences with the officers! Just Joking! I hope all is well in your worlds. God Bless
Babcock, CurtisUSS Joseph Strauss (DDG 16)FTG2GM1973 – 1977Hey guys. Just looking to get in touch with some of my old Navy buddies and see how life has treated them. Made some of the best friends of my life and would like to reconnect with them.
Babcock, DanielUSS Nicholson (DD 982)MSSAS-1Oct 10, 1999 – Jul 13, 2000
Babcock, DavidUSS Franklin D Roosevelt (CVA 42)E5REPAIRAug 15, 1966 – Mar 10, 1970
Babcock, DennyUSS Connole (FF 1056)BMSN1st / DeckNov 10, 1973 – Aug 12, 1976Spent first 10 month in Philly Ship Yard, Carribean cruises, and part of a Med cruise. Met some really good people, and did alot of partying.
Babcock, DeweyUSS McKee (AS 41)E2Deck @Mar 1, 1981 – Dec 31, 1982The young, the Restless the McKee.
Babcock, EricUSS Constellation (CV 64)SgtVMFA-323Oct 1, 2002 – May 22, 2003
Babcock, EverettUSS Hoist (ARS 40)IC-2CommunicationsAug 20, 1957 – May 20, 1960does any one have the photo that was taken of the ship when we where iced up for couple days out side of Greenland in Oct.? 1959.they thought we were lost, couldn't radio. Was in New York Times, search plane took it.
Babcock, FrankUSS Enterprise (CVN 65)ANG1963 – 1964I was in flight deck ord. CAPT. Vincent P. de Poix was ships capt.I now live in bennington vermont. zip. 05201 230 putnam st.
Babcock, GeorgeUSS Whale (SSN 638)STS1(ss)SonarApr 7, 1979 – Jul 14, 1983
Babcock, JamesUSS Pyro (AE 24)RM2Ops1985 – 1988Lots of good memories.
Babcock, James LysleUSS Towers (DDG 9)ETRadio1971 – 1973
Babcock, JeremyUSS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)E-2G-2Jan 1993 – Sep 1994Anderson, Leavell, Dirkschneider, Potthast, Kennedy, Beistel, Patterson, Koenig, Hennig, Sutton, Whalen, and anyone else I might have left out...Where are you guys? Drop me a line!
Babcock, JimUSS Nereus (AS 17)RM31945 – 1946Joined ship in Pearl Harbor; to Sasebo, Japan; stood watch on Japanese submarines until sunk in Operation Road's End; to Nagasaki; Subic Bay; Manila; Pearl Harbor; discharged in Norman, OK
Babcock, JimUSS Nereus (AS 17)RM3Radio1945 – 1946Joined ship in Pearl Harbor; to Sasebo, Japan; stood watch on Japanese submarines until sunk in Operation Road's End; to Nagasaki; Subic Bay; Manila; Pearl Harbor; discharged in Norman, OK
Babcock, JohnUSS Defender (MCM 2)MNCMOpsDec 28, 1986 – Jul 24, 1992I was an STGC on Defender and retired in August 2000 as an MNCM
Babcock, MarkUSS Blue Ridge (LCC 19)BT2Mar 1980 – Jun 1984
Babcock, MarkUSS Michigan (SSBN 727)STS 2SonarSep 1987 – Jul 22, 1992My favorite motto was, " it's good for ya'"

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