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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Lagda, Licerio C., LeeUSS Prairie (AD 15)HMCS< USNHAug 1972 – Aug 1975I came aboard the Prairie in 1972 at Long Beach, CA. She was transferred to San Diego in 1974. I made 2 WesPac deployments aboard. I was transferred to NRMC, Long Beach in 1975 where I retired as a Master Chief Hospital Corpsman in 1982.
Lamping, BrianUSS Prairie (AD 15)bt3forward engineeringApr 10, 1979 – Apr 5, 1984
Landfear, JohnUSS Prairie (AD 15)PM2R11982 – 1986The time aboard the prairie was the best time of my life. I belonged to the sea, and that ship. I saw her a few years after she was decommissioned while driving and tears came with all the memories. Sad she's gone
Languell, Roger D. profile iconUSS Prairie (AD 15)HT2RepairNov 1973 – Jun 1975Left in Okinawa transferred too shore duty.
Larson, EricUSS Prairie (AD 15)IC3E Division / Ships Company IC ShopMay 5, 1973 – May 3, 1975Others I worked with in E Div were Fernandez, Caraway, Ickes, Slaughter, Paul Miller, Kirby (Toad) Brandt, ICC Cosser, Rick Scoggins, Jack Manley, Ted Zimmerman, Lovel, Shantie, Kelley, Wimberley, Scapatici, Mitchell
Laughlin, JimUSS Prairie (AD 15)IC 3E DivAug 28, 1967 – Oct 10, 1969Only ship I was on while serving, Saw a lot of neat places and met some great people. Always wonder where some of them are today.
Lebsack, KurtUSS Prairie (AD 15)HT1RJan 1990 – Oct 1992
Leigh, BradleyUSS Prairie (AD 15)HT2R-1 Pipe Shop1982 – 1984Been wondering about long lost shipmates? Had tons of good times and memories! Hope all are well!
Lenahan, AndrewUSS Prairie (AD 15)BM1?Jul 30, 1963 – Sep 26, 1963I am Andys son Andrew
Leonard, StanUSS Prairie (AD 15)MM2M, ADec 17, 1972 – Dec 17, 1977Best times were in A-Gang with "Joey", Dumsted, Jim Steelman, CWO Bickel.
Lewis, John LouUSS Prairie (AD 15)DC3R11960 – 1963
Lindley, RichardUSS Prairie (AD 15)TM21059 – 1963
Linton, JeriUSS Prairie (AD 15)E3CC-TVNov 1, 1987 – Aug 1, 1989Was married to Kenny Boman in A-Gang Division. We were Mr & Mrs Bobo! Everyone made sure we were happy & in love. That marriage lasted 9 years. Had good times with many --- like Russo, Belknap & Ladaga and others!!
Little, CaseyUSS Prairie (AD 15)E-3AAug 6, 1972 – Nov 1973
Llevares, RexUSS Prairie (AD 15)DT1DentalMar 1975 – Aug 1976Proudly served on board. Perhaps was my lucky ship. I was selected as Sailor of the Quarter and was selected to CPO while aboard the USS Prairie. The C.O. was Capt Muck.
Llevares, RexUSS Prairie (AD 15)DT1/DTCDentalMar 1975 – Sep 1976The USS Prairie was my lucky ship. I made Sailor of the Quarter and made CPO. Subic was great. The good old days and great memories. I remembered when Saigon fell and we had to process refugees. How long did we tie up at Boton pier?
Logue Columbus, LisaUSS Prairie (AD 15)SK3SupplyMar 1991 – May 1993Had the best time of my life with great people. Would love to hear from anyone who served during the time I did.
Lohrey, FrancisUSS Prairie (AD 15)PN2Admin DivisionNov 15, 1968 – Oct 31, 1970I arrived for duty on the USS Prairie (AD15) in November 1968 and departed October 1970 to begin shore duty in what was then West Germany. I really enjoyed my time aboard the Prairie.
Lomas, KevinUSS Prairie (AD 15)EM3E-Division RepairJul 16, 1983 – Mar 20, 1984Great command great people awesome west pac
Lopez, Tony. LopesUSS Prairie (AD 15)rm3operationsJun 15, 1984 – Oct 7, 1986Had a good time and met some great shipmates . I'm looking for jaun Santiago, can anybody help locate him. You can also find me on Facebook, l live in Santa Cruz ca
Lovelace, DennisUSS Prairie (AD 15)Molder First ClassBelieve it was Divison 4Apr 12, 1953 – Mar 12, 1957We had a ball in the old Foundry, but we kept them old Destroyers going.Lot of the others too. Burgess,Hanks,Johnson,Burbe,Smith,My little Arkensaw buddy,your name I can't remember.Just made secound class.
Ludwig, HansUSS Prairie (AD 15)MSCSS-21977 – 1979
Lund, KennethUSS Prairie (AD 15)mm3mOct 1959 – 1963
Luppy, John ( Skip)USS Prairie (AD 15)IC 3E Div.1967 – 1970
Lyon, Jay (Bigfoot)USS Prairie (AD 15)FT2Ships CompanyJan 10, 1957 – Sep 10, 1960Anyone out there from this era?
Lyon, KennethUSS Prairie (AD 15)SM3OperationsJul 1, 1962 – Jan 3, 1964Came aboard the Prairie in Yokosuka. Stayed until discharge in San Diego in Jan 64
Lyons, Dog BreathUSS Prairie (AD 15)RMSNRadio OperationsDec 1964 – Dec 1965 Lookin' for Fred Stiener RM3. Also Robert Miller RM3 Where are you guys? Heave to!
Lawrence, Michial/slickemUSS Cascade (AD 16)SKSNSupply-S1May 18, 1970 – Jul 20, 1971
Loflin, JohnUSS Cascade (AD 16)HT/SCPOR1971 – 1974
Longhofer, David "Hofer"USS Cascade (AD 16)SK1Storekeeper (SUPPLY)Nov 1972 – Nov 1974I left the Cascade from Naples, Italy in 1974. That was a sad day, as I left many friends behind that I've lost track of. I regret that. My main duty on the Cascade was manning the 5 forward verical storerooms.
Ladouceur, EldonUSS Piedmont (AD 17)ICFNE division1976 – 1977Looking forward to catching up with some of my bud,shipmats.. possible. Charles Hall. Became good friends while aboard the AD 17 while stationed in Naples Italy
Languell, Roger D. profile iconUSS Piedmont (AD 17)SFM2REPAIRMar 1969 – Apr 1971Had 2 Cruises on the Piedmont. First cruise was from 28 April 1969-22 November 1969 2nd cruise was from Aug.6 1970-Feb.1971
Lantagne, Jim (Lips)USS Piedmont (AD 17)EM3EDec 23, 1975 – Dec 22, 1978Looking for Arthur Campomizzi, Dave Zimmerman,Big Al,Mack
Larue, William (Lash)USS Piedmont (AD 17)E3DECKSep 1966 – Aug 1968
Larue, William (Lash)USS Piedmont (AD 17)Sep 1966 – Sep 1968
Larue, William (Lash)USS Piedmont (AD 17)E3DECK 2ndSep 1, 1967 – Aug 10, 1968Paint locker, rigger, crane director/operator, driver
Larue, William (Lash)USS Piedmont (AD 17)DeckSep 1966 – Aug 1968 I was on the Piedmont 1966-68 on the boat deck as crane operator/rigger. Buddies i worked with Cantrell, Wells, Sweeney Alger, Wiess would love to hear from anyone around that time
Laskey, "buck"USS Piedmont (AD 17)MUS.2/CDec 8, 1943 – Nov 8, 1945Served as "plank owner" from the time I arrived at Tampa, Fl. in December 1943 until I left the Piedmont at Yokuska Naval Station, November 8, 1945. Was part of the ship's band during that period. Discharged 1/26/1946, Norman OK NAS
Leach, ThomasUSS Piedmont (AD 17)MM1MachineryJan 4, 1981 – Dec 1, 1982

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