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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Czajka, MikeUSNS Santa Barbara (T-AE 28)EM 2EOct 1, 1978 – Dec 20, 1980E Div Hope you guys are doing well
Czajkowski, Frank USS Ogden (LPD 5)CWO42nd DivisionDec 17, 1966 – Jul 1967Came aboard out of boot Camp serve about 2 years and was selected for UDT training. Retired in 1986 from SEAL Team One as a CWO4 The memorable persons were BM1 Baird and BM2 Baker
Czajkowski, JohnUSS Ponce (LPD 15)MM1MP 2MMRJul 1994 – Jul 1997Thanks to all the hole snipes for all the great memories.....
Czajkowski, JohnUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)MM12 aux, 2 MMR, valve shopJan 10, 1987 – Jun 17, 1991made the world cruise, then slep in philly......
Czajkowski, JohnUSS England (CG 22)MM1mSep 1983 – Sep 19852 screw crew...... great memories.......
Czajkowski, JohnUSS Midway (CV 41)MM2MSep 1, 1981 – Sep 13, 19832 Engine Room, home of the longest shaft and best screw
Czajkowski, JohnUSS Ponce (LPD 15)MM1MPJun 30, 1994 – Jul 17, 19972 MMR/EOOW
Czajkowski, JohnUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)MM1MDec 10, 1986 – Jun 1, 19912 AMR, 2MMR, Valve shop
Czajkowski, JohnUSS England (CG 22)MM2MSep 1, 1983 – Sep 17, 19862 Engine
Czajkowski, Rich (Ski)Naval Air Station AlamedaEN-3Engineering1969 –Need help getting VA compensation related to fire. Need to contact Lt.G.T.Hollett, White, WJ; Berry, TL; Forsman, JE; Fowler, WC; Harris, MF. Need all info from anyone else who has filed or any other help
Czajkowski, Rich (Ski)USS Enterprise (CVN 65)EN-3EngineeringAug 16, 1967 – Apr 8, 1969Need Help getting VA PTSD Compensation for Fire and Explosion. Need info from anyone in decks below hangar ba or anyone who can help. Please contact at
Czapala, WilliamUSS Gurke (DD 783)RD2OI DivisionNov 1, 1965 – Dec 1, 1965
Czaplewski, ScottUSS Conyngham (DDG 17)FC1GM1986 – 1990
Czaplicki, Kevin ZippoUSS Vogelgesang (DD 862)BT2B Divison and Oil King1977 – 1981Good Times,Great Friends. And Earl I may have been one of the reasons we were asked to leave Rosy Roads that day. I will never forget my time on the Vogie,and the Oil Shack.
Czarnecki, EricUSS Gallery (FFG 26)SAOpsSep 25, 1993 – Feb 1995
Czarnecki, Henry "Ski"USS Holland (AS 32)DT2Dental1979 – 1981Howdy folks! I sure had a lot of fun at the "Holy Loch Hotel".. I was a member of the ship's band: "Wildwood"..a fine bunch a' guys. I hope you all avoid looking at the aerial photos of our great and noble ship..she should
Czarnecki, JohnUSS Independence (CV 62)ETR2OEJul 10, 1975 – Sep 10, 1978Had fun on the Indy
Czarnecki, MarkUSS Blue Ridge (LCC 19)RM2CRAug 1, 1990 – Aug 1, 1992Great times and met alot of great people during my 2 years onboard the Blue Ridge.
Czarnetzki, Mary FrancesUSS Valley Forge (CV 45)ET3Nov 3, 1946 – Sep 22, 1949Plank Owner
Czarnomski, ArthurUSS Canberra (CAG 2)1963 –This for my Dad. His name after 1963 was Arthur C.Michaels. Does anyone remember him?
Czarnota, JimUSS Point Defiance (LSD 31)BT2BMay 1971 – Dec 1974Made 2 WastPac Cruises. Ran Aft fireroom 2nd cruise. First homeport was Long Beach then moved to San Diego. Discharged Dec. 74 while in Portland Shipyard after 2nd Wast Pac Cruise.
Czarnuszewicz, John "Czar"USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)DP2S-7Nov 1970 – May 1972It was better than FCPC LANT, Dam Neck, VA.
Czarny, JohnUSS Leyte (CV 32)MM1CMDec 29, 1948 – May 18, 1953Good old Underway Saturday and Sunday!Remember Ship Mascot(dog)called BeNo? Never forget the sunrise/sunset GQ when off Korean Coast.
Czausz, JohnUSS Sam Rayburn (SSBN 635)LET02navigation1963 –
Czbas, JamesUSS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN 640)MM3/SSA GANGJul 15, 1987 – Jun 17, 1990I was tad to your boat as MM3/SS James Czbas from the USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN 640, A gang, during patrol 61, where I had a mishap in the Torpedo Room after going down in the bilges with the Auxillaryman Forward Watch. Deck Plate became un dogged an
Czech, JonUSS Belleau Wood (LHA 3)BM 3boatsMay 1988 – Feb 1991Looking for russel winnegart, wild bill kovar and anybody else in that time.
Czechowicz, BruceUSS Canopus (AS 34)mm2r-9 shop 31fDec 15, 1982 – Jun 25, 1984
Czel, JamesUSS America (CV 66)EM3EMar 20, 1966 – Oct 1, 1969I was on the first 3 cruises ...God Bless the people who served on her...May she rest in peace
Czepiga, DomUSS Comte De Grasse (DD 974)ET2CEOct 21, 1991 –Hey Shipmates, I am living down in Charleston, SC if you are in the area call me 704-591-2022 or e-mail at Had the time of my life on the Count, still in touch with a bunch of guys.
Czerechowicz, Tomasz/cheezeeUSS Copeland (FFG 25)Nov 14, 1993 – May 28, 1995
Czerniak, JamesUSS Bagley (FF 1069)EW3Sep 1, 1988 – Mar 1, 1990Interested in hearing from my old shipmates!
Czerniak, JamesUSS Reuben James (FFG 57)EW3CSMar 1991 – Mar 1994Interested in hearing from my old shipmates! Oh and screw u Calhoun where ever you are. LOL
Czerniak, JamesUSS Nathanael Greene (SSBN 636)STS2(SS)Sonar1964 – 1967Member of commissioning crew 5 patrols.. Youngest sailor on east coast submarime at sea. 17yrs.old in 1964. Great crew in shipyard and at sea. Friends are sorely missed.
Czerniak, JamesUSS Odax (SS 484)STS2(SS)Sonar1967 – 1968Shortimer transfered to Odax 1967 awaiting disharge May 1968. Friendly crew.
Czerniak, James JimUSS Bagley (FF 1069)EW3CS1Aug 1988 – Mar 1990Can't remember what the Div was that the EWs were in and can't be left blank so...
Czerniak, James JimUSS Reuben James (FFG 57)EW3CS1Mar 15, 1991 – Mar 14, 1994
Czernuch, BobUSS Truxtun (CGN 35)RMCSOCMar 9, 1982 – Apr 30, 1985Served onboard as an RM1, OC division LPO.
Czernuch, BobUSS Sacramento (AOE 1)RMCSOCOct 1990 – Jun 1992Ops Dept. LCPO, OC div LCPO, Desert Shield/Storm. Retired and working for Sprint as a Project Manager.
Czerny, EricUSS Chosin (CG 65)GMG3CombatAug 13, 1990 – Jun 24, 1994
Czertok, JosephUSS Lexington (CV 16)E-3x.o1976 – 1977if anyone from the p.a.o office (Rodney) ltjg bonjurno Dave. Bushard , Felix from the t.v studio from 76,/77 contact. me to say hello. Be well and god bless all who served

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