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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Curtis, TannarrianUSS Robert G. Bradley (FFG 49)SNdeckMay 6, 1994 – Aug 13, 1996
Curtis, TherralUSS Scott (DDG 995)FC1CFNov 1987 – 1991This was my first Ship
Curtis, ToddUSS Sterett (CG 31)os1oiMar 20, 1974 – Mar 20, 19791974 -1979 4 west packs, maid some great buddies!!
Curtis, TonyUSS Iwo Jima (LPH 2)ABFAN, E2, E1, E2, ABFANV-4 FUELS PURPLE SHIRTFeb 1, 1980 – Nov 27, 1983ANTOINE-DE-SADE INTERESTING EXPERIENCE, HAD A BLAST! What happened anyway those first two years? Where is Troy Milton, Gerald Schuster, CWO4 Reiterman and others? I still have a ziggy man ship patch. Still clean in NA, Jan-82 Sturgis, SD
Curtis, VanceUSS Carr (FFG 52)EN31st Div, A Gang2007 – 2010
Curtis, VernonUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)AG2OANov 7, 2001 – May 17, 2005
Curtis, WalterUSS California (CGN 36)BM31stJul 1973 – Aug 1975Part of pre-commissioning and commissioning crew.Had a greater time onboard hope to here from some of the Crew during that time.
Curtis, WilliamUSS Midway (CV 41)E-3G-1 Weapons Hanger deckDec 23, 1990 – Dec 23, 1991Even though I was onboard her for only 12 months, I have never been more proud of any command in the last 14 years of service.
Curtis, William [mike]USS Leary (DD 879)bt3mi aft fire roomAug 1968 – Dec 26, 1971hello to all that served with me
Curtis, William (Bill)USS Nimitz (CVN 68)AD3VF-41Sep 7, 1980 – Feb 25, 1983I served aboard the Nimitz when my Squadron VF-41 shot down the first 2 libyian migs. That was sch a great day that I will never forget as long as I live.
Curtis, William Martin (Bill)USS Robert H. McCard (DD 822)TMT3Sep 1954 – Nov 1957
Curtis, William NewellUSS Pickerel (SS 524)FTG2SSFire Control Technician1961 – Dec 1963I am interested in other FT's that served with me, One named Witham, and another named Smith. I forgot First names. Also a good friend Darell Sullens Any one else Hi.
Curtis Dejarnette, Dj profile iconUSS Nitro (AE 23)E-3Deck Hand1974 – 1978That ship scared me. The bombs still haunt me. the nightmares.
Curtiss, AngieUSS Ashland (LSD 48)QM3 - E-4NavigationJan 1998 – Jul 2001Miss everyone, but I am glad my Navy time is over. I hope everyone is well. Hope to talk to you soon!!
Curtiss, Charles/chuckUSS Kittiwake (ASR 13)MR2engineeringMar 1969 – Oct 1970Saw much of the world (Med cruise). Great crew. I was the only MR aboard at that time. Shared a small work area with electricians. Thanks for giving me this link Fred and it was good to see you & Pat again.
Curtiss, DonaldUSS Conyngham (DDG 17)MS3S2Jan 1981 – Jun 28, 1984
Curtiss, Fe'AdolphusUSS Fife (DD 991)CTT1(SW/AW)OZNov 28, 2000 – Feb 6, 2003OZ in the house! SPOOKS!
Curtiss, KeithUSS Milwaukee (AOR 2)MM2STREAMJun 1986 – Aug 1994
Curtiss, MatthewUSS Cape St. George (CG 71)SNDeckJan 1994 – Jan 1996Goula/Lauderdale/Norfolk/PR/VI/Newport/Houston & of course the Med. What fantastic times; they will always be some of the most profound memories of my life. I hope this finds everyone healthy & happy! Drop me a line sometime.
Curtiss, Michael profile iconUSS Henry Clay (SSBN 625)QmsnNavigationMay 1, 1971 – Feb 22, 1974
Curtiss, Paul K.USS Sierra (AD 18)MMFNmachinest mateOct 1958 – Feb 1959LEFT THE SIERRA AND WENT TO THE MORTON DD948
Curtman, PaulUSNS John Ericsson (T-AO 194)CPLOct 2002 – Feb 2003Part of the Marine Security Detachment.
Curtner, Carl (Freddie)USS Jason (AR 8)MR2MR21967 – 1969My dad who died in 1980 had great times on the jason. I remember as a child how he would talk about being on the jason.
Curto, Sr., Nicholas "nick"USS Randolph (CV 15)MM1EngineeringApr 1944 – Oct 1946In honor of my Dad, a plank owner, who faithfully served with countless other heros. Taps Aug, 2005. May he rest in peace with all honorable men. Although he almost never talked about it, the stories he did tell us were remarkable feats.
Curtright, JackUSS Harlan County (LST 1196)ETR2OperationsDec 31, 1973 – Feb 1, 1977Worked in the ET shop with Bowles, Dare, Figiel, Harper, Page, Mitchell, Sherman & others.
Curts, JayUSNS Mars (T-AFS 1)EN-3A1978 – 1980
Curwick, Michael / MikeUSS Procyon (AF 61)IC3E-Div.Sep 16, 1968 – Sep 10, 1970We decomissioned the Procyon in Valeo Calif. I served in E-Div. under Mr. Conwell, I served with 2 great shipmates, Dennis Moen and Dennis Weeden and one guy that took my money when my wallet fell out. I met Gary Lunn.
Curwick, MikeUSS Dixie (AD 14)E-3E divisionJun 15, 1968 – 1972Interior communications electrician . I worked in repair Div. under Chief Miller, the I.C. shop was adjacent to the divers shop. Friends were Randy Newman, Craig Engweiler, Michael Cain, Rodney Dubbert, Steve Miharah.
Curwick, RichardUSS Stein (FF 1065)MM2EngineeringJun 1971 – Jun 1, 1973Plank owner. Would like to be in contact with ship mates.
Curylo, JamesUSS Mullinnix (DD 944)ETR3OperationsOct 30, 1962 – Jan 4, 1963Came aboard in Panama prior to Blockade of Cuba, 1962, from USS Lester, during UNITAS III..
Cusack, MichaelUSS Russell (DDG 59)LifeutenantWeaponsSep 1993 – Jul 1996I was the commissioning Weapons Officer
Cushenberry, TimothyUSS Ranger (CV 61)E3 ACANAir OperationsOct 1977 – 1979I was an apprentice Air Traffic Controller assigned to the CATCC (Carrier Air Traffic Control Center) next door to CIC. I first reported when she was in overhaul at Bremerton. I enjoyed my time onboard VERY much.
Cushenberry, TimothyNaval Air Station Barbers PointE5 AC2Operations1984 – 1986I was an Air Traffic Controller working at the Control Tower. I was in charge of a great crew of Controllers. It was a great place to work and I gained some solid life experiences there. I welcome contact from others
Cushenberry, TimothyNaval Air Station DallasE5 AC2Operations1979 – 1984Was an Air Traffic Controller working in the Control Tower and GCA. Great tour and this was also hometown duty for me. Some of the pilots there also inspired me to later become a pilot and I recently retired from Qantas
Cushing, BillUSS Coontz (DDG 40)MM3M EFeb 1, 1983 – Jun 1, 1983Was awaiting Nuc School. Coontz was my 1st seagoing command in Philly. I stayed Navy for almost 21 years. Must have done something right.
Cushing, Bill profile iconUSS Donald B. Beary (DE 1085)EMFNEngineeringMar 1972 – Nov 1972Had the dubious honor of being the first plank owner to depart because of my discharge, which came through while we were conducting sea trials in Gitmo. Looking to connect with anyone who'd like to.
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Cushing, David J.USS White Plains (AFS 4)EN 3A gang1972 – 1975I remember long hours, great ports, good friends. currently I am an officer on the Boston Fire Dept.
Cushing, DickUSS Trenton (LPD 14)ENCMOct 1983 – Oct 1985
Cushing, DickUSS Healy (DD 672)EN2"B & "R"Dec 31, 1952 – Jun 26, 195614 months in After Fire Room for the world cruise, then moved to "A" Gang for remaining time onboard.
Cushing, HaroldUSS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN 640)RM2(SS)RadioJan 1976 – Jun 1979Qual Jan 1977.

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