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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Mitchell, DenzilUSS Fletcher (DD 992)CTM2OTJan 5, 2003 – Jul 3, 2003Go Team Kinkaid
Moakley, PatrickUSS Fletcher (DD 992)LTR Mar 5, 2001 – Feb 7, 2003I had a blast even in the dark days for the engineers. So many great memories of some great people.By far the funniest times I had as a DIVO when I was DCA and R Div was the best division I had. Hope everyone is doing good.
Montague, Schon (Monty)USS Fletcher (DD 992)FC2CSM1995 – Dec 1999Saw a video of the old fighting jack getting sunk to be a reef. Torpedo took her down quick. Does anyone remember standing quarterdeck watch with me. I need help if anyone remembers how much pain I was in.
Moore, ScottUSS Fletcher (DD 992)E-5/ GSE2mpOct 10, 1988 – Jun 8, 1990still talk about my time aboard very fondly to this day...
Morack, JohnUSS Fletcher (DD 992)STG2WAOct 1979 – Jun 1983PLANKOWNER - What a pleasure to have been able to serve aboard this fine ship. I / We forged many lifelong friendships along the way. Fair winds and following seas!
Morton, CraigUSS Fletcher (DD 992)GSE1MPOct 10, 1997 – Nov 21, 2000Howdy :)
Murphy, ShaunUSS Fletcher (DD 992)GSM1 / Oil King / PlankownerEngineeringJan 1980 – Aug 1982This was the best time of my life. What a party. If the Navy only knew or even had a clue.
Murphy, ShaunUSS Fletcher (DD 992)GSM2MMar 31, 1980 – Oct 15, 1982Plankowner Oil King
Myers, MarkUSS Fletcher (DD 992)FC2CSFApr 23, 1989 – Apr 16, 1993Didn't mind the time mostly. Wished we could have made Hong Kong and The Rose Festival. I would probably do it again.
Madison, JosephUSS Hayler (DD 997)FC3CM1999 – 2001
Malveaux, RichardUSS Hayler (DD 997)SN/ EM3 (SW)Deck/Dec 10, 1998 – Aug 1, 2000I miss you guys so much, I will always remember the Hayler for my transition from a boy to a man. Thanks for all the great memories
Manifold, SonnyUSS Hayler (DD 997)BM31st DivAug 1989 – Nov 1992Had some great times with the crew!
Mannhardt, SamUSS Hayler (DD 997)ET3(SW)CE1992 – 1996Many great memories and great times. MEF Cruise, May Missle Ops. The fun traveling though the Suiez Canal!?! I remember somthing about a cracked fuel cell. Living in WI now and enjoying life! Email me if you are headed toward Eau Claire.
Manning, MattUSS Hayler (DD 997)E-5DeckJun 2000 – Aug 2003Shipmates!!!!!! I Love Ya
Marshall, DonUSS Hayler (DD 997)OssnCicMar 19, 1996 –
Martin, MikeUSS Hayler (DD 997)EM2E-divAug 25, 1995 – Aug 29, 1999
Marwood, ChrisUSS Hayler (DD 997)GSM2M1982 – 1985Plankowner
Mata, Joseph (Joe)USS Hayler (DD 997)QM3Nav/AdminNov 15, 1992 – Dec 15, 1995Sad to see the hunk of scrap sunk.
Mathias, MichaelUSS Hayler (DD 997)FC3CMOct 7, 1990 – Jun 23, 1992Checked onboard during UNITAS-90. Then took her to Portland, Maine
Matlock, TobyUSS Hayler (DD 997)RM2\IT1OCDec 31, 1989 – Dec 31, 1993
Mattis, ChetUSS Hayler (DD 997)E-5/GSE 2Main PropulsionMay 22, 1997 – May 22, 2000Can't believe that it's almost ten years ago.
McCarter, DennisUSS Hayler (DD 997)OSCS(SW/AW)OIJan 15, 2002 – Jul 31, 2003
Mcclaflin, BrianUSS Hayler (DD 997)ET2CSEJun 1985 – Nov 1989What great memories of the UNITAS in 1985!
McClaksey (Hill), Cyndi (Gator)USS Hayler (DD 997)OS1/E6OIApr 13, 1995 – Sep 14, 1999
McDonnell, TerryUSS Hayler (DD 997)MMCM3MCOct 2000 – Aug 2003Excellent crew. Engineers you took care of me. Best Chief's Mess I have ever had the privelege of serving with.
McGill, ToddUSS Hayler (DD 997)STG2(SW)CAJul 10, 1992 – Jul 10, 1996Great Ship, Many memories and lots of pictures. Its hard to believe the ship was sunk.
McGovern, H. KennedyUSS Hayler (DD 997)GSENov 1989 – Oct 4, 1992Remember the Green House!!
McGovern, H. KennedyUSS Hayler (DD 997)GSEMNov 1989 – Oct 1992Ignore previous entry for me. I put my info in years ago, back in college, and none of the contact info is valid anymore. In fact, I don't even remember the e-mail address and password to change it...had to do this 2nd entry.
McGrath, JamieUSS Hayler (DD 997)LTOPSFeb 1998 – Aug 1999Awesome MEF Deployment - great Wardroom.
McIntire, GaryUSS Hayler (DD 997)GSM2M DivNov 5, 1982 – May 20, 1985MER2
McLean, Harry "Bonzo"USS Hayler (DD 997)SNDeckAug 15, 1984 – Nov 15, 1985Yes I was a Hayler Sailor. She has a very special place in my heart as does all the crew I served with on her. I was young an she truely was magical. The towing op the AAA flag, south gonzo station, the escort of the Nautilus. Rest Well My Lady.
McLean, Gary (Canuck)USS Hayler (DD 997)EN2(SW)a-gangJul 17, 1991 – Aug 7, 1996had a lot of good times on the boat.from B.I.W. to gitmo to running aground in the suez and my final underway in 07'96. alot of shipmates i called by there first name and many more i will never forget
McMillan, RichardUSS Hayler (DD 997)OS2OI Div.Aug 14, 1989 – Jan 19, 1993Some of the best times of my life. I served with some of the best guys on the planet. I hope all of you during the day are doing well in life. Feel free to contact me anytime.
McNeary, BrianUSS Hayler (DD 997)STG21986 – 1989Lots of good memories, especially the people I served with. I still have a hunk of that German oiler.
McQuerry, BillUSS Hayler (DD 997)IC21982 – 1985
Meadows, GlennUSS Hayler (DD 997)SK3(SW)SupplyFeb 1992 – Oct 1995
Meinhardt, MikeUSS Hayler (DD 997)GSE3MAug 2000 – Aug 25, 2003Still one of the best times of my life!
Mellor, MarkUSS Hayler (DD 997)ET2(SW)CEJul 1992 – Nov 1996Great ship, great experience!
Melton, RonaldUSS Hayler (DD 997)BMSNODNov 20, 1987 – Jun 27, 1989

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