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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Purrington, DanUSS Tarawa (LHA 1)RM3radioMar 1975 – May 30, 1978plank owner now retired
Purrington, Russell (Russ)NAVCOMMSTA San Diego, CAFN Fireman/Boiler TechnicianNavy, Flagship USS Helena CA 75Nov 28, 1951 – Aug 28, 1953Looking for shipmates of my father Russell (Russ) Purrington.
Purry, ShariUSS Sierra (AD 18)seamen41987 – 1989
Pursel, BillUSS Donald B. Beary (FF 1085)IC2EJun 1987 – 1990Anyone who knows me, all emails are welcome. Especially any of you who helped drag my drunk ass to the Liberty Boat in Naples. Still looking for EM2 Dan Lacidonia, any help would be great!
Pursel, DaveUSS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58)ET2CS41985 – 1987Plank Owner
Pursel, DougUSS L. Y. Spear (AS 36)IM3R - 2Mar 15, 1986 – May 18, 1988I was in the MIRCS lab from 1986 - 1988. I also messed cranked twice and was on the HAB team so I met and remember a lot of people from those days. I had a blast. email me if you remember me. I went out with SN Rhona Barnes from deck.
Pursel, Martin MartyUSS South Carolina (CGN 37)HT3A GangMay 1, 1978 – Feb 1, 1982Met some great friends, several Med cruises and a 9 month Indian Ocean cruise during Iranian hostage crisis, trip through Panama Canal and much more. Great Time
Pursel, Martin MartyUSS Harlan County (LST 1196)HT2R1988 – 1989Awesome time, great friends
Pursel, Martin MartySustain (AFDM 7)HT2R DivionMar 1, 1985 – Jun 1, 1988Served in the general workshop and later was Petty office in charge of general workshop, damage control and machine repair shops. Great command. Served under Commander Mack
Pursel, Patrick (Pat)USS Orion (AS 18)PNCS (RETIRED PNCM)PersonnelAug 1979 – Feb 1982Asst Pers Off/Educ Serv Off; CWO4 Glenn Pryor was our Pers Off/and my Friend (still is) and a group of wonderful guys that I still miss/respect.
Purser, Rudolph RudyUSS Hanson (DD 832)BM# E41stJul 17, 1968 – Jul 10, 1972
Pursifull, GlennUSS Buck (DD 761)mm3after engine roomMay 1968 – Jan 1970was denied claim for agent Orange .I do have prostrait cancer but can't come up with the dates we were up river. From the remarks of others we need to group up.
Pursley, BullNaval Station MayportE-3B divisionSep 1977 – Mar 1981Looking for some guys I partied with back when? Bobby Quick, Rick Rainey, Steve Maynard etc.
Pursley, DickUSS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730)MM1(SS)MOct 1985 – Feb 1989Plank owner on the 'Fifth & Finest'.
Pursley, Donald (Donny Dump Valve) profile iconBoomers (VA 165)AE1Ae shopMay 7, 1970 – Oct 30, 1973VA165 was the best.I had a lot of laughs while in the squadron along with the hard work we did. I am retired now living in Georgia. I think about VA-165 often and the friends that were there.
Pursley, Donald (Donny Dump Valve) profile iconEagles (VA 115)AECsquadronOct 4, 1977 – May 19, 1978
Pursley, Donald (Donny Dump Valve) profile iconGolden Intruders (VA 128)AE1squadronSep 1, 1967 – May 5, 1970
Pursley, Donald (Donny Dump Valve) profile iconUSS Wasp (CVS 18)AirmanV-3May 29, 1962 – Jul 25, 1963
Pursley, Donald (Donny Dump Valve) profile iconGauntlets (VAQ 136)CwoMaintenance ControlMay 1979 – Jun 1981Took the Sq. to Japan.
Pursley, Eugene (Bull)USS Yosemite (AD 19)E-1Boiler RoomAug 6, 1977 – May 10, 1981Worked in both fire rooms from 77-81. Searching for other nuts like we were.
Pursley, JerryUSS Meredith (DD 890)STG3WeaponsNov 1963 – Jul 1966One of the great experiences of my life. Two Med cruises, Gitmo, Hurricaine Dora and a great crew!
Pursley, Tim PursleyUSS Constellation (CV 64)MM3P2 3MMRNov 1, 1995 – Jul 18, 1998Sure don't miss 6 on 6 off.
Pursser, AnthonyUSS George Washington (CVN 73)E-6 AT1AIMDJun 5, 1990 – Jul 28, 1992Loved the Navy
Purtell, GregUSS Blue Ridge (LCC 19)FTG2GunneryOct 7, 1970 – Aug 4, 1973I am a Plankowner. I recall Blindman's sub shop at the naval base in Philly. The first cruise around the tip of South American. Rio.... GMG3 Smart, FTG3 Ploen, E-3 Salazar, E-3 Goodloe- where are you guys?
Purtle, MichaelUSS Austin (LPD 4)OS2OIFeb 1990 – Apr 1995Great ship,great memories.
Purtzenski, David / BoatsUSS Midway (CV 41)WTSN / BMSNWeapons / Deck1987 – 1990An Experiance that I will never forget for as long as I live. No civilian even has a clue.
Purves, Greg Screwbirds (VS 33)AW3squadronMar 1977 – Mar 1979
Purves, Michael/purvUSS Ranger (CV 61)ABH/ANV1 fly3Jun 1987 – May 1990
Purviance, Albert RUSS Colahan (DD 658)BtfnMOct 1, 1960 – Jun 10, 1962I live i montana now
Purviance, DanaUSS Hurricane (PC 3)GM1WEPSJun 3, 2002 – Aug 30, 2002Just three months of "Active Duty for Training," here, but still a memorable experience. Love them PCs and Hurricane had to be the best!
Purviance, PaulUSS Enterprise (CVN 65)ABE3V21984 –The BigE CVN65 84-88 The Carrier with class greatest years of my life. #ShellBack 4Life
Purviance, Robert "Purv"USS Camden (AOE 2)MM1 (SW/AW)AuxiliaryAug 28, 1999 – Oct 30, 2003Hello shipmates. Click on my name to the left to send me an e-mail. Tell me how you have been.
Purvis, ArthurUSS Caloosahatchee (AO 98)HT 3R divisonOct 1, 1984 – Apr 15, 1988Remember most of my shipmates just cant seen to be able to ge in touch with them served in desert storm in army , but the navy has no compition with the army. looking for mohacey ,riveran ,hernandes
Purvis, FlenUSS Crommelin (FFG 37)SN1stJan 26, 2007 – Sep 13, 2010
Purvis, GregUSS Yellowstone (AD 41)HT-2R-1Oct 1979 – Aug 15, 1984Would love to hear from any of my old shipmates. Hope all are well.
Purvis, JohnUSS Newport (LST 1179)LTE&A, M&BMar 1987 – May 1989
Purvis, Jonathan D.USS Constellation (CV 64)HTC(SW/AW)Repair/ HT ShopOct 12, 1997 – Oct 15, 2001Currently stationed at Sub Base San Diego, drop a line any time, If you don't remember any thing else, remember this, the Dirty Monkey lives forever!!!
Purvis, JoshUSS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)E-3s-1Feb 20, 1997 – Jun 20, 1998
Purvis, Julie '"Julez"USS Mount Hood (AE 29)SM2OCNov 1992 – Nov 1997I don't have the e-mail address that I originally registerd with, so I had to make another profile. If I could go back in time, it would be the 5 years I spent on the 'Hood'... Best command I've ever been at by far. julez79@hotmail.
Purvis, Julie "Julez"USS Mount Hood (AE 29)SM2OCNov 6, 1992 – Nov 1, 1997I'm still in the Navy. This was my best command! I Still keep in touch with my Bitch La-La! But there are some people on here that I would love to contact! Some of my best times were at the Shamrock with Boudreaux, Sberna, and the rest of the g

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