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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Dykes, PhyllUSS Constellation (CV 64)IC3E DIV1989 –
Dykes, Robert GromettUSS Charles S. Sperry (DD 697)bmsn1 stNov 1, 1969 – Feb 19, 1971shipmatesfrom 1969 1971
Dykes, Robert GromettUSS Conway (DD 507)sn1 stJul 20, 1969 – Oct 31, 1969
Dykes, RonUSS Yosemite (AD 19)ET3Cal Lab1983 – 1985
Dykes, Todd profile iconUSS Essex (LHD 2)E3Radioman1992 – 1994Shellback, plank owner, Order of the Ditch. I remember when we went through the Panama Canal with all of our cars loaded on and nearly knocked down the power lines. Dont you miss the smell of Pasagoula!!
Dykes, Tom (Otto)USS San Francisco (SSN 711)STS2 -SSSonar GangMar 15, 1986 – May 20, 1990
Dykman, EricUSS New York City (SSN 696)MM3A GangJan 5, 1994 – Dec 15, 1996Tough work, but I had a good time. I hope all is well with you and yours.
Dykman, RussellUSS De Wert (FFG 45)DCFNMay 23, 2003 – Feb 18, 2005Came on board as an undesignated Seaman. Served in OD Division until I transferred to R-division. Was on board for the 2004 Deployment. I struck fr RP3 and made is in September 04 then transferred t NSA NOLA in Feburary 05.
Dykmann, David - DaveUSS Mispillion (AO 105)Apr 1964 – Aug 15, 1964Would like to find Jim Massingill, Mike Tillotson, and Willis. Will be attending the reunion in October. Great job folks!!!!
Dyksterhouse, RickUSS South Carolina (CGN 37)RPC(SW/FMF)ChaplainNov 1992 – Oct 1995Ran the library for 3 years. Remember SALTS email on the rack in the p-way? Great times and great friends, thanks for the memories.
Dykstra, DavidUSS Caron (DD 970)STG2(SW)CSAAug 1982 – Mar 1984Arrived during her first overhaul in Pascagoula. Served on her during Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada)Caron's first shot in anger & Multi National Peace Keeping Force Beruit. Excellent ship Ecellent crew "The Can DO Caron"
Dykstra, DavidUSS Bunker Hill (CG 52)STG1(SW)CSAMay 1985 – Apr 1988PLANKOWNER Member of SCAT team 25mm port gun crew during Operation Ernest Will (Escort of US flaged Tankers)
Dykstra, Lionel Nickname "Dyke"USS Robert A. Owens (DD 827)YN2"A"Nov 4, 1949 – Sep 30, 1951Put ship in commission at Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, Mass. on 11/4/49 (Plank Owner) and departed on Shakedown Cruise to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 1/50. Reported for shore duty, South Boston Naval Shipyard 9/5l & discharged from Navy l954
Dykstra, Lionel Nickname "Dyke"USS Robert A. Owens (DDE 827)YN2AdministrationNov 4, 1949 – Sep 5, 1951Was Plank Owner on R A Owens. Commissioned on 11/4/49 and in 1/5/50 left for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for Shakedown Cruise. Left ship 9/5l for 3 yrs. shore duty at So. Boston Annex & discharged from Navy on 7/54.
Dykstra, Lou (Ron)USS Grayling (SSN 646)MM2 SSM-DivMar 1967 – May 1970Always was looking for reunion info, never found any
Dykstra, RobertUSS Downes (FF 1070)STGSNAS1989 – 1992Not realizing it then, but later in life, it was a great experience being on the Downes. Capt. Pine made it that way along with the shipmates I had. I will never forget that ship or the crew.
Dykstrs, Randy “dyke”USS Groton (SSN 694)FTG1(SS)FTJan 12, 1983 – Oct 12, 1988I’m still Dyke and You’re Not
Dyle, SonnyUSS L. Y. Spear (AS 36)GMG2W-2Jul 1980 – Aug 1983Worked it the armory, traing most of you guys and gals to shoot
Dylla, DaveUSS Valley Forge (CG 50)OS2OIJun 1985 – Jan 22, 1990It's hard to believe the "Happy Valley" has departed active service. First in War, First in Peace, First in Moth Balls...
Dylla, RichardUSS Rupertus (DD 851)SN/CS3Deck/SupplySep 12, 1971 – Dec 29, 1973Started my career in 1971 with a great bunch of guys. Learned a lot especially for BM2 Lillard. Ended my career in 1993. Would do it all over again in a heartbeat
Dymarcik, DavidUSS Barry (DDG 52)LCDRCEAug 9, 1993 – Oct 15, 1997Electronics Material Officer
Dymek, EdwardUSS Leyte (CV 32)CORPORALMarine DetachmentApr 10, 1946 – Apr 1948Plank owner. Member of Leyte Assoc. Of 59 at Commissioning, we can only muster 6. We visited14 countries and rode out too many hurricanes. A lot of memories, good and bad, a lot of faces that you can no longer see. God bless and Semper Fi
Dymkoski, David. Big SkiUSS Peleliu (LHA 5)BM33rdApr 6, 1987 – Jan 3, 1990Like a Ma....for all of you who remember..haha
Dymon, BrianUSS Vella Gulf (CG 72)ETCS(SW)CEOct 2002 – May 2005
Dymond-Sims, TiffanyUSS Detroit (AOE 4)QM3NAVJul 2002 – Aug 2004hey everyone, i had a blaston the diry d. you all was great. i miss everyone
Dymond/sims, TiffanyUSS Detroit (AOE 4)QM3navigationJul 4, 2003 – Aug 6, 2004
Dynarski, AlUSS Long Beach (CGN 9)FTM2FANov 1967 – Apr 1972
Dyndul, AdamUSS Long Beach (CGN 9)FTM2Talos1972 – 1973Worked on the tracking radar for the Talos missile system. I operated and maintained the AN/SPG-49 radar system.
Dyne, Martin VanUSS Constellation (CV 64)MM2AAug 1, 1980 – Jun 15, 1983I have such fond memories of the grand lady and of the truley strange and wondours places that she took us. Farewell good friend.
Dynes, GarryClansmen (VA 46)AE2AV/ARM1981 – 1984
Dynes, GarrySeahorses (HS 1)AE1AV/ARM1984 – 1988
Dynes, John JedUSS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17)OS2operation specialist1975 – 1978Reported on in Cuba made 2 med cruises, 1 north atlantic and several caribs. Had a blast and met some very interesting characters. Some Great memories.
Dynesius (Dyno), MarlonUSS Kawishiwi (AO 146)MM3M-DivisionDec 1973 – Aug 1976 hosting the 2020 reunion in sept. 10th - 13th Duluth Minnesota any interests contact Marlon Dynesius
Dynko, MarcusUSS Taylor (FFG 50)STGSN - STG 2CSAug 2, 1994 – Nov 22, 1997Doing the same old stuff.
Dyrda, JamesUSS Chandler (DDG 996)SN/SHSNDECK/SUPPLYApr 1988 – Mar 3, 1991BIG MAN , STEIN , JED , LUCAS , STENKIE , WAGNER , CHOVON , COLON, & THE LIST GOES ON , & ON ,,,,,,
Dyrdahl, Don / DyroUSS Austin (LPD 4)EN 2A GangMar 1979 – Sep 1982I wouldn't trade those years for anything. Met a lot of good people, 2 1/2 Med cruises, South America, North Atlantic, Blue Nose, Shellback. Hope everybody is doing well... It's been along time.
Dyre, ArnoldUSS Ernest G. Small (DD 838)RM2OC1968 – 1971Good times are not forgotten.
Dyre, ArnoldUSS Ernest G. Small (DD 838)RM2OC1968 – 1970Good times are not forgotten.
Dyre, ArnoldUSS Ernest G. Small (DD 838)RM 2OCJan 1968 – Nov 1970I was a radioman aboard the Small from January, 1968 to shortly before decommissioning, making the last two WESTPAC deployments. I would like to hear from shipmates.
Dyrhaug, MartinUSS Philippine Sea (CV 47)FT2foxSep 1, 1954 – Sep 1, 1956

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