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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Pyle, DukeUSS Inchon (MCS 12)BMSNdeck deptJun 12, 1987 – Nov 20, 1988
Pyle, JohnUSS Mount Hood (AE 29)BT3BMar 1973 – Feb 1976
Pyle, JohnUSS Stribling (DD 867)FABJul 1972 – 1973Looking for Bob Crone, Thomas Henry (Hose) Rodriguez
Pyle, JohnUSS Leahy (CG 16)GMM3CSA / CSMApr 17, 1988 – Feb 13, 1991Great ship, she was lady and my home. It was great browsing the site and seeing names I haven't seen in years. Feel free to email. Fair wind and followings sea shipmates.
Pyle, JohnUSS Jason (AR 8)FTG33rdNov 1966 – Jun 1969Worked on boat deck aft fire control director also Mark 1 Able computer below decks. Two West Pac cruises, Vung Tau in 68. Looking for Lewis, Beck, Eichler, or any of the Gunner Mates of FTs at that time.
Pyle, JohnSilver Foxes (VA 155)AE2squadronAug 1, 1988 – Mar 10, 1991
Pyle, John (Gomer)USS Mattaponi (AO 41)cs-3comisserySep 1967 – May 1969was one of the ships cooks made two trips over two trips under the equator one r&r Australia-New Zeland & Perl hated it at the time but remember it now as the best time of my life
Pyle, Jonathan PyleUSS Connole (FF 1056)STG2WeaponsMar 1977 – Sep 22, 1980We had a lot of fun with the new passive array hunting subs in the Med and in the Caribbean.
Pyle, LarryUSS Hunley (AS 31)SHB2S-3Dec 12, 1966 – Aug 31, 1970
Pyle, MaryUSS Nimitz (CVN 68)ABF3V-4Jan 4, 1995 – Apr 4, 1998
Pyle, MichaelUSNS San Jose (T-AFS 7)QM3NavigationDec 18, 1970 – Dec 18, 1974
Pyle, Mike "Gome"USS Long Beach (CGN 9)MR-3ANov 1967 – Jan 1969
Pyle, RichardUSS George Washington (CVN 73)CS3 E4S2Nov 30, 2002 –Well Still onboard, but on convolesent leave now. People that are still serving will know me as the one in the serious accident. I want to thank you all for your support and prayers.
Pyle, RobertUSS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602)TM2 (SS) (P2)WeaponsFeb 7, 1961 – Jun 12, 1963
Pyle, RobertUSS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN 624)TM2(SS)(P1)WeaponsAug 28, 1963 – Jan 28, 1965
Pyle, RobertUSS Grampus (SS 523)TM3(SS)WeaponsJun 18, 1959 – Nov 16, 1960
Pyle, Robert (Bob)USS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602)TM2(SS)Weapons (Torpedo Room)Oct 22, 1960 – Jun 6, 1962Fantastic Crew and ship. many great memories and friends.
Pyle, Robert (Bob)(gomer)USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN 624)TM2(SS)(P2)WeaponsJul 1963 – Nov 1965
Pyle, Robert (Bob)(gomer)USS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602)TM2(SS)WeaponsFeb 7, 1960 – Jun 12, 1963Plank Owner
Pyle, RodgerUSS Fulton (AS 11)EM1EAug 1, 1987 – Sep 14, 1989I worked in both Main Power and the Lighting Shop. Looking for old buddies I served with.
Pyle, RodgerUSS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58)EM1AuxJul 3, 1990 – Aug 15, 1992Looking for past shipmates. I wore many hats while on the Roberts, sharing LPO duties with EM1 Clyde Curran.
Pyle, RussellUSS Virginia (CGN 38)BM3DeckAug 12, 1981 – Nov 22, 1983Love to hear from some of you that I served with.
Pyle, Seth "Dr. Dark"USS Cape St. George (CG 71)GSE1(SW)MP The Heart of EngineeringJun 23, 1997 – Jul 21, 2001Learned how to be a sailor, the hard way, aboard the Cape. Spent 2 MedCruises and numerous underway's aboard. One of the last of Basso's crew of GSE's. I miss working in the hole, Main 2. Good luck to those aboard now and congrats on a job
Pyle, StevenUSS Essex (LHD 2)AMANAIMDMay 20, 2002 – May 20, 2006my contact information is
Pyle, Steven (Steve)USS Wright (CC 2)RD 2OIOct 1968 – Apr 1970
Pyle, TimUSS Juneau (LPD 10)PFC2nd Battalion/Ninth Marines Comm PlatoonJul 1974 – Sep 1974Kangaroo 2 / Became a shellback onboard.
Pyle, WiltUSS William V. Pratt (DDG 44)ET2TMay 1980 – May 1982Over all I had a great time. The C.O. (Brown??) was a complete jerk. Hey Joe D and Terry!
Pyles, DanielUSS Simon Lake (AS 33)SFM-2R-1 Sheetmetal ShopJul 1966 – Aug 1968Had A Tour of Duty at the Holy Loch, Had alot of good friends there ,some Day hope to return for A visit
Pyles, DanielUSS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16)SFM-2R-1Mar 1963 – May 1966 had a great time , Learned alot about life in the fast lane arrived in charleston ,had to wait for her to come back fromCuba, done my tour of mess cooking,the whole nine yards, left ship 2nd class metalsmith,Great Ship
Pyles, David MarkUSS Ainsworth (FF 1090)OS2OIJul 9, 1979 – Jul 8, 1985Served aboard during the 1st Persian Gulf deployment during the Iranian hostage situation 1979. Crossed both Equator and Arctic Circle during same deployment around 1981. Separated from active duty in Brooklyn, NY, 1983. Active reserve until 1985.
Pyles, JerryUSS Constellation (CVA 64)E5/PT2OZ from RVAH-7Aug 1969 – May 1970Third and final cruise for me. Saved the best for last.
Pyles, RayUSS Shangri-La (CVA 38)RM3CR1963 – 1966Main Comm Supvr & other assigned duties, like alot of you, some good, some not so. Returned home, went to PSU and taught woodworking, drafting, Drivers Ed 32 years. How you guys doing?
Pyles, RogerUSS Holland (AS 32)E-4m&aAug 23, 1963 – Aug 10, 1964operated boat and missile crane and maintained the crane along with other duties had our work room in the rear steering gear room had some good times. I am a plank owner of the Holland after leaving the Gilmore as 16
Pyles, RogerUSS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16)MM3M-AAug 20, 1961 – Aug 20, 1963Went on the Gilmore 1961 to 63 then to Holland worked in the compressor room with david dishman had a lot of good times duty driver, learned a lot trip to gitmo dropped me in bay with whale boat but survived fall.
Pyles, Woodrow W. (Woody)USS Ommaney Bay (CVE 79)FIREMAN 2CMar 1944 – Jan 4, 1945My grandfather passed in Feb 1998 but often spoke fondly of her crewmates. He was on deck the day of the attack then blown overboard and was not rescued until the next morning. He was proud to have served with these men.
Pyles, WoodyUSS Ommaney Bay (CVE 79)Sep 15, 1944 – Jan 5, 1945
Pynch, TomUSS Enterprise (CVN 65)AG2OA1961 – 1962Plankowner. Amazing "city" It took me ten minutes to walk to from quarters to the office on the O-13 level.
Pynckel, NathanUSS Iwo Jima (LHD 7)E4/MMAssaultSep 26, 2011 –

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