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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Lysek, LeonardUSS Saipan (LHA 2)AD3AIMD Power PlantsJul 1983 – May 1985
Lysell, DonaldUSS Zellars (DD 777)RM2communicationJun 18, 1961 – Feb 24, 1963
Lysett, Andy (Kid)Jolly Rogers (VF 84)adj 2power plant1964 – 1967
Lysiak, EricUSS Sampson (DDG 10)OS3OIApr 1982 – Jun 1984I loved everything about my time on board, the good and the not so good. Currently, I work for the Navy down in Washington DC at the Headquarters (NAVSEA) as a senior electrical engineer. My expertise is in medium and
Lysiak, EricUSS Sampson (DDG 10)OS 3OI OpsOct 1, 1981 – Jun 14, 1984
Lysne, Brian "Mo"USS New York City (SSN 696)EM2Oct 1987 – Oct 1991It was rough at the time, but only good memories remain. Danny Bil (RC-Div) wrote a book about his time on the NYC entitled "2190 days".
Lystad, DaveUSS Ogden (LPD 5)MM 2MApr 15, 1972 – Oct 3, 1975
Lystad, Michael (Bear)USS Camden (AOE 2)BM32ndNov 1970 – May 1, 1974Made 3 West Pacs. Was in 2nd div. Would enjoy hearing from fellow shipmates, a reunion at the decommissioning would be fun.
Lyster, MarkUSS Truxtun (CGN 35)os2OI1989 – 1993Hey to all the Tommy T out there
Lystrup, TomUSS Peoria (LST 1183)EM-3ElectricalJun 1973 – Apr 1975High P-Boat buddies. I was on the boat for a couple years. Stood many electrical switchboard watches. Still have great memories of friends, Grande Island and dro PB&J sandwiches during midrats.
Lytch, DavidUSS John Hancock (DD 981)MSSN/MS3Supply1993 – 1996Chief said I couldn't boil a hotdog, but I learned how to bake bread and make a narley omelte...WHOA!
Lyte, AntonioUSS Texas (CGN 39)HT3repairAug 20, 1982 – Jan 14, 1985i remember my days on the texas i was only 18 at the time,the whole crew was like a family,i would love to talk to some of you guys,i dont have an e-mail address yet,i telecommunications specialist in michigan im looking for glynn savage,from puff!!!
Lytel, BartUSS Saipan (LHA 2)SSGTNLFSJul 1983 – Apr 1986I was proud of the time I served with my Navy brothers in arms. Have to say it really did sadden me to find out that the wolderful ol gray lady has been laid to rest. She will always live on in my memory.
Lytle, AdamUSS Russell (DDG 59)gsmfn Lytleengineering GSFeb 1998 – Sep 2001
Lytle, BradUSS Valley Forge (CG 50)E-3ODJan 1993 – Aug 4, 1994The Valley Forge was quite the learning experience. Will miss seeing her in port on my visits to San Diego. No regrets to the time spent and would do it all over again!
Lytle, BradUSS Valley Forge (CG 50)E3ODJan 1, 1993 – Aug 1, 1994What an interesting time! Fresh outta highschool! Good Times!
Lytle, BruceUSS Orion (AS 18)MM1R2Aug 29, 1973 – May 15, 1976My time aboard the Orion was the most profound period in my life. It taught me how deal with people from all over the country, from the FA to Admirals, face to face, honestly. .I'm now a retired Marine Engineer.
Lytle, CynthiaUSNS Capt. Arlo L. Olson (T-AK 245)SNDeckAug 1986 – Sep 1987I had some good times in Mayport, Fl.. Trying to reconnect
Lytle, DavidUSS Johnston (DD 821)MM2M1970 – 1972Came aboard as a FN, left as a MM2. Worked in Aft Engine Room. Many fond memories of the Med cruises.
Lytle, DonUSS Yellowstone (AD 27)2nd class Petty Officer4th1950 – 1954Served in the repair division (4th) in the small machine shop as a draftsman.
Lytle, DonaldUSS Paul Revere (LPA 248)FTG2FourthDec 21, 1964 – Jan 15, 1966She was APA-248 when I was aboard. We went to Vietnam by way of Pearl, Olongapo and Pusan. Took the South Korean Tiger Division to relieve the US 101st ABN at Qui Nhon. Did a couple of amphibious landings and then went to Japan for Xmas.
Lytle, Donald (Don)USS Okanogan (APA 220)FTG34th DivisionSep 20, 1962 – Dec 20, 196412 SEP 2015- We have an active reunion organization and are having annual reunions. Any shipmate is welcome. Some of you guys are getting pretty old, I wouldn't know about that, myself, but there's no age limit...
Lytle, Donald (Don)USS Paul Revere (APA 248)FTG24th DivisionJan 4, 1965 – Jan 3, 1966If any of my shipmates sees this please email- if you'd like to do so.
Lytle, Edward/teflonUSS Cormorant (MHC 57)ENFN/EN3/ENFN/EN3Engineering EM01Jul 30, 1996 – Sep 28, 1999Holy smokes the guys are all here, well not all of em. Wheres iwanicki, grosjean, Mcwilliams? And why did we sell our boat?
Lytle, FidelUSS Baton Rouge (SSN 689)STS2(SS)SonarJan 3, 1980 – Sep 1, 1983I was called Zippy. First sub. enjoyed evey min.
Lytle, GaryUSS Gallery (FFG 26)AWH2hsl-32 det8Aug 1984 – Mar 1985
Lytle, GaryUSS La Jolla (SSN 701)ET2Comm ETAug 22, 1998 – Jan 1, 2002
Lytle, GeneUSS Enterprise (CVN 65)ABEANV-2Nov 22, 1969 – Jul 21, 1973Newport News, around the Horn, shellback, 2 cruises to 'Nam, war for Bangladesh, 3 years, 6 mo., 10 days on board.
Lytle, JeffreyUSS Seattle (AOE 3)LTADMIN/CHAPSDec 9, 1996 – Dec 11, 1998Good memories of SEATTLE. Out of the USN since 2003. Made O-4 in 2002 and called it "good" and took the uniform off for the last time. Sad to see she was de-commed, although that action was probably overdue. Take care.
Lytle, JeremyUSS Newport News (SSN 750)ET2NAVFeb 5, 2005 – Feb 5, 2009NONE.
Lytle, JonathanUSS Bigelow (DD 942)ETR3/2OEMay 1975 – May 1978First tour. Anyone remember me as being labeled "subversive"? I finished my 22.5 year career as an LDO. Fond memories of time on DD942!
Lytle, JonathanUSS England (CG 22)ET1/C(SW)OEMay 1983 – Aug 1986I retired in 1996 as an LDO LT. My time on England and the shipmates I had the priviledge to work with are the highlight of my 22.5 years. Learned a lot from Mike Martin & Roy Balaconis. USS England was magical!
Lytle, JonathanUSS Halsey (CG 23)Ens/LTJGCSE1989 – 1991I need to confess that I was solely responsible for XO Joe Harris not being able to watch the Master's Golf Tournament. I had my IC'men disconnect the site TV cable on the pier. Sorry if it upset you!
Lytle, JonathanUSS David R. Ray (DD 971)ENSCSE1988 – 1989First Officer tour. I was proud to mentor Steve Leahy! Really enjoyed this tour - many fond memories!
Lytle, JonathanUSS New Orleans (LPH 11)LTCSE1994 – 1996Twilight tour. First time working with USMC -loved joking w/Major Moser & Capt T!! Talented group of ET's working for me!. Great way to cap 22+ year career.
Lytle, KevinUSS Boulder (LST 1190)seamanadministration1988 – 1992Hey skully joe,kazaba,Eastwood,easterwood, and especially you too bm3 haberfield look me up some time 956-9088494
Lytle, LarryUSS Spruance (DD 963)DC2/E5DCMar 1, 1987 – Oct 9, 1990Had a great time during 2 med cruses. Sat on a reef for 3 days at general quarters. Dry docks twice. Guantanamo Bay twice and passed both. Countless Ports. Would do it all over again. RIP 963 you served well...
Lytle, MajorUSS Ommaney Bay (CVE 79)unkownnavyMar 21, 1943 – Jan 4, 1945My uncle was killed during the moming of the shil. Would love to hear from anyone thay knew my uncle.

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