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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Kuykendall, DwightUSS Harlan County (LST 1196)E4/RM3 class Petty officer6 fleet1975 – Nov 21, 1977I wish I would have stayed in the Navy. The Navy transformed me from a child to a man.
Kuykendall, JeffUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)HT2R-1Dec 1, 1981 – Jan 1, 1985
Kuykendall, JohnUSS Hollister (DD 788)LtSupply OfficerMar 1972 – Jul 1974
Kuykendall, MelvinUSS Biddle (DLG 34)EW1 EWCOEJun 15, 1970 – Jan 11, 1973Hey Tony Emplton and i tought it was Templton it has been a long time how have you been, i stoped drinking in1991 and smoking in 1993.we are living in Bryan tx.if you get achange email or call. 979-268-7841.
Kuykendall, MelvinUSS Biddle (CG 34)EWCOENov 1976 – Jul 1980
Kuykendall, MelvinNaval Base San DiegoE-1BOOT CAMP TRAININGMar 1959 – Jun 1959
Kuykendall, MelvinUSS Shangri-La (CVA 38)E-2DECKJun 1959 – Nov 1960
Kuykendall, MelvinUSS Coral Sea (CVA 43)E-3 E-4OiNov 1960 – Mar 1963
Kuykendall, MelvinUSS Patapsco (AOG 1)E-4 E-5operationsFeb 1966 – Mar 1968
Kuykendall, MelvinUSS Leonard F. Mason (DD 852)EW 1OPERATIONSJun 30, 1975 – Nov 1, 1976
Kuykendall, MelvinUSS McCloy (DE 1038)EW COPERATIONSSep 1985 – Sep 1987
Kuykendall, MelvinUSS Independence (CVA 62)EWCOEJul 15, 1980 – Sep 15, 1981LOOKING FOR ANY OF EWS DURING THIS TIME. SPECIAL K EWC
Kuykendall, StevenUSS Herbert J. Thomas (DD 833)EN2R1965 – 1967I'm still here?
Kuykendall, TimothyUSS La Salle (AGF 3)E-3comusnavcent stinger detJan 14, 1991 – Mar 1992.
Kuykendall, TimothyUSS Adroit (MSO 509)Gmg3Stinger detDec 27, 1990 –Served on board her thru three crews . Thank you iron men on wooden ships . For all the great times.
Kuykendall, Tracy Fulton KuykendallUSS Guadalcanal (LPH 7)HM324th meuFeb 21, 1991 – Aug 20, 1991I enjoyed my days on this gator freightor. many many laps around that flight deck jumping tie down chains. Not many places to pt but it is a time in my life that I will never forget. GREEN SIDE DOC
Kuykendoll, JohnRampagers (VA 83)AZ3Fighter squadronMar 1966 – Mar 1968This was the greatest experience of my life at that time. vISITING PLACES AVERAGE PEOPLE CAN ONLY DREAM ABOUT.Serving aboard a aircraft carrier.Serving under the greatest commander and admiral of all times.
Kuykindoll, Elbert profile iconUSS Lexington (AVT 16)MM3M-DivisionAug 1989 – Sep 1991
Kuylen, DavidUSS Sunbird (ASR 15)MM3A-GangSep 1977 – Mar 1980Didn't realize at the time how good that duty was, we had some good times, and I often think back to those days. Two ships later, left the navy as MM1, and have been with BAE Systems now for 20 years. Would like to hear from you guys!
Kuyon, EdwardUSS Saratoga (CVA 60)QM2NavigationJul 1964 – Jun 1966
Kuyoth, Randy / Golden BoyUSS Harry W. Hill (DD 986)DS3/ DSSACEJan 1991 – Apr 14, 1994Got to the ship in PI. Learned to drink, and get into lots and lots of trouble. Life was interesting on the Harry W Spill. Not always fun, but always interesting.
Kuypers, MikeUSS John Young (DD 973)ENS/LTJGASWO/DCADec 18, 1991 – Apr 30, 1993First command in the Navy and a great one. Fantastic people who are still friends today. I learned a lot about life and about serving in the military. Made some great memories!
Kuzan, MikeUSS Joseph Hewes (FFT 1078)STGCM(SW)3rd1991 – 1994
Kuzara, DavidUSS William V. Pratt (DDG 44)FTM2Aug 1968 – Sep 1972I served aboard the Wm V Pratt DLG-13 from 1968 to 1972, when it was decommisioned.
Kuzara, Dean. KoozUSS Whipple (FF 1062)FTM2G divisionOct 1, 1980 – Nov 10, 1982Left for westpac the day I got on board didn't know a soul,by the time we got to subic 12 days later I already had some great friends. First time in subic for all of us.what a riot no place like that anywhere!
Kuzara, NickUSS Memphis (SSN 691)FT3Fire ControlMar 15, 2004 –
Kuzas, MikwUSS Normandy (CG 60)EN2A-GangMar 9, 2002 – Mar 9, 2007Glad to finally be gone. Seen up and downs there. 2 deployments and a lot of hell, but overall, not too bad.
Kuzawa, BrianUSS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)ABH3V-3 / S-13Oct 1992 – Jul 31, 1996
Kuzel, NormanUSS George Washington (SSBN 598)SK1(SS)Suppl;yJul 1961 – Jul 1963INterested in reunion info and any shipmates from that time period. Thanks
Kuzell, JohnUSS Horne (CG 30)ETN3ET/OSOct 10, 1971 – Mar 12, 1976Communications and Nav Aids
Kuzell, JohnUSS Horne (CG 30)ETN3OEOct 10, 1971 – Mar 12, 1976
Kuzma, GrzegorzUSS Semmes (DDG 18)BTFN1 Fireroom1985 – 1987Sometimes I regret That I didn't get back....Good friends and good times....
Kuzma, Ted (Kuz)USS Robert L. Wilson (DD 847)ETR-2ET GangJan 1, 1973 – Jan 1, 1974
Kuzmick, JohnEagles (VT 7)AK3Supply1972 – 1974Was TAD to Aviation Supply , looking for Carlos Cuervo
Kuzmick, JohnNaval Air Station KeflavikAK3/, E4Avstores1974 – Jun 1975The Homeland..fell in luv with the place, went back on '04.
Kuzmicz, NormanUSS Missouri (BB 63)BT3BApr 1, 1946 – Jun 1, 1949Looking for anyone from the oil shack,or #3 fire room!
Kuzminski, MarkUSS Brownson (DD 868)seamannot sure1971 – 1973i was a weapons yeoman for lt. tedeshi and worked with the gunners mates and also the asroc gunners mates.
Kuznekoff, ChuckUSS Charles R. Ware (DD 865)SM3oc1961 – 1965ret. in 81' now living in Las Cruces, N.M.

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