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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Tyree, MichaelUSS Wabash (AOR 5)E-2mOct 15, 1980 – Mar 4, 1981I got to see places & do things that i never would have ever had a chance to do.Thank you US Navy
Tyree, Pimp JUSS Memphis (SSN 691)STS2SonarMar 11, 1998 – Oct 6, 2002AMISTAD!!! and Muller you were SATAN.. nothing better then when i paid $750 for that #10 can of corn and bathed you in it
Tyree, WilliamUSS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968)BM311984 – 1987Best place i have been: S. America Worst Place Ive been: Bahrain Would you did it again? HECK YEAH! Buddies: Muscle Beach, Seals, Billy Mcaa, Clark, Reynolds, Rivas. if i lefft anyone out. blame it on OLD AGE! lol
Tyrell, JamesUSS Daniel Webster (SSBN 626)MT2Missile1987 – 1989
Tyrnauer, HerbertUSS Pocono (AGC 16)Seaman firstIntelligenceFeb 1944 – 1946Photohrapher mate
Tyrone, AndyUSS William C. Lawe (DD 763)mmforward engine room1977 – 1979Had a great time on the great lakes cruise , and the Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands, and fishing off the back of the ship in Puerto-Rico.
Tyrone, AprilUSS Peleliu (LHA 5)SN2ndAug 17, 2006 – Mar 30, 2007i never thought i would actually be saying this but i miss deck and being on the "rusted nickel" as i call it.
Tyrone, David profile iconNeptunes Horsemen (HSL 30)AT2squadron1973 – 1976Attached to Det. A on the USNS Harkness
Tyrone, TuckerUSS George Washington (CVN 73)TM1G-2Oct 8, 1990 – Oct 7, 1995WHAT'S UP FELLOW PLANKOWNERS GO G-2
Tyrrel, TommyUSS Harold E. Holt (FF 1074)GMG1WG1979 – 1982Great ship, great crew. Some of the best times I had in the Navy.
Tyrrell, Butch / 10 TurnsUSS Pintado (SSN 672)EM2SSE DivOct 1975 – Sep 1979My best memory is the Eng shaking when ever he was really stressed, like when he took the reactor solid for some test. I think the Doll house was my home away from home.
Tyrrell, David (Tt)USS Epperson (DD 719)FTG22nd DivJan 20, 1971 – Jul 1, 1973Looking for "Yogi" Hoffman & Wagner. TT Tyrrell & Lokker want to hook up w u
Tyrrell, GarlanUSS Windham Bay (CVE 92)AM2CV21944 – 1945
Tyrrell, JackUSS Meyerkord (FF 1058)3RD Class Internal CommunicationsEngineeringNov 28, 1969 – Aug 2, 1971Plank Owner
Tyrrell, James (Jim)USS Morton (DD 948)RM3COMMS1966 – 1966
Tyrrell, KevinUSS Bremerton (SSN 698)STS1sonarMar 2000 – Sep 2003
Tyrrell, RonaldUSS Trepang (SSN 674)STS1(SS)SonarOct 1969 – Nov 1973
Tyrrell, StephenUSS Alaska (SSBN 732)ET1SSReactor ControlOct 1988 – Aug 19915 patrols - missed a few important dates back home so got out to be involved with my family. Would hire a former Nuke any day...they are smart folks.
Tyrrell, StevenUSS Leonard F. Mason (DD 852)GMG3Sep 1965 – Jan 1967
Tyrrell, TomUSS Edenton (ATS 1)HT4Engineering1975 – 1977Party Ship
Tysall, DanUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)FA-MM2AFeb 1965 – Jun 1967
Tysall, DanUSS Constellation (CV 64)MM2P2Jun 1967 – Jul 1968
Tysall, DanUSS Chicago (CG 11)MM2MJun 1972 – Jun 1974
Tysall, DanUSS Jouett (CG 29)MM2 MM1MAug 1974 – Jun 1975
Tysall, DanUSS Sterett (CG 31)MM1MM1Jun 1975 – Jul 1977
Tysall, DanUSS O'Callahan (FF 1051)MMCMSep 1979 – Oct 1984
Tysall, DennisUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)ABH3V-1 divisionMay 1989 – Nov 1992
Tysk, John (Ski)USS Dewey (DDG 45)FTG 3GSep 1, 1980 – Sep 23, 1982Remember Gitmo; Med Cruise 82; Haiti - a lot of laughs
Tyson, BillyUSS Cape Cod (AD 43)SN1st DeckNov 15, 1993 – Aug 16, 1995Great times with that ship. Looking for Mike Jones, Henry Oliver Green, Lizandro Falu, Kenny LaShure, and other shipmates. Contact me at
Tyson, BobUSS Wasp (CV 18)AB3Gas GangMar 1952 – Feb 1953can't remember the correct name of my division
Tyson, ClarenceUSS Wisconsin (BB 64)BTFNB DIVAug 1988 – Jun 1991This was the first and only SHIP of my NAVY time. This was a short part of my life, and it was wonderful and I enjoyed all of the shipmates on/under the deck. BE BLESS AND HASE GREY AND AWAY.
Tyson, DanielUSS Orion (AS 18)SR- BM32nd DeckMar 5, 1981 – Dec 20, 1984This was my 1st tour the 2nd tour was Feb 91-June 95, I was on Orion, crossdecked to the Simon Lake, Port services, then Tad to NSA La Madd Security, Harbour Patrol.
Tyson, DwightUSS Hunley (AS 31)QMSNOPERATIONSJan 23, 1987 – Mar 14, 1989I,really loved scottland,met a lot of great people during my tour on board .remember the Craigeburn Hotel,low rd/ high rd it didnt matter just get me back to the pier to catch the gig on time sure didnt want to wait in the weather.qtr master 87-89.
Tyson, Eric (Ty) profile iconUSS Bainbridge (CGN 25)RM3OC1980 – 1982I served under Capt Shaw and it's fine crew. The deployments and the adventures are forever implanted in my mind. I am a Quality Assurance Engineering Technician for medical devices. Reach out and touch with a click.
Tyson, GaryUSS Repose (AH 16)HnHospitalOct 1966 – Oct 1967Patient affairs office, night duty, with Coy Carter, John Van Damm. 1966,1967.
Tyson, GregUSS Sylvania (AFS 2)sh 3Ship service manAug 13, 1990 – Oct 25, 1994Whats up every body from the crew. Man i miss our time underway. esp when the basketball goes over the side.... lol
Tyson, GregoryUSS Fox (CG 33)SMSN/E-3OC01Jul 29, 1987 – Jun 21, 1990Loved all the WestPacs
Tyson, JamesUSS Carter Hall (LSD 50)SK3S-1/HazmatJan 7, 2004 – Sep 19, 2008The ship was tough at times, but i appreciate all the friends i made there.
Tyson, JohnUSS Hunley (AS 31)MS3Dec 16, 1986 – Aug 3, 1990I arrived right before the ship left Scotland for the last time. Was there when we went down to Charleston and got hit with Hugo. Had a interesting time while onboard hope to met some old friends.
Tyson, JohnSunliners (VFA 81)MS2SupplyAug 16, 1992 – Oct 10, 1996one of the best times of my life

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