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The Crew List allows former and current sailors to submit their contact information so that old shipmates can find each other. Each command has its own Crew List, listing all people that already registered for the respective command. Once you have registered you can add your entries and contact your shipmates. You may also register if you have not served but want to contact someone listed in any Crew List. If you like this service spread the word and get old and present shipmates to sign up, too.

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Furrer, JohnUSS Briscoe (APA 65)RT2CommunicationsMay 1945 – Aug 1945Adding this for my Dad, he would love to hear from anyone who remembers him , or would just like to correspond
Furrer, Robert "Fuzzy"USS Philip (DDE 498)stg 1foxAug 10, 1963 – May 15, 1965
Furrer, ShawnUSS Midway (CV 41)Ic2V2Oct 1, 1982 – Jul 1, 1986
Furrer, VincentUSS Finback (SSN 670)MMCMCOBJun 16, 1995 – Nov 10, 1997
Furrer, VincentUSS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654)MMCMAuxNov 27, 1978 – Jun 10, 1983I still have the bite mark on my arm with the missing tooth. Thanks French Man
Furrey, Harry L. "fuz"USS Nathanael Greene (SSBN 636)RMC/SSRadioNov 14, 1968 –I have qualified on three submarines - USS DACE, USS Nathaniel Greene, and USS Grayling. I was an instructor at Naval Submarinew School Groton, CT all from 14 Aug 1977 to 31 Jul 1989.
Furry, ChrisUSS Phoenix (SSN 702)MM3/SS/DVA-GangNov 7, 1985 – Aug 26, 1987
Furry-sucato, RobertUSS New Orleans (LPH 11)ABF-3Aircraft FuelApr 1, 1987 – Apr 1, 1989Great time aboard the USS New Orleans
Furse, CoreyUSS Howard (DDG 83)EM2Nov 28, 2000 – Jun 1, 2003
Furse, GregoryUSS Parsons (DDG 33)STG-3ASAug 1967 – Oct 8, 1969ST School 8/4/67 then Long Beach "assist" the welders in the dry dock. Plank Owner, Shell Back. Nuclear Weapons Handler. Great times onboard. Playing guitar and singing 60's tunes with Majowicz and Bramblett (sp?)
Furst, HarryUSS Guam (LPH 9)MM2MJan 2, 1972 – May 9, 1975Worked in the engine room. Learned a lot about marine propulsion but more about my self. Loved liberty in Europe. Favorite port of call was Lisbon. Can't believe the old girl is gone. No matter what, she always got us home.
Furst, RichardUSS Terrell County (LST 1157)PC2Admin.Jan 1969 – Jul 1970
Furtado, DavidUSS Fort Marion (LSD 22)rd2opsJun 23, 1966 – Dec 23, 1969
Furtado, GeorgeUSS Vincennes (CL 64)S1Cunk1943 – 1945This is for my Father who served aboard USS Vincennes CL49 and was involved during the liberation of the Philippines. He passed away at the age of 35 in 1959 .New Bedford, Mass. I was 7 years old.
Furtado, TedYOG 68 (YOG 68)FNTUG BASEMay 14, 1969 – Sep 14, 1970I was stationed aboard the yard oiler YOG 68
Furth Jr., Donald FUSS Askari (ARL 30)SN/YNEngineeringMar 1966 – Dec 1, 1967Onboard at of recommissioning in 1966 and was with Askari ARL-30 in deployment to Vietnam. Attached to Engineering Department as Log room Yeoman.
Furtick, KevinBear Aces / Bullseyes (VAW 124)AT3squadron1992 – 1995Just wanted to repeat remember 603 I remember it like it was yesterday
Furtney, Dave USS Bigelow (DD 942)PC3OpsOct 1, 1961 – Aug 15, 1963A privilege to serve with the best men in America.
Furtney, David (Doc)USS Bigelow (DD 942)PC3Operations, Corpsman, Postal ClerkNov 7, 1961 – Aug 3, 1963
Furuike, RaymondUSS Pensacola (LSD 38)ETR2/ET1OperationsJan 2, 1971 – May 31, 1973Pre-Commission/Plank Owner
Furukawa, JonUSS Carr (FFG 52)LTJGERO/ORDOJun 10, 1986 – Sep 27, 1989
Fury, CharlesUSS Shark (SSN 591)mmc(SS)AuxilaryOct 23, 1973 – Apr 20, 1978
Fury, ChrisUSS Thorn (DD 988)DC3Engineering/ RepairAug 17, 2002 – Aug 17, 2004-Engineering watch team and all the U/I's ..... all on the smoke pit. - Set the sea and anchor detail... Set water hours - Forward pump room with a porno mag on watch. Remember that Carp?? - The rag bails under the GTM enclosure in MER
Fury, ChrisUSS Thorn (DD 988)DC2RepairAug 17, 2002 – Aug 24, 2004The greatest shop, greatest friends, and greatest times I've had in my carreer
Fury, PhilipUSS Salamaua (CVE 96)First matePacific1942 – 1945This was my father. He was honorably discharged at the end of WWII. He was a gunner on this aircraft carrier and served his country proudly. He told stories of the kamikaze attacks and the typhoon. He passed away in 1984
Fury, WilliamUSS Boxer (CV 21)ADCHS-4Jul 13, 1956 – Feb 11, 1957First full helo squad. to embark, with 16 HSS-1 A/C, I was a Plane Capt of VO 7,as a ADAN /AD3. The crew was Great . Went through Some Big Typhons, She was a Good Feeder. Retired with 41yrs in the reserves as a ADC HM18/HM14
Fury, WilliamEightballers (HS 8)adcsquadron1957 – 1958I was with HS-8 ,Plane Capt of a HSS-1 Helo . I just got back from a 6 month Deployment in HS-4 ,on the USS Boxer CVS21 , Plane Capt. on VO7 as a AD3 HS -8 needed Plane Capts ,so I volunteered to go back to sea , AD2,19
Fusari, JackUSS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)MM2mMay 3, 1962 – Jun 15, 1966I Was Assigned To Two Main Machinery Room And Served My Entire Tour Of Duty On The Hawk . Im Proud And Greateful To Have Had The Priviledge To Have Served Aboard Her, I Will Never Forget Her Or The People That I Served With.
Fusaro, LarryUSS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)HM2MedicalAug 1, 1979 – Dec 17, 1981I had a great time aboard the Big John, especially our Med cruise, Operation Sail in Boston, and the Virgin Islands. It was a great time in my life and I hope the Big John becomes a floating museum. Best wishes!
Fusco, EddieUSS Harold E. Holt (FF 1074)PC3Post OfficeSep 10, 1983 – May 30, 1986I remember all the good times we had on the Happy Harry in Hawaii and abroad. The bad thing is that when I was in all I wanted to do was get out, once I was gone (a few years later) I wished I had stayed in.
Fusco, JohnUSS Holland (AS 32)3rd1975 – 1977my bro Jim Fusco was a FN on the Holland at Holy Loch. Was hoping to hear from someone who may remember him from those days
Fusco, MichaelUSS Inflict (MSO 456)SMDeckMay 1989 – Jun 1991
Fusco, Vincent "Cheech"USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CV 42)E2DeckSep 1973 – Apr 1975Had a great time aboard the Rusty Rosey, wish I could do it again. Would love to find ship mate Bill Langlas, and Ray Wayne Razor. Still think about you guys 33 years later.
Fuselier, HeatherSustain (AFDM 7)SADeck/YeomanMar 1, 1994 – Jun 1, 1997I started off in the deck division as a SR and by the time we decomed i was in the Admin office. I am married and living in AR and would like to find people that served during 1994 till decom.
Fuselier, LloydUSS Haleakala (AE 25)OS3DeckNov 1990 – Jun 1993I just want too say I enjoyed my tour on The Puck. We did have a awesome crew, even though the chain of command was horrible. Until we got Commander Cecil Bradley
Fuselier, PaulNaval Weapons Station EarleSNInfantry, Gun Crews, Seaman SpecialistSep 1, 1992 – Sep 1, 1992Anyone who wants to contact me,
Fuselier, PaulUSS Suribachi (AE 21)SNInfantry, Gun Crews, Seaman SpecialistSep 1, 1992 – Sep 1, 1992For anyone who wants to contact me, Facebook
Fuselier, Scott FuselierUSS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)HM3/E-4MedicalSep 18, 1996 – Aug 19, 1999I was one of the Two Surgical Techs on Board
Fusick, WilliamUSS Bon Homme Richard (CVA 31)E3radar1966 – 1967this was my first assignment. I then shipped over to the Seabees and attended heavy equipment operators "A" school and was assigned to NMCB 133 out of Gulfport, Mississippi. Went to Phu Bi Vietnam with the battalion.

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